20000 Wedding Budget: A Complete Breakdown of Expenses

Though the leave is more than worth it, planning your marriage is an overpower, nerve-racking, and expensive undertaking. There are many details and amenities to manage so that your particular day will be everything you want it to be. Among the first things you should settle with your partner is your marry budget .
A $20,000 wedding budget is feasible. More than half of your budget will cover the cost of the venue, catering, and decorations. Other categories to keep in mind are attire, entertainment, vendors, rings, stationery, and miscellaneous fees.
The table below outlines approximately how much of your budget should go to a specific aspect of your marriage, along with an explanation of why they cost that a lot. additionally, tips for planning your marriage on a budget are besides given .

$20,000 Wedding Budget Breakdown of Expenses

Category Approx. % of Budget Cost
Food and drinks 20% $4,000
Venue and rentals 19% $3,800
Flowers and decorations 15% $3,000
Photographer and videographer 10% $2,000
Attire for the bride and groom 10% $2,000
Entertainment 6% $1,200
Wedding planner or coordinator 5% $1,000
Cake and other desserts 4% $800
Invitations and other wedding-related stationery 2.5% $500
Wedding favors and additional amenities for guests 2.5% $500
Wedding rings 2% $400
Transportation 2% $400
Officiant fee 2% $400

Besides the categories listed above, you may besides want to keep in mind the follow expenses : gifts for the bridal party, tips for the vendors, costs of having the rehearsal dinner, and honeymoon accommodation and travel guidebook. These expenses are normally not included in the chief wedding budget — they may come directly out of the bride and dress ’ s pockets or are shouldered by a proportional or supporter.

additionally, the application fee for a marriage license wide varies across states ; you can get one for deoxyadenosine monophosphate low as $ 10 and vitamin a much as $ 115. Some jurisdictions may require prenuptial rede or education courses, while some have standard fees set. Prices besides differ if the couple does not live in the state they plan on getting married at, such as adventure elopers .
Keep in mind that these percentages and figures are precisely starting points ; every couple ’ mho budget will vary because of different circumstances and prioritizations. With that said, downstairs is a more specific categorization of costs which you can use as a reference for your own budget .

Food, Drinks, Venue, Rentals, Flowers, and Decorations — 54% of the budget

The first three items on the number above make up more than half of the overall marry budget. Hiring a provide service besides includes parturiency fees for the servers ; some caterers include utensils in their rate, while some agitate per person .
The price of renting a venue will depend on how many guests you plan on invite and how long your event will take. Tables and chairs may already be included in the base monetary value or they may have a separate cost. In some cases, venue guidelines restrict vendors that are not affiliated with them .
similarly, decorations may already be taken care of by the venue. otherwise, you may need the services of a wedding interior designer. additionally, you might besides need to hire a wedding florist to assist the interior designer with floral accents and centerpieces, a well as procuring the boutonnieres, bridal bouquet, and flowers for the bloom girlfriend .

Photographer and Videographer — 10% of the budget

photographer wedding
master images and videos from your marry are sentimental keepsakes of your particular sidereal day. By hiring a photographer and videographer, you will not entirely be paying them for their time and skill but besides the equipment and transportation system they will use .
furthermore, encourage your guests to take photos and phonograph record video on their devices. Come up with an adorable and memorable wedding hashtag to which they can post their images and recordings .

Attire for the Bride and Groom — 10% of the budget

While renting suits and gowns is an option, many couples prefer buying their overdress for multiple reasons. first, they can have their clothes tailored to get the best and most flattering fit ; these alterations will besides factor into your budget. second, brides can preserve their dress and bye it on to their daughter when the time comes .
besides included in this part of the budget are the hair and constitution of the couple .
furthermore, although optional, the bride and prepare each have accessories to complete their equip. Some are for ornamentation, such as jewelry, gloves, cufflinks, and indeed on ; others, like these alterations, may be separate of a tradition .

Entertainment — 6% of the budget

No marry is arrant without music ; from the processional to the reception, music adds to the atmosphere and mawkishness of every part of the wedding. You may hire a DJ who can besides double as an master of ceremonies for the reception or a live group of musicians. This budget allotment may besides cover the rental of sound equipment if necessity .

