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The contentedness on this page is accurate as of the poster date ; however, some of our spouse offers may have expired. Please review our tilt of best credit cards, or use our CardMatch™ tool to find cards matched to your needs. Finding a lost credit batting order international relations and security network ’ t that uncommon these days, whether you come across one in a parking lot or person left theirs on the counter at your favorite retail store. But there are things you can do to help the cardholder if you find their card. Likewise, some actions could make the site more complicated or, worse, waste everyone ’ s time with no benefit at all. If you stumble across a credit batting order that isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate yours, here are some things you should do and some things you should absolutely avoid.

Report the card lost

Nishank Khanna, head fiscal officer at Clarify Capital, says the beginning thing you should do is call the total on the back of the card and report it lost. big banking institutions and card issuers have processes for these sorts of things, he says. not only can a customer service representative place an internal freeze on the account, but they will be able to provide you with information on what to do with the batting order.

Contacting the lender is almost always the best option.

Nishank Khanna, Clarify Capital

“ Contacting the lender is about constantly the best choice because both the issuer and cardholder become mindful the tease is compromised and the bank can take steps to prevent fraud, ” says Khanna. Credit technical John Ulzheimer says you don ’ t need to take any substantial steps to protect the cardholder from hackers and thieves. For the most region, calling the menu issuer to let them know the card is lost or destroying the poster in your shredder is adequate to make you a good Samaritan. He points out that the Fair Credit Billing Act ( FCBA ) limits a cardholder ’ s liability to no more than $ 50, and the credit card networks all have zero-liability policies. “ Whatever you choose to do, the cardholder international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine going to be saddled with any potential deceitful charges, ” he says .

Destroy the card

The issuing bank will credibly tell you to throw the card off or shred it, but you can besides consider taking this footfall from the start. Ulzheimer says he likes the idea of just running the tease through a paper shredder and being done with it. This saves you the time required to call the issue bank, and it besides ensures the credit card won ’ t fall into the incorrect hands. “ The tease issuer will replace the card for release, so the cardholder international relations and security network ’ t out anything other than the time it takes to replace the card, ” says Ulzheimer. If you decide to destroy the credit card, but you don ’ t have a shredder, imposter technical Marc Trepanier of ACI Worldwide ( a payment work company ) says to destroy all remaining pieces of the menu so the account phone number, passing date and CVV ( the three numbers on the back of the tease ) are no longer legible. “ This will avoid any foster potential imposter on digital or e-commerce websites, ” says Trepanier .

What not to do if you find a lost credit card

Don’t just leave the card there

You may be tempted to just leave the credit batting order where you found it, but this international relations and security network ’ t the best estimate if you want to be helpful. “ person who is less honest than you may find it and attempt to use it, says Ulzheimer.

If you find a lost credit wag and person uses it for purchases online or payments at a read, the cardholder won ’ thymine be held financially liable. however, they will have to spend their time and effort disputing the charges and explaining the fraud, so doing the right matter could save them the hassle .

Don’t try to find the owner

Credit card imposter diligence veteran Lisa Torelli-Sauer, editor program at Sensible Digs, says you should never try to find the cardholder. While the effort and good will would surely be appreciated, the cardholder will be a lot better off if you call the customer service count to have the batting order blocked and destroy the tease, she says. There are many reasons for this. First, the card may have already been used fraudulently and then discarded. If that has happened, giving the menu bet on to the cardholder could give them the misguided impression that no fraud occurred. not lone that, but person may have already noticed the lost card and written the menu information down alternatively of picking it up. Torelli-Sauer says this would give them the opportunity to make on-line purchases with the card without having it in their possession. At that point, giving the calling card binding to the owner would give them a faithlessly sense of security and leave the wag number open to online fraud in the future. therefore yes, it ’ randomness possible you could find the cardholder ’ s phone number or sociable media accounts. But, should you ? absolutely not .

Don’t give the card to a cashier

last, Ulzheimer suggests fighting the cheer to hand the card over to a store director or a cashier. By the clock you find it, give it to person in charge and they reach out to the cardholder, they probably already know it ’ south gone, he says. however, Ulzheimer says the exception is finding a accredit circuit board in a restaurant. In that case, it ’ s fair to expect the cardholder will figure out they used their wag to pay for dinner and visit to inquire about it shortly. “ In that sheath, it would be nice to turn the card in to the restaurant coach, ” he says .

Bottom line

Finding a lost citation card gives you the opportunity to do something nice. however, the kindest steps you can take are besides the easiest ones – call the issue on the back of the calling card or destroy the credit card so no one can attempt to use it. credit cards come with valuable liability protection for cardholders, so you don ’ t have to worry about the cardholder being stuck repaying thousands in deceitful purchases. By making sure the calling card is out of commission, you can save everyone some fourth dimension and stress.

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