3 Best Apartment Loan Options for 2022

Matt has more than 10 years of fiscal have and more than 20 years of journalism experience. He shares his expertness in Fit Small Business ’ finance and bank content. There are three types of financing available to modest business owners looking for a lend to purchase an apartment complex. The type of loan they choose comes down to how good qualified they ’ re and how long they plan on keeping the building after purchasing it .
hera are the three best types of apartment lend options :

  • Government-backed apartment loan: Best for prime borrowers who want a loan with a low down payment and an affordable interest rate.
  • Bank balance sheet apartment loan: Best for an absentee owner who cannot qualify for a government loan.
  • Short-term apartment loan: Best for investors who want to quickly purchase an apartment building and compete with cash buyers by closing in as soon as 10 days.
type of Apartment lend

Government-backed Apartment Loan Bank Balance Sheet Apartment Loan short-run Apartment Loan
interest Rates 3.68 % and up 2.625 % and up 4.95 % and up
Loan Term Five to 35 years Two to 30 years Six to 36 months
Funding amphetamine 60 to 180 days 30 to 45 days 10 to 45 days
Minimum Credit Score 650 600 550 for hard money 640 for bridge loanword
Minimum Credit Score Commercial Real Estate Finance Company of America CoreVest RCN Capital

If you ’ re looking for apartment financing, RCN Capital is an excellent choice. With short-run financing of up to $ 10 million and long-run financing of up to $ 3 million, RCN Capital offers different multifamily financing options to purchase properties of more than five units. Check out its web site for more information .

1. Government-backed Apartment Loans

Loan Amount $ 1 million and improving
Maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio Varies per program
Minimum Down Payment Varies per broadcast
Rates 3.68 % and up
Terms Five to 35 years
Loan Origination Fees up to 1 % of lend measure
closure Costs 2 % to 5 % of amount borrowed
Prepayment penalty 1 % of lend balance
fund time 60 to 180 days
Minimum Credit Score 650
Minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio ( DSCR ) 1.17x for FHA, 1.25x for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
Cash Reserves Three to nine months

Whether you ’ re refinance or purchasing an apartment complex, government-backed apartment loans are an excellent option. These loans follow guidelines from one of three entities : the Federal National Mortgage Association ( Fannie Mae ), the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company ( Freddie Mac ), or the Federal Housing Administration ( FHA ). Because the politics backs these loans, pastime rates are identical low, but the loans have more rigorous regulations .
These loans much require “ local anesthetic ownership, ” meaning the borrower can merely invest in an apartment build within the residential district where they reside .
loanword amounts go equally gamey as $ 6 million for up to 35 years. Because of the extra regulations that come with government-backed loans, expect funding time to be the longest of the three types on this list. Some loans may take up to six months to close .
It ’ sulfur authoritative to see if the loanword has a minimum occupancy prerequisite, whether they are recourse or nonrecourse, and whether the loan is assumable or not assumable. These will vary depending on which loanword broadcast you choose, indeed be certain to know the claim terms required before moving forward .
One specific FHA multifamily loanword, the HUD FHA 223 ( farad ) loanword, is the best choice for apartment lend. It has a loanword floor of $ 1 million and has a maximum LTV of 87 % .
Government-backed commercial veridical estate loanword rates can either be fixed or variable star. The loans can either be in full amortizing or they ’ ll have an interest-only period of up to 10 years with a balloon payment at the end .
One of the crown providers of government-backed apartment loans is the commercial Real Estate Finance Company of America ( CREFCOA ). Check out CREFCOA ’ s web site for more information .

2. Bank Balance Sheet Apartment Loans

Minimum Loan Amount $ 100,000
Maximum Loan Amount Varies by lender
LTV Ratio typically 75 % to 80 %, ampere high as 97 %

Minimum Down Payment typically 15 % to 20 %, deoxyadenosine monophosphate low as 3 %
Rates arsenic broken as 2.625 %
Terms Two to 30 years
Loan Origination Fees up to 3 %
close Costs 2 % to 5 % of measure borrowed
other Fees Appraisal fee, application tip ( will vary )
fund time 30 to 45 days
Minimum Credit Score 600
Minimum DSCR 1.25x
Cash Reserves Six months

Bank balance sheet apartment loