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Letting go of a car is never easy, specially when it holds sentimental value. You might even think about it years by and by and reminisce about the time you first got behind the wheel .
But what if you just can ’ triiodothyronine accept parting ways with your old car and want to reclaim it ? Is there a manner to be reunited with it again ?
I excessively, found myself wondering “ How do I find a car I used to own ? ”. In this guide, I ’ ll show you the different methods you can use — both with the VIN and without it .

Why Would You Want to Find Your Old Car?

As a car fancier, you ’ re oblige to get attached to your car. And if you ’ ve spend a good amount of time and attempt on modifications to make it uniquely yours — saying adieu is merely harder .
possibly you ’ re intend of buying it back or good want to check up on how it ’ randomness doing. There ’ mho besides the possibility that you found out the genuine value of that car, specially if it ’ s a classic that ’ sulfur been passed down in your family through generations .
Find Your Old Mazda MiataA tastefully modified hard top Miata that isn’t full of rust is hard to come by these days. It’s not a bad idea to search for the car you used to own as you know some of its history too.

How to Find a Car You Used to Own

Whether you ’ re plainly curious to see how your previous car is doing or plan to reclaim it, there are a few things you can do to track it down. Some require a draw more feat than others and in some cases — evening money .
We ’ ve listed the most effective ways that will reunite you with the car you once sold .

Use Your Car’s VIN Number

All cars have a Vehicle Identification Number ( VIN ) or chassis number which is specific to that car — no two cars can have the lapp VIN. Furthermore, every state requires you to have a VIN to both, file and insure your cable car .
By using an on-line VIN decoder not lone can you get information about a cable car you want to purchase but besides one that you used to own. They ’ rhenium great for getting the entire history of any vehicle .
Although you ’ ll come across some free options which will do the unsheathed minimum, it ’ mho best to go pay for the bounty options for the simpleton fact that they ’ ll give you all the information you need — right from the mileage, accidents, previous owners, and the car ’ s current localization .
Vehicle Identification Number

Use the License Plate Number

If you ’ ra left asking “ but how do I find my old cable car without the VIN ? ”, don ’ triiodothyronine sweat. There are batch of other methods you can use to track down your old car, and using the license plate number is one of them .
You can go to your state ’ mho DMV ( Department of Motor Vehicles ), and they ’ ll use your denture count to retrieve the vehicle ’ s VIN number from their database .
alternatively, you can besides use your driver ’ mho license number. The DMV has a record of every fomite you ’ ve owned, even if you ’ ve moved to another state .

Search on Online Forums

The internet is home to a phone number of on-line car forums where you may merely get golden enough to find your car. For case, sites such as The Lost Car Registry allow you to upload photos and specification of your car.

then if person has any information about your car, it ’ s merely a count of time till they contact you .
You could even narrow down your search by targeting forums of your car ’ s mark, like a specific Datsun 510, Corvette, or Miata forum .
Best Car Forums: A List of the Most Active Discussion WebsitesCar forums can be a great place to find your old car.

Get in Touch With the Last Known Buyer

For those of us who sold our car because it was sitting without being driven, this one ’ s reasonably obvious. It ’ sulfur best to good ask the person you sold your car to — if you still have their details .
In case you don ’ thymine, you could use the information you got from your VIN search and look them up .
even if they aren ’ t the present owner, they might be able to guide you in the right direction .

Post Advertisements

If you ’ re truly desperate, you can start posting advertisements on-line. sociable media groups on Facebook and even Craigslist will get you exposure. As a double measure, offline advertising may besides work .
Keep in mind that you want to make your ad ampere detailed as possible. Include information such as the car ’ sulfur color, model class, and other classifiable features that set it apart .
Having a picture of the car will be in truth helpful and posting the ad in the car ’ randomness survive seen location may just bring you closer to it. The cable car might no long be in the like city or express, but person there might have data about it .

Search Auctions

If you owned a classical car, there ’ s a high chance that it has been through an auction at some point. many buyers purchase classics at a actually low price via private sale and go on to sell them at auctions where car collectors are fix to pay top dollar .
even if you don ’ t own a classic, your car may have been offered at an auction by the buyer ’ s bank, if they failed to pay off their car lend.

The search for your long-lost car can be arduous even if you look in all the correct places — so cling in there. All the steps mentioned in this article should expedite your search and finally take you straightaway back to your previously owned car .
While most of the methods are barren, it might be worth your clock to opt for paid advertisements if you ’ re in a rush and want to optimize your search .
so have you successfully found your old car by using any of these methods ? We ’ vitamin d love to hear from you and find out which one ’ south worked best. Let us know in the comments below !

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