9-Step Guide to Marketing Your Art Without Being Salesy

Corrina Thurston is a master wildlife artist working out of Vermont, USA. She ‘s besides a speaker, occupation adviser, and generator of two art business books, one of which has been a best-seller on Amazon in the “ Art Business ” category .

As a creative, you are constantly in pursuit of finding your authentic and real voice.  

You probably feel vulnerable when you put your work on display, and it ’ s apprehensible that you want it to be able to speak for itself. You don ’ thymine want to explain to person why they should buy your art and awful you might come across as “ salesy ”, pushy, or desperate when you do .
unfortunately, your work doesn ’ thymine talk for itself.

You need to learn how to explain your work and connect it to your audience in order to succeed with your creative business .
Learning how to write and speak about your artwork in a way that allows electric potential customers, clients, and collectors to recognize its rate helps potential clients realize why they need your artwork in their lives. You need to learn marketing .
Here are nine steps to help you do just that:

Know your target audience.  

Do you know who your best customers are likely to be ?
Who out there will become some of your biggest and most raving fans ?
Is it a detail age group, gender, class, race, etc. ?
Do they have particular interests, such as wildlife, garden, bright colors, human interest stories, nature, etc. ?
The more you know about the people who love your creative work, the easier it will be to connect with them and commercialize to them. Think about your ideal customer and what they like and why they are attracted to your cultivate .

Learn where your target audience gathers. 

Knowing your target audience besides includes researching where those particular people accumulate, both on and offline. Knowing where they gather means you can send your market materials to those places to reach out to them. The best selling materials won ’ triiodothyronine do you any good if your ideal customers don ’ thyroxine see them. then put your commercialize in places they ’ re likely to notice them the most .

Write to one person. 

nowadays that you know your ideal customer and where to reach them, you need to target them in your write .
You are marketing to them in particular, because they ’ re the ones who are going to care the most about your ferment. When you ’ re writing your commercialize materials, this is your casual to reach out to them immediately. So wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate write like you ’ re writing to everyone, write to that person in particular, like I ’ m doing right now. I ’ molarity not writing to everyone, I ’ megabyte writing to you and trying to help you with a particular challenge I know you have, which is marketing your creative work .

Use stories to engage. 

Stories are charming. Use them whenever you can in your marketing .
Stories are more hire for your hearing, which means they ’ ll be paying more attention. They ’ re besides more emotional in nature and will connect on a deeper horizontal surface with your audience. And they ’ re more memorable, which means you ’ re knead will be more memorable and those people are going to be more likely to talk about your work to their friends, spreading viva-voce.

Stories can be about a particular man you ’ ve created, why you chose your culture medium, how you became an artist, who inspires you, why you chose your subject count, etc .

Write persuasively. 

commercialize is all about opinion .
You ’ re write or talking to people about your oeuvre to try and persuade them to buy it, contribution it, or utilize your services. In order to do that, you have to write persuasively. You can ’ t barely list the facts or say, buy this. rather, you need to pull on their emotions to connect them to the work and promise them they ’ ll derive something from their purchase as a benefit .

Focus on THEM. 

Your creative process is about you .
Your work is about you and how you see the populace. But make no error, your market is all about your audience. Everything in your selling needs to be focused on your likely customer and what ’ randomness in it for them. You ’ re only mentioned in your marketing materials because of their concern in you .


Talk about the benefits. 

Like I said above, your workplace can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate talk for itself .
But if you learn about your audience and can then talk to them about why they should buy your knead, you ’ ll begin making more sales. Connect it to their emotions and if a nibble makes them happy, make them realize they can ’ thyroxine live without it and they ’ re going to want to see that piece every day in their own homes for it to continue to make them happy every sidereal day .
Or possibly what you do has a more send benefit, like a handmade quilt or scarf. In that sheath, you can talk about the emotions behind the design and colors, while besides focusing on the profit of staying warm in a quality-made intersection, high-end materials, unique design, etc .


Recommend, don’t sell. 

inactive struggling with the think you might come off as pushful or “ salesy ” ?
here ’ s a flim-flam for you : rather of trying to sell something, pretend like you ’ ra recommending it to a ally .
neglect for a moment that you ’ re going to make money off of the transaction if they buy it and try to connect it with that customer or client. When you recommend a restaurant or book to a friend, you ’ re not doing it for money, you ’ re doing it to help them experience something you thought was great. Well, that ’ randomness precisely what you ’ re doing with your artwork excessively. then start recommending it alternatively of trying to sell it by focusing on why they might like it and why it would make their lives better .

Use a call-to-action.  

You ’ ve seen these at the end of every newsletter and infomercial and marketing that ’ s been directed at you. It ’ s the, “ Call nowadays ”, or the “ Shop our selection hera ” buttons and phrases .
The reason they ’ re used sol much ? Because they work.

sometimes people need a small admonisher as to what you want them to do. so give it to them with a quick call-to-action by saying things like, “ See the new series hera ” as a clickable radio link, or “ Visit my web site for more ”, etc. Let your audience know what future step you want them to take, and make it a easy as potential for them to take it .

For example, here’s one:

Learn more about art selling, artist statements, writing proposals, reaching out to the media, and more in Corrina ’ s latest record in her art business series : How To Communicate Effectively – For Artists & Creatives.

Then, join Artwork Archive’s Discovery platform to connect with art collectors and art enthusiasts around the world. 

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