eBay Selling Limits: What Are They and How Can You Raise Them?

Trust is the bedrock of eCommerce. Providing a reliable service keeps customers coming back, but how does eBay make sure everyone is playing by the rules? The system of eBay selling limits gives you an opportunity to show your credibility, without reducing opportunities to sell. Let’s learn more.

What are eBay selling limits?

eBay selling limits, sometimes called selling allowances, are restrictions placed by eBay on the phone number of listings some sellers, peculiarly new ones, are allowed to post. This is to protect customers from the possibility of fraud, or being sold forge or stolen goods .
For newfangled eBay sellers, the limit begins at 10 items per calendar month, with a total value of $ 500. More established sellers who demonstrate credibility can apply to have their eBay selling limits raised .
You demonstrate this credibility not precisely by selling more items, but by delivering on time and providing good customer service to gather positive feedback.

What types of eBay selling limits are there?

eBay has a advanced system in place to keep an eye on possible scams while still providing an open, welcoming marketplace for sellers and customers. This involves three types of selling limits :

  • Account-based selling limits which are placed on you, the seller
  • Category-based selling limits, placed on certain types (categories) of product
  • Item-based selling limits, placed on specific items

Account-based selling limits

Account-based betray limits let eBay check your account and confirm personal information to be certain you are who you say you are. Certain product categories have their own limits and aren ’ thyroxine affected by account-based limits, including :

  • Property
  • Business, office, and industrial
  • Cars, motorcycles, and vehicles

It ’ mho easy to see why these three aren ’ thymine capable to account-based limits. Any sale of property, for exemplar, is likely to fall above that $ 500 introductory brink .
For everything else, the specific limits applied to each history can vary from seller to seller. The Sell Your Item form will show your account ’ s limits whenever you post a listing .

How do account-based eBay selling limits work?

eBay limits the number of sold and active items allowed on your account each month. Items formally count towards the limit when they ’ ra sold ; an unsold number which expires does not count towards the monthly allowance .
so for example, say you open a brand-new account with a limit of 10 items. You list five and successfully sell three, the other two run out. You ’ re left with seven listings to use up for the rest of that calendar month .
eBay may end listings which push you over your limit. good ‘ Til Cancelled limits, for example, won ’ triiodothyronine auto-renew if you find yourself over your account-based sell restrict .
eBay deal limits are there to incentivize sellers to provide a good know for customers. not only can your score ’ second sell restrict be relaxed if you deliver that experience, it can be tightened if you fail to meet eBay ’ mho operation standards .
You can review any extra restrictions on your bill from your Seller Dashboard .

Category-based selling limits

even if you ’ ve been successfully selling for a while, eBay selling limits may be placed on your explanation if you branch out to a newfangled category of merchandise. This is to give you time to manage inventory and learn the nuances of this fresh area .
Category-based selling limits may be applied to you if :

  • You’re still within 90 days of your first successful sale
  • You’re new to selling items in this category
  • It’s been over a year since you sold an item in this category
  • More than 3% of your transactions over the past year have resulted in cases being opened against you

Item-based selling limits

It ’ s a sad fact of eCommerce life that some items are merely more prone to fakes or unauthorized replica than others. Designer handbags and watches, for example. If you start selling particular items with a high risk of counterfeit, you may have extra restrictions imposed for a clock .
This is connected to eBay ’ s Verified Rights Owner ( VeRO ) program. eBay is committed to supporting everyone on the platform, whether shoppers, sellers, or those holding the intellectual property rights to products.

Item-based sell limits ensure everyone plays fair, and contribute to eBay ’ mho condition as one of the most entrust marketplaces on earth for buying and sell luxury goods .

How to find your selling limit

When you post a new number, any eBay sell limits on your bill will be shown on filmdom. There are besides two ways to check any limits without trying to post a raw list :

  1. Click My eBay in the page header
  2. Sign in
  3. Go to Sell or Selling Manager on the left-hand side of the page

Or :

  1. Go to your Seller Hub
  2. Navigate to the Overview section

eBay selling limits
Find your eBay selling limits in your Seller Hub.

How do you increase your selling limits?

Since eBay selling limits of all types are there to protect customers from undependable sellers, many limits get lifted mechanically once you ’ ve raise you ’ re the real manage. Selling faithfully and gaining effective feedback for 90 days or more can lead to restrictions being lifted without you needing to request a follow-up .

Requesting a review of eBay selling limits

eBay proactively prompts sellers when they ’ re approaching their monthly sell restrict, ampere well as when they ’ ve reached it. In most cases, these prompts will come with the choice to request a inspection of your account action. If you ’ ve been providing a good service for long enough, your selling limits might be loosened .
You can besides find a connection to request a review of your account ’ randomness limits by :

  1. Clicking on My eBay in the page header
  2. Going to the All Selling section
  3. Navigating to Monthly Allowances

Or :

  1. Going to your Seller Hub
  2. Selecting Overview

eBay might besides contact you occasionally to verify your personal information, reach details, and information about your business. Providing and confirming this information can lead to restrictions being loosened on your explanation .

Selling limits on multiple eBay accounts

It ’ south possible you might use different accounts to sell on eBay. Linking a more established seller score to a newer one might mean fewer limits. For this to happen, the older report must have :

  • No unresolved cases
  • Detailed seller ratings of 4.8 or higher in all areas
  • Feedback from a successful sale from at least 90 days ago

If these criteria are met, you can request higher sell allowances .

Selling limits for established sellers

If you ’ ve been selling on eBay for a hanker period of time and providing a full avail, you ’ re far less likely to face restrictive sell limits. You can request a review at any time, and it helps to have :

  • Positive feedback from customers
  • No unresolved cases
  • An established, active selling history of at least 90 days
  • No questions over your product’s authenticity
  • PayPal verification
  • A good track record of playing by eBay’s rules

What if my request for higher eBay selling limits gets denied?

If you apply for looser eBay selling limits, but you don ’ t presently meet the criteria, don ’ t worry. You can re-apply subsequently once you ’ ve built up the good stand of your account. You can besides just wait and post more items next calendar month when the limit refreshes.

Remember besides that restrictions might apply to some items but not others. If you ’ ve good branched out into a new line of products, category-based limits might apply only to those products, leaving the rest of your banal unaffected .

Final thoughts

eBay has done a great job of protecting customers from eCommerce villains, without creating an environment that unfairly punishes honest sellers like you. Most are in this plot for the hanker condition, so that 90-day initial limit passes in no fourth dimension. Going advancing, it gets even easier. Customer feedback is critical, so the best way to increase your selling limits on eBay is to provide excellent customer service at all times .

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