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customize Market Research answers questions about an overseas grocery store including market trends and size, customary distribution and promotion practices, market introduction requirements, regulations, intersection standards and registration, key competitors and electric potential agents, distributors, or strategic partners .
rural America ’ s Intelligence Service for Exporters ( RAISE ) helps rural businesses identify fresh markets, find industry-specific grocery store intelligence, or identify likely commercial enterprise partners in a nation. RAISE reports provide businesses with actionable marketplace news through access to high-quality subscription data tools, coupled with the on-the-ground cognition of U.S. Commercial Service staff located in the U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the ball.

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The initial Market Check is an initial judgment of the market potential of a product or service in a target market. The servicing gauges the potential of a particular intersection or service in a market by gathering feedback from up to five industry participants and provides recommendations on whether to pursue the aim grocery store .
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The International Partner Search provides U.S. firms with a list of up to five agents, distributors and partners that have expressed an pastime in your product or service.

The International Partner Search Plus Virtual Introductions provides U.S. firms with a number of up to five agents, distributors and partners that have expressed an interest in your product or service, and includes virtual introductions via teleconference to the identify contacts .
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Our eCommerce Innovation Lab Provides U.S. exporters with tools/resources to explore and leverage eCommerce channels .
Creating a cross-border ecommerce digital scheme for your commercial enterprise is an significant step towards leveraging your web site as a customer acquisition tool. Find out if your company is ready to sell on-line with our Digital Readiness Quiz .
If you ’ d like an evaluation of your business ’ s web site from external market and sales perspective, the Website Globalization Review Gap Analysis service provides a technical and strategic appraisal of your ecommerce sales transmit efforts .
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The International Company Profile – Full provides U.S. companies with in-depth backdrop check information on a specific foreign party to help determine its suitability as a electric potential business partner. The service includes interviews with principals/references.

The International Company Profile – Partial provides U.S. companies with basic background check information on a specific extraneous company based on publicly available information to help determine its suitability as a electric potential business spouse .
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The Single Company Promotion provides U.S. companies with promotional services to help increase the awareness of their product/service in a specific grocery store. The promotion may consist of target direct mail or e-mail campaigns.

Featured U.S. Exporters Listing provides U.S. companies with an opportunity to enhance their international marketing efforts through improved research locomotive optimization. A listing on the directory of an abroad CS agency ’ s local web site gives U.S. exporters targeted oversea vulnerability to more effectively help them find foreign clientele partners in specific local markets. It allows local importers to find U.S. exporters concerned in exporting to a specific local alien commercialize .
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Business Service Provider – a list of U.S. and alien business overhaul providers that offer export/investment aid, such as consultants, lawyers, cargo forwarders, etc. The fee is paid for by the business service supplier to be listed on ITA websites .
virtual Fair Events – provide a group of U.S. entities within certain industry sectors with an opportunity to promote their products/services to potential partners live via a webinar chopine coordinated through CS .
official Letter – helps U.S. companies comply with local regulative requirements that must be followed to conduct clientele in certain foreign countries ( i.e. Colombia, and Thailand ).

virtual Introduction – provides U.S. companies with a virtual insertion via league call or e-mail to a foreign buyer/partner that they have pre-identified .
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Join live briefings with ball-shaped trade professionals and diligence experts without ever leaving your office, including the opportunity to raise your own questions and to hear what is on the minds of other businesses. Webinar participants learn how to start or increase international sales and get valuable data on countries and industries of interest. Many of our webinars focus on virtual topics such as export plan and strategy, and required documentation and regulations .
search and cash register for our approaching webinars today !
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