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If you ’ re new to restaurant management, figuring out where to begin can be daunting. Your tasks often include handling community outreach, mediating staff conflicts, crunching inventory numbers, meeting customer expectations, and more, all while making sure both the front and rear of theater run smoothly. From prioritizing to delegating, restaurant managers need to tap into a diverseness of skills to be successful. fortunately, we ’ rhenium here to help !
We ’ ve got a few restaurant management tips that will help you feel confident tackling the adjacent steps of your career in this fast-paced industry .

1. Ensure your staff feels valued

It ’ second no secret that employee employee turnover is a trouble for most restaurants. In fact, the median tenure of a restaurant employee is less than two months. not only is it broadly more costly to train new team members than it is to retain the ones you ’ ve got, but it can take hours out of your day to conduct interviews, follow up, and train new employees. so, what are some ways you can keep your employees glad and motivated to stay ?

If you don ’ triiodothyronine already have one, consider starting an “ Employee of the Month ” broadcast. Make sure the winning employee gets a bonus check, give card, or something valuable to signal their accomplishment and motivate others to follow lawsuit. You can besides drill open-book management to foster more transparency and loyalty among your staff. This is when a caller is crystalline to employees about the company ’ s fiscal information, profitableness, net income communion, and educational classes. It can besides allow your staff to feel more valued by you as a coach .
particularly during busy seasons, it never hurts to offer a free meal for employees working double over shifts, or give everyone a endowment card during the holidays as an bonus for a job well done. You can besides have set incentives for those who stay with you for certain amounts of time, like three months, six months, a year, and so on. It can be monetary, or something like a higher schedule priority or dislodge monthly dessert .

2. Revamp your menu on a seasonal basis

certain, having touch dishes is a capital way to keep customers coming back — but so is switching things astir. evening fair revamping your menu for each season helps your kitchen prevent things fresh, and makes it easier to work with local farms and suppliers who grow unlike fruits, veggies, and herbs, depending on the temper .
During summer, peaches and zucchini are bang-up additions to a salad or appetizer. During winter, Brussels sprouts and carrots can very liven up an entree or side serve. Using seasonal, local ingredients will not merely keep your restaurant menu ( or kitchen ) from feeling cold, but you ’ ll probably be able to save money on exile costs you ’ d normally pay to import items .

3. Be thoughtful about marketing

often, part of managing a restaurant besides means helping to drive modern customers through your doors. One of the most effective ways to do this is by having a solid restaurant marketing scheme. Social media, in particular, is ideal when it comes to restaurant marketing. It ’ second either free or much cheaper than more traditional market outlets, like television commercials or print ads. not to mention, it ’ s relatively easy to maintain a good social bearing .
It ’ s besides wise to have a well-maintained presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The ideal frequency of posts varies across each platform, but at least once a week is a good stead to start .
once you ’ ve got the treat of regular post, don ’ thymine forget to interact with your customers who message, gloss, and like your posts on these channels. It ’ south another room to convey the feel of your stigmatize, make fans feel particular, and show your authenticity. If you ’ ve got the budget, you can besides leverage paid social media ads to spread stigmatize awareness about your restaurant and target certain audiences. They ’ ra besides easier to track — win-win .

4. Train employees to expect the unexpected

“ The customer is always right ” is a classical phrase that is normally thrown around in the restaurant business. But, depending on your customer ’ randomness demeanor, it can surely be easier said than done. Your diners provide the tax income your restaurant needs to stay afloat, so it ’ s important to do everything you can ( within reason ) to ensure they have a positivist have .
Make surely all of your staff know how to respond when person asks about menu modifications for dietary restrictions. They should besides know what to do in reaction to angry or out-of-line customers ( alert the on-duty director ), and people who show up to your restaurant 10 minutes before you ’ re about to close ( seat them and let the kitchen know how many people are in the party ). restaurant managers have to handle it all, so the more you prepare your team for a diverseness of scenarios, the better .

5. Suggest hosting events

As a coach, you ’ rhenium affected by how much gross your restaurant brings in. Looking for creative ways to give your bottom line a hike ? If you have a private or semi-private dine area that can hold groups of eight or more people, let higher-ups know that they should consider renting out those spaces for events, if they ’ ra not already. Events can cursorily fill up your calendar if you ’ ra struggling to meet sales goals. If you ’ re concern about accommodating events and regular customers at the like time, you can always start off by only hosting events during times you ’ re normally closed or slow .
If you ’ re just starting out and want to drum up some initial interest through introductory deals :

  • Give a discount to customers who want to rent out your space on a weeknight
  • Offer 10 percent off to someone who books a party within the first three months of your new events program launching
  • Send a gift card or a nice bottle of champagne if a client’s referral books within three months

If you already have a plan and want to make certain your customers know about it, add a page on your web site with the latest event information and photograph of former events held in your distance ( with permission from your clients ). This page is besides a big place to highlight that your space is ideal for multiple event types, like rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, and corporate events. You could evening slip a humble, well-designed piece of newspaper with event information into bridle presenters, to encourage diners to host events in your space.

