Marketing ideas to attract parents to your childcare center

In this day and age, parents are looking for a lot more than what ’ s the closest childcare supplier to their home. They are seeking out centers that provide high-quality care, are considering course of study choices, and are looking to stay connected to their child ’ randomness development and growth .
millennial parents are besides looking to have ‘ on demand ’ access to their child ’ second day .

69 % of parents shared that technology is crucial to them when selecting a childcare supplier. 80 % of parents shared that they would switch childcare providers to get daily photos and/or videos of their children at childcare .

so – how do you stand out from the rival ? How do you attract more parents to your center ? I ’ ve put together five steps to fuel your childcare focus on ’ south market strategy.

Marketing idea #1: create your childcare center’s story

The inaugural thing you ’ ll want to do is take out a blank piece of paper ( or use our childcare marketing checklist ) and start to write down what makes your kernel extra. Think from the position of the parent and answer the following questions :
clean childcare center

  1. Why would a parent choose your center?
  2. What makes your childcare center special?
  3. What are the core services you offer?
  4. Is there something you offer that your competitors don’t?
  5. What do you want your center to be known for?
  6. How do you think your families would describe your center to their friends?
  7. What do your families love most about your center?

Your floor should be the cornerstone of all of your messaging. What you put together should besides be authentic to the measure you provide at your center .
Wondering what aspects of your center to highlight?
In a recent sketch conducted by HiMama we asked parents would they switch childcare providers if they found a childcare center that offered specific services. If your center field offers any of the services below these are likely things you ’ ll want to promote .
% of Parents who would switch childcare providers if they found a center that offered :

If you’re looking to implement any of the services above at your center, we’re here to help! Set up a free consultation call with one of our Education Specialists. Learn More >

once you have your story, you ’ ll want to build out assets to contribution your narrative. This could include :

  • Photos of your center
  • Testimonials from parents, educators, and staff
  • Video tours 
  • Photos showcasing your curriculum

Marketing idea #2: create a website for your childcare center

If you don ’ t have a web site for your daycare, then this is the identical first position you should start. A web site is an essential instrument for being ascertainable on-line and for parents to learn more about your occupation. Having a web site will make your plaza much more credible, and by that same token, not having one will make your business less trustworthy for a parent considering their childcare options .
Your web site should include :

  1. A way for parents to contact you to learn more – we recommend both an online form as well as a phone number, email, and address.
  2. Your enrolment process – what does your enrolment process look like?
  3. A window into your center – photos of the classroom, highlights of your curriculum so that parents who access your site can get a feel for what it’s like. 
  4. Pricing and services offered – an overview of what services your center offers.
  5. Highlights that make you stand out – make sure your website is telling your story on what makes you stand out. This could include parent testimonials, quality rankings, or childcare software you’ve implemented. 
Making parents feel safe. In the ‘new normal’ you’ll also want to include how you’ve made changes at your center to ensure safety. A recent study by HiMama found that parents would feel safer if they had more transparency on the safety procedures in place.

Providing potential parents transparency into what measures you have in place could help your center stand out. 

Marketing idea #3: create a google business profile for your childcare center

Want to be searchable locally ? Of course, you do. Creating a Google Business Profile is an easy way to get serious attention when people search for daycare options in their area .
All you need to do is create a Google My Business account. You will then be asked a series of questions about your business such as your placement, hours of operation, name, description, call number, and so on. After creating an history, your occupation will then start appearing in Google searches and on Google Maps .

To make your daycare stand out in Google searches, here are some easy techniques to try:

  • Make your listing as detailed as possible by filling out all the available criteria.
  • Add photos to your listing.
  • Add a link to your website if you have one.
  • Ask your families to review you on Google. The more reviews you have, the more enticing it will be to click on your listing.
  • Always reply to all reviews (the good, and the ugly) – it shows that you care about your families.
  • Add posts to your listing to give people more ways to learn about you. These can be things like upcoming events, news about your center, or even blog posts about your teaching philosophy.

Psst… searching on Google locally is besides a great way to check out the rival ! Read their reviews ; what are they doing well ? How do they position themselves ?

Directories are great because they generate the traffic for you, but can be a pain as they are frequently out of date or might not have your business included in their list !
One example is Yelp, which is exchangeable to Google Maps, as it shows local businesses along with reviews from its customers. You may besides discover local sites or directories that tilt childcare centers. Either room, make a tilt of all of the listings and either lend or update your center details. Keeping a list on hand will besides make it easier for you in lawsuit you need to update it by and by .

💡 How to Find Local Directories

  1. Search online for childcare as if you were a parent and make a list of all of the directories and/or sites that come up in the area. 
  2. The second approach is to search your competitor’s name on google and see where they are listed. 

Marketing idea #5: Facebook promotion for your childcare center

Facebook in finical is capital for local promotion since it easily allows you to target your consultation. They are besides a great tool to connect with your local anesthetic community .

Childcare Facebook Business Page

In order to promote your childcare center on Facebook, you ’ ll need a Facebook Page. Think of your Facebook page as a miniskirt interpretation of your web site ( in fact a draw of centers we work with use their Facebook page as their web site ) .

alike to your web site or Google Business Profile, a Facebook Business Page is another place for parents to discover more information about your commercial enterprise. You will besides be able to collect reviews from current customers to help add credibility to your clientele .
Click hera to access Facebook ’ s guidebook to building your clientele page .

Local parent groups

Try searching for “ [ Your City ] Parents ” and choose “ Groups ” at the top of search results and union parent groups. ( You can besides search using ‘ Moms ’ ‘ Dads ’ etc. ) Joining these groups will give you a smell of what matters to parents locally .
It can be tempting to post an ad in these groups telling members about your business… please don ’ metric ton unless you are prompted to do sol ! rather, become an active member of these communities. propose advice and answer questions when you feel like you have a big know or some resources to plowshare .
While this approach takes meter and will not have moment success, it will demonstrate to parents in your area that you are a sure member of their community. When it comes time to enroll their children in daycare or if person in their network asks them if they know of any, you will be top of heed .

Facebook ads for childcare centers

If you ’ re uncoerced to spend a snatch of money, Facebook ads are a big way to reach a highly-targeted consultation and encourage them to learn more about you .
You ’ ll startle by selecting your hearing – here you can get extremely targeted by selecting parents in your city with children within a particular age crop.

From there, you ’ ll want to create your ad creative. Basic ads on Facebook will contain an image or television with some text. Have fun when creating your ads ! It ’ s besides better to come up with a few options as you ’ ll likely want to launch your brilliant ad campaign with multiple ads to see what performs the best .
To build out each ad, you can use the postdate model :

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the core message you want to convey?
  • What tone do you want to use (funny, serious, etc.)?
  • What is the call to action (go to your website, complete a lead form, etc.)?

Tips for strong Facebook ads:

  1. Videos are awesome. From almost every test we’ve run here at HiMama – people on Facebook LOVE videos. 
  2. Catchy images work. If you can’t produce a video – don’t stress! You will want to use an image that catches someone’s attention. Imagine yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed… what would make you stop and give your attention?
  3. Show your personality. The personality of your center should resonate with your parents so use that voice to showcase who you are. It can be super serious, quirky, compassionate, or just plain fun. 
  4. Communicate why your center rocks. Your ad should showcase that ‘so what’ factor of what makes your center special. Maybe it’s your awesome programming, classroom setup, or staff. 
  5. Refresh your ads often. Since Facebook is so targeted, you will probably see ad performance drop over time. That’s normal! Be sure to add in fresh versions regularly.  

See the broad list of 50+ market ideas to start boosting your registration nowadays !

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