How to Increase Your Internet Speed… Right Now!

Before you try fixing the internet, make sure that your personal computer, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices are running at optimum speeds. Speeding up the internet on your personal computer or laptop international relations and security network ’ t an easy undertaking, as when you ’ rhenium suffering from slow association, lots of things could be the perpetrator. In this article, we ’ ll read you many ways to repair and speed up a decelerate association .

1. Get closer to the router or move the router closer to your PC!

Getting close is an easy and effective direction to speed up your internet connection. The farther away your personal computer or laptop is from your Wi-Fi router, the slower your internet becomes.

Moving your laptop closer to the router
You don ’ t have to get this close to your router to stream your front-runner episodes of Star Trek Voyager, but close is normally well. You ’ ll besides want to ensure that there are no thick concrete walls between your router and your device. not every router is alike : some have a antic signal intensity, and others don ’ metric ton .
Your ISP ( internet service supplier ) typically won ’ metric ton give you the best router available, sol if your sign lastingness is lacking even when you ’ re properly adjacent to it, it ’ sulfur high clock to get a newly router. This page will help you find a solid Wi-Fi router with plenty of power .
Whatever router you choose, make sure it supports the latest Wi-Fi standards : 802.11ac, 802.11ad, and potentially even the new 802.11ax .

2. Map the signal strength in your home and boost your signal strength

Moving your router or your computer around to get the best possible intensity can take a long time. It ’ sulfur credibly easier to determine where the signal in your home is strongest. The detached Heatmapper tool can help, provided that you ’ rhenium uncoerced to register in substitute for a download .
Ekahau Heatmapper helps improve Wifi reception
once you ’ ve installed Heatmapper, you ’ ll need to provide it with a floor map of your family — using either one that you already have, or one that you create yourself as you walk about. The resulting expulsion of your home ’ s Wi-Fi signal lastingness will show you the best and worst spots for reliable internet. bolshevik means that you ’ ll be suffering from a slow connection or even connection drops, therefore take sure to position the router in a way that gives you at least solid ( park ) or well ( yellow ) potency .

3. Use an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi

If you ’ re having no luck with Wi-Fi, or if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to invest in a new router, you ’ ll want to use a cable joining. Hook up your personal computer or Mac to your router using a good previous Ethernet cable. This will deliver the fastest possible speeds for your connection, potentially reaching even 1 GB per moment .
Ethernet cable

4. Check your cable and shorten your cable length

While cables are the fastest and most dependable way to connect your personal computer to your router, if you ’ re using Ethernet, you should make sure that the cable international relations and security network ’ t excessively long and that it doesn ’ t have any kinks. Case in point, after experiencing regular drops of downloads and Netflix buffering with my 50 ’ Ethernet cable television, I switched to a shorter 30 ’ cable from a higher-quality stigmatize, and voilá : all my problems were gone. It ’ s a very easy way to increase your internet focal ratio and/or improve a poor association .

5. Temporarily unplug your router or modem

Yes, we ’ rhenium going there, but it silent works and I personally have to do it every two to three months. It could be a hoard consequence or a bug in the firmware of my router, but sometimes, my internet connection gets highly slow for no reason at all. Regardless of the topic, there ’ s one thing that truly helps to speed up my internet connection : turning the router off and then back on again ! It works surprisingly well as a quick Wi-Fi boost .
however, if the internet is lone slow on one calculator, you should check out the next tap to get a faster internet connection on your personal computer .

6. Check for bandwidth hogs & remove unnecessary background programs

If the internet is decelerate on your elementary laptop but works flawlessly on your earphone or another personal computer, then it credibly has nothing to do with your router or its cables. It ’ s time to figure out what ’ south bogging down the internet connection on that one device. The postdate steps apply to computers running Microsoft Windows .
To check what ’ s going on and to maximize your internet speed, beginning open Task Manager .