6. Make tracking sales and inventory easier

Number crunch is much part of a restaurant director ’ s daily exercise life. In addition to tracking sales from dining reservations and events, you have to keep up with food and stripe inventory, customer counts, payroll costs, and more. One way to help you accomplish this in an organized way is through a point-of-sale ( POS ) system. Depending on the character of system you choose, you can change menu, entree up-to-date reports, wield on-line arrange, and bode future sales trends, all in one invest. POS systems are typically cloud-based, so that means you can work on-the-go rather of being tied to your desktop .
We know what you ’ rhenium think : manual inventory is traditionally time-consuming. fortunately, advances in technical school intend there are inventory management solutions that automate the work, which saves unplayful time and increases margins to kick .

7. Experiment with fun promotions

If you ’ re in a state that permits hosting happy hours, this can be a prime opportunity for your restaurant to bring in extra sales. glad hours, which typically fall on weekdays between 4-7 post meridiem, are ideal for people who are getting off of solve and looking to meet up with coworkers or friends for a quick drink before heading home. Come up with a few easy-to-make drinks and appetizers that are discounted to entice customers, like half-off nacho or $ 5 margarita. You can flush go a far as to create wide happy hour menu .
You can besides work with a cover locate ( like Groupon ) to raise more awareness for your brand. You ’ ll bring in more customers through your doors, and they might even tell their friends about it. many restaurants have seen success through creating especial promotions based on things like :

  • Sporting events
  • Holidays
  • City-specific themes
  • Seasons
  • Pop-culture references (a Stranger Things-themed cocktail to celebrate its latest season? Yes, please.)

8. Pay attention to online reviews

As a restaurant director, your company ’ second reputation should be something you keep tabs on. Did you know that password of mouth and web site reviews are the biggest factors that help people choose a restaurant ? Knowing how to get and leverage positive reviews while making a thoroughly impression on your customers can have a huge impact on your on-line presence .
Make certain your yip, TripAdvisor and Facebook pages are all astir to date, then read through what your customers are saying about you. Word of mouth can be both plus or negative, so staying on clear of it and checking reviews on a daily basis ( and responding when appropriate ) will help you have a dear cover on how your brand is being perceived .

9. Save money where you can

Monitoring cash flow is a big part of a restaurant coach ’ south job. And one manner to tangibly showcase that you ’ re doing your job well is by finding creative ways to help your company save money. For exercise, you can :

  • Suggest switching your light bulbs to more energy-efficient ones — as long as it doesn’t sacrifice the dining room ambiance
  • Swap out your current faucets with low-flow faucets, particularly in customer bathrooms, to save money on water
  • Let your back-of-house staff know that they should only run the dishwasher when it’s completely full (if they’re running out of dishes before this happens, that’s a whole other issue to address)

Look at your menu as an area of your restaurant that can help you cut costs. Are there items that aren ’ thyroxine selling well ? Remove them, and hit “ refresh ” on your offerings .

10. Find a mentor

It ’ sulfur no easy job to manage a restaurant alone. One of the best tip off we ’ ve listen is to partner with person who has experience as a general director and who can guide you through the process. From handling irate customers to the easiest ways to train your staff and make certain they stay happy, they ’ ll have some tricks up their sleeves that they can pass down to you. If you can ’ triiodothyronine think of anyone who you can meet with on a regular footing to teach you the ropes, the internet is your second-best bet. Using Facebook groups or forums to ask people in the restaurant industry their advice is certain to help you become a better restaurant director .

11. Make work fun!

batch of experts taut the importance of fostering bonds with your team members and ensuring they feel valued from day one. And while no efficient workplace is all fun and games, if every employee is dreading their switch, something is identical incorrectly. Do casual pulsate checks, be overt to thoughtful criticism, and truly listen to what your team is saying about their job experience .
No director is perfective, and there ’ s no way to be prepared for all the unexpected hiccups that can occur at your restaurant. But there are certain strategies and traits you can adopt that ’ ll assistant make sure you ’ re doing your job to the best of your ability — and to the benefit of your staff and the ship’s company as a wholly.

Next steps

now that you know how to manage a restaurant, see how our software can help you manage your events course of study. Schedule a demonstration at a clock time and date that works for you to learn more about how Tripleseat can help you build and streamline your events and private dine business .
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Editor ’ second note : This mail was primitively published on the Gather blog and written by Holly Edwards .

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