Sales Channels

Your company may already have found foreign customers through your web site, trade shows, and other avenues. however, there might be extra, far-reaching sales channels ideally suited to your product or serve .
When you want to proactively expand your international business, consider whether you will sell directly, indirectly, or through some combination to extraneous markets. Some companies may shift strategies to be more immediately involved as they gain experience and sales. That approach can lead to impressive sales .
once you have a estimable buyer or collaborator, you ’ ll need to pay close up attention to the relationship. Use these Strategies for Keeping Buyers .

Direct Sales

In direct selling, the U.S. producer handles every expression of the exporting process and deals directly with a potential buyer to fulfill the sale. It requires a meaning committedness of management clock and attention to achieve thoroughly results. however, this approach may besides be the best direction to achieve maximum profits and long-run growth.

Reading: Sales Channels

If you choose to franchise a business mannequin, the act of finding and supporting a overcome franchiser in a different country is direct exporting. If you get a contract from a U.S. or other national government agency, you are exporting directly to another country and potentially developing contacts that can lead to more sales autonomous of the government condense that got you to the new market in the inaugural topographic point .


If you have a web site that processes credit cards, you can besides export immediately. The use of network, social media, and cross-border eCommerce to find external buyers will merely continue to grow. The two main kinds of cross-border eCommerce are business-to-business and business-to-consumer. A full way to sell internationally is through popular social media networks, advertise, and virtual stores. many american occupation owners are nowadays using a successful mix of these sales channels .

Indirect Sales

collateral sell can take different forms. You can select an agent, representative, or distributor to find buyers or sell your products in the foreign market. You can besides sell through a jobber, or work through an export mediator such as an export management company or export trade ship’s company. eCommerce platforms are a third base option.

Agents, Representatives and Distributors

A great way to find foreign buyers is to hire person who uses his or her contacts to sell your products in other countries. This can be a local sales agent, representative or distributor with expertness in your diligence. They should besides be skilled in identifying opportunities and familiar with local regulations, logistics, and after-sales service .

  • Use this Choosing a Foreign Representative Checklist to guide your selection of a partner.
  • You will also need to conduct due diligence on the foreign partner.
  • Read Negotiating an Agreement with a Foreign Representative to help you design a contract.
  • Before entering an agreement, speak to an attorney with experience in the country. Your local U.S. Commercial Service office working at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate can also help. 

Export Intermediaries

An export mediator, such as an export management party ( EMC ) or export trading company ( ETC ), assumes duty for finding overseas buyers, ship products, and getting paid. You can retain considerable control over the serve and get some of the other benefits of exporting, such as learning more about foreign competitors, new technologies, and other market opportunities.

eCommerce Platforms

You can besides use eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba. Increasingly, these and other boastful players are offering distribution centers in other countries where your products can be closer to customers. They may handle the logistics in return for fees, and advise you when to restock. Another option is that they sell via the web site and you do the shipping .

Your Approach

The manner you choose to export your products can have a significant effect on your export design and specific marketing strategies. A key circumstance is the flush of resources your party is volition to devote to your international selling campaign. early considerations are :

  • The size of your company
  • Your tolerance for risk
  • Resources available to develop the market
  • Opportunity costs
  • The nature of your products or services
  • Previous export experience and expertise
  • Business conditions in the selected overseas markets 

To learn more about matchmaking services to find buyers and partners visit customize services of the U.S. Department of Commerce including barter shows and trade missions. You might besides consult express craft offices, freight forwarders, shipping companies, international bank, and others .

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