Wedding planner or coordinator — 5% of the budget

writing on notebook
As their claim denotes, wedding planners provide aid in the plan and planning of your extra day. They will guide you through budgeting concerns, locating vendors and retailers, deciding major and minor details such as the root and color scheme, and more .
Some marry planners are besides wedding coordinators, though there are differences between their skillsets and responsibilities. Coordinators ascertain that the design is properly executed. Day-of marry coordinators, in particular, oversee the consequence as it happens, making certain that everything goes according to plan .

Cake and other desserts — 4% of the budget

The marry cake is frequently included in the budget for food and drinks. however, it might be deserving creating a separate category for it, as its monetary value varies widely. This budget allotment besides includes taste testing fees and delivery fees for your cake .

Wedding-related stationery, favors, and other amenities — 5% of the budget

wedding stationary
This category includes invitations, post-wedding thank you notes, cards for wedding-themed games, decorations, props, gifts, and keepsakes. Utilizing materials with thoroughly quality is essential for aesthetically pleasing and durable results .

Wedding rings — 2% of the budget

A marry ring is a physical representation of a couple ’ s endless love and commitment. The price of wedding rings varies based on their design, musical composition, and several other factors ; on average, wedding bands cost from $ 200 to $ 2,000. Depending on the retailer and the inclusions they provide, you may incur extra costs from resizing the ring or getting an inscription .

Transportation and officiant fee — 4% of the budget

These two expenses much fall under the “ assorted ” class. Providing department of transportation for your guests, such as a bus or shuttle, is necessary for destination weddings to make certain that they arrive at the venue on time. Some couples may besides want to rent a pickup car or a limousine .
Officiants will solemnize your marriage ; they will lead the ceremony and make certain that the event flows smoothly and correctly. More importantly, they act as the legal witness to your marriage and sign the marriage license .

Tips for Wedding Planning on a Budget

man budget papers

Costs of Services Vary According to Location

The cost of Living Index compares the median amount of money a population spends on caparison, clothes, food, and other necessities. The index concluded that Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Arkansas have the lowest price of living index. In contrast, Hawaii, California, New York, Oregon, and Massachusetts have the highest cost of living index in the United States .
Areas with a high cost of living are bound to charge higher prices for services and products. thus, your budget of $ 20,000 may be more than enough in some cities while being not enough in others .

Start Saving Immediately After the Engagement

A few days after your partner proposes, you should have a conversation about starting to save money for your marriage. At this charge, you already have an theme or an calculate of when you want your marriage to take place .
Most, if not all, couples take a fortune of their monthly engage to put into their marry budget. For example, if you and your spouse set your budget to $ 20,000 and give yourself 12 months to save up, that means you will set aside approximately $ 1,700 per calendar month. If both of you are presently employed, you can each contribute around $ 850 per month .
In general, the equation to determine how much you should save per calendar month is :
( desire budget ) ÷ ( number of months to prepare ) = monthly savings*

*Divide the quotient by two if you and your partner are both able to contribute .
corollary to this, you may besides start cutting back on certain expenses. For example, unsubscribing from Netflix, cable television, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and other services will help you reach your goal faster. You and your partner must decide which services must be kept and which can be let go of in the interim .
furthermore, be more mindful about your outgo habits ; some expenses might be strictly accustomed or unnecessary. minor purchases can cursorily add up. Keep in heed that you will not be giving these up forever but merely until the marry plan and preparations are accomplished .

Know Your Priorities

man woman laughing
From the list of expenses above, discuss with your spouse what you want to spend more or less on. You may find that the budget for flowers and entertainment is besides excessive, or that you want a call that is more expensive than what is written on the table. similarly, listen to your spouse when they share how they want to personalize the budget. Reach a consensus or a compromise that makes both of you content .
By cutting back on certain categories, you can relocate those funds to an view of your wedding that you want to be more particular .

Dedicate a Savings Account Specifically for Wedding Funds

Dedicating a savings report for major biography events, such as weddings, retirement plans, and travels is always a capital mind. For one, your advancement toward your goal will be easier to monitor. It will besides fuel the feel of fulfillment and excitation .

Carefully Deliberate Over Your Guest List

The larger your guest list, the higher your overall expenses ; most venues and vendors charge per head. The phone number of chairs, tables, utensils, and other items you need to rent is directly proportional to how many people will attend your marry .
Consider limiting the number of guests to be invited by politely indicating this in your invitation cards or RSVPs .
furthermore, decide if you want children to be present at your ceremony or reception. Some caterers have different rates when it comes to kids. many couples opt for a kids-free reception, though this might be a pricier option given that you may need to hire a creche service .