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager .
    Opening Task-Manager
  2. Under the Processes pill, chink on Network. This will display the most bandwidth-hungry processes :
    Evaluating bandwidth issues in Task-Manager

In this case, OneDrive sucks up 12 Mbps of bandwidth as it ’ south busy uploading files. To stop programs from draining bandwidth, close them or pause any bodily process. Pause background activity This will merely help you temporarily, as these programs will probably start up again after the adjacent kick. A longer-term solution for your personal computer ’ mho bandwidth hogs is the sleep Mode in Avast Cleanup, which detects resource-draining programs and allows you to freeze their activeness when you ’ ra not using them. That means that only programs you are actively using can drain your CPU, RAM, hard harrow, and your network connection — saving your calculator ’ south resources and therefore speeding up your internet. Try it release :

We ’ five hundred besides recommend disabling startup items and optimizing processes on all your Windows, Mac, and Android, and io devices :

7. Scan your system for viruses

Viruses, Trojans, and early malware can be responsible for gamey bandwidth custom, specially when they ’ ra uploading your personal files or downloading other malicious code on your personal computer .
To prevent this from happening, use security system software like Avast One that will scan your calculator from exceed to bottom, identifying and removing any viruses, malware, or early threats. Plus, Avast One features a suite of performance-optimization tools to ensure your computer runs smoothly .

8. Limit the devices connected to your router

Is your family full of all sorts of gadgets that can access your Wi-Fi ? When there are dozens of Wi-Fi signals crossing your room at the lapp time, you might experience drops in network performance. Try turning off the ones you don ’ t need and see if that helps improve your network ’ s speed or dependability.

9. Upgrade your network driver & router firmware

Device drivers and firmware exponent your devices and make certain they work vitamin a intended. unfortunately, stock firmware programs of routers or drivers from your Wi-Fi and Ethernet adapters are rarely optimized or even error-free. Over prison term, the manufacturers squash bugs and improve their operation, so you should make sure to apply their updates .
To do so, find the network adapters in your Windows device director and search the manufacturer ’ s web site for an update driver .
Updating drivers
Your router ’ sulfur firmware can besides be updated. This is done through its vane interface, which you need to access from your browser ( read the manual or look at the rear of the router to learn how to access it ). Once you ’ ve logged in, front for the update button :
Router settings
Follow the steps to download the firmware updates. I was able to easily fix several amphetamine issues and joining drops after updating both the drivers on my Windows machine and the firmware of my router .

10. Clear your cache

A break cache can result in websites not loading, partially loading, or even load identical slowly. clear out your browser ’ s hoard and get rid of any files that might interfere. here ’ s how to do this on Google Chrome :

  1. launch Chrome and click the three short dots in the top right corner. Select More tools and then Clear Browser Cache .
    Opening browser options
  2. Make certain that all the necessity hoard data is checked : Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, arsenic well as Cached files and images .
    Clearing cache files
  3. Hit the Clear data push button .

To save yourself time, you can set up automatic rifle maintenance to keep your hoard endlessly clear. The Browser Cleaner in Avast Cleanup will automatically purge browser data on a regular basis while besides deleting caches across all your browsers ( Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and others ) .

Test your internet speed

final but not least, find out if any of this has worked by testing your internet connection speed. Perform amphetamine checks from clock to time to fix a slow or bad connection .
Navigate to and hit GO to check your internet connection accelerate .
Running speed test
Do your results match the speeds you ’ re purportedly paying for ? good ! If not, it ’ mho time to start optimizing — or it ’ south time to call your ISP. You can besides test your internet speed with Wi-Fi and Ethernet tools like LAN Speed Lite. If you ’ re using a personal computer VPN, there are extra methods that can help you speed up a VPN connection .

Why is my internet running slow?

unfortunately there ’ s no single reason for a poor internet joining. The top causes for a slow connection are :

  • Outdated drivers or router firmware
  • Suboptimal placement of your router or device ( Mac, personal computer, Android, io )
  • Viruses and early malware, which is why it ’ second authoritative to use antivirus software
  • Programs or devices hogging your bandwidth
  • Problems with your browser cache
  • A break Ethernet cable

last but not least, your device operation could besides be at demerit, and so we recommend always optimizing your personal computer, Mac, Android, or io device.

Enjoy faster speeds

By removing bandwidth-hungry bloatware and deleting your calculator ’ second temp files, Avast Cleanup ensures that you ’ ll have batch of amphetamine for your preferable capacity, programs, and services. Enjoy quicker loading times with a clean browser cache as any unnecessary files are mechanically and regularly deleted. With a full suite of optimization tools, Avast Cleanup can improve not alone your internet accelerate, but the overall performance of your entire device .

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