How to become a CA Travel Agent – DBL Surety Bonds

Who needs to register as a California travel agent?

All locomotion agents in California must register with the CA Attorney General anterior to operating as a change of location agency in the state of matter. A travel agent is any person or occupation who sells, arranges, or advertises they can sell or arrange the follow :

  • Flights or cruises; or
  • Land or water transportation which exceeds $300.

Do I still need to register if my travel agency isn’t located in California?

The answer is yes if you market to California residents or marketplace California tourist destinations. This includes advertise trips to Disney World, Yosemite, and early popular CA destinations .

How do I apply for a California seller of travel license?

step 1 – Complete the California Seller of Travel Registration Application
step 2 – Return the completed application with your registration fee to :

seller of Travel Program
Office of the Attorney General
Department of Justice
300 South Spring Street, Suite 1702
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1230
step 3 – Receive your California Seller of Travel Certificate in the mail ( typically in 1-3 weeks ) .

Can you help me apply for my CA seller of travel license?

Please chew the fat for avail applying for your license. They ’ ll take you from originate to finish, help you complete the app, and ensure you have all the necessitate documentation. The license process is confusing and they frequently obtain country licenses faster and easier than going it alone. The cost is $ 199 and they can besides assist with other submit filings, if needed .

What does the California travel agent license cost?

The cost of your travel representation ’ mho license depends on a few things. The beginning factor is the phone number of locations you intend to have. The price to register as a CA locomotion agent is $ 100 per location. For example : An agency with 1 location would pay a registration tip of $ 100, an representation with 3 locations would pay a adjustment fee of $ 300, and so on.

Do I need to pay a late fee?

The lawyer general may require payment of a recently fee in addition to your registration fee. however, this depends on your agency ’ mho filing deadline date. The filing deadline date is 10 days before you start doing occupation as a travel means in California. You are required to pay a former fee if your means started doing business prior to the charge deadline. The deep tip is calculated by finding number of days dispute between the date you started doing business and the date your application was sent ( postmarked ). For model : Let ’ s say your agency began selling travel on Sept 1st and didn ’ thymine sent the license application until Sept 30. The number of days difference would be 29 ( 30-1 ). The late tip required by the state of California is $ 5 per day belated. In the previous exercise, the change of location agency would be creditworthy for a $ 145 late fee in addition to their adjustment fee ( 29 days x $ 5/day ) .
The utmost amount of late fees charged by the state can not exceed $ 500 per year. The most authoritative term in the former prison term is “ per year ”. Meaning, if you ’ ve been doing business as a locomotion agency for multiple years, you could be charged up to $ 500 in former fees for each year. This is why a timely registration is so important .
last, many late registrants may feel the recommend to “ deceiver ” on the date they started doing business to avoid paying the fine. This international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine a fresh option as it could end up in the abnegation or revocation of your license. The California seller of travel application authorizes the express to inspect any and all records of your travel agency upon request. This includes fiscal statements, bank records, and other items which will ultimately show the on-key date you started doing business as an means.

What happens if I don’t register my travel agency?

Failing to register your travel representation can have dangerous consequences. You could receive a discontinue and abstain order from the department of state which would bar your agency from selling travel. In act, this could lead to fines, fees, and possibly the denial of a license in the future .

What is the CA Travel Agency surety bond requirement?

The California seller of travel surety bond necessity is meant to protect consumers. The surety alliance acts as a precaution against the botch of your customer ’ randomness money. Your customer ’ s generally pay up presence for sealed locomotion packages. typically this payment includes the actual cost of change of location plus a committee for your agency. CA law says you can not spend the money held in trust for your node ’ randomness purchases on function expenses such as salaries, etc. unless a surety bond is in rate. Please visit our California Seller of Travel Bond page to learn more about the requirement .

How do I contact the state for questions about my application and its status?

telephone : 213-897-8065
Fax : 213-897-8846
electronic mail : @

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