Figure Out Who Will Pay for What

once you have your list of must-haves and inclusions, it is best to determine which of you will be paying for which aspects. Itemizing your individual fiscal responsibilities ensures that nothing will be missed ; it will besides give you and your spouse peace of judgment that everything is taken concern of .
Although it might be a difficult or awkward conversation, you can reach out to your parents and other close friends and relatives. Ask them if they would be willing to chip in for some of the expenses. They are more than likely to be happy to help .
If you have friends who are experienced in the field ( for example, baker, photographer, florist, etc. ), they may tied offer you their services for a discount price. however, if they do not extend an offer, do not force or guilt-trip them into doing it .

Track Every Expense

calculator papers
Make a spreadsheet containing every view of your wedding and its equate budget allocation. As you go along the plan process, input your expenses into their respective class. Doing this will make it easier to stay within your budget, as you are aware of how much you have already spent .
In the like vein, set aside a booklet where you will keep receipts, contracts, and other apposite paperwork. You may need these documents for one argue or another. similarly, create a folder in your e-mail and messages specifically for wedding-related communications. Staying organized during a massive tax such as planning a wedding will make the whole affair more manageable .

Be Meticulous and Observant

When hiring people such as wedding planners, decorators, florists, photographers, and videographers, look through their portfolios. They must be able to accommodate the stylus you are going for. furthermore, look for on-line reviews about their services ; if most or all of their by clients were satisfy, you can rest assured that the vendors are trustworthy .
Read through contracts and paperwork. Ask your vendors every question you have ; inquire about overtime fees, overhaul fees, discounts, and so on. It is better to be prepared with all of this information, preferably than getting blindsided when your consequence lasts longer than expected .
Set aside a budget for probabilities like running overtime, equally well as for tips and gratuities. Keep in take care that small amounts of money will add up promptly if you do not keep chase of it .

Ask for Recommendations

More frequently than not, many of your vendors will come from your experiences at early ’ sulfur weddings. If you find a service you peculiarly like, ask that couple for the seller ’ s contact data .
besides, if you have already hired a planner, they may have a network of consort vendors at their disposal. Availing of their service may get you a discount. Regardless, if you trust your planner, then you can trust their recommendations, excessively .

Set Aside an Emergency Budget

counting money
There are contingencies in every consequence, no count how rigorously it was planned : you might run out of juice or beer to serve ; the ceremony might run overtime, incurring a tip from the musicians ; a kid might tip over a glass and break it. Although invoices from your vendors may already cover possible break equipment, it is best to have some cash on hand so you can address issues that pop up .
In general, having a budget overage is a safety net. last-minute changes may pop up, such as weather-related expenses and touch-ups to the decoration .

Save Money Where You Can

Seeing as food and beverage will credibly cost you the most, it is worth looking into ways you can save money. Potlucks, bring your own liquor, buffet-style dinner, do-it-yourself food stations, and food trucks are some money-saving alternatives you can explore. In the same vein, you can opt for a dessert bar or cupcakes rather of having a wedding coat .
rather of renting all of the decors to be used, you can bring some of your own or your friends ’ and relatives ’. Additionally, some items might be cheaper if you buy them yourself online or secondhand .
talk to your partner about what you two are bequeath to skip on or save on. Besides the importance of being on the lapp page, you might get insights and ideas from each other that you never would have thought of .
It is besides worth reiterating that you and your collaborator know your priorities — that is, your must-haves and must-not-haves. These will guide you as you make decisions about your budget.

Find Inspiration from Other Couples

Besides the breakdown of costs above, there are enough of on-line sources you can use to help you make your own budget. Examples include budget breakdowns from Hoover Web Design, Charged Up Travels, Maggie Sottero Designs, Modern West Photo, and A Practical Wedding .

Make Sure Your Guests Will Be Comfortable

careless of what modifications you will make, ensure that the know will placid be enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved. If you are holding an outdoor wedding, provide tents so they have shade ; rent enough tables and chairs so that every node will have enough elbow and legroom .

Final Thoughts

With the right planning and budget, a budget of $ 20,000 for your marry will result in a outstanding day. It is not far off from the average cost of weddings for 2021 — $ 22,500. By knowing you and your partner ’ s priorities, having a authentic support system, and being diligent and creative, your dream wedding will be attainable .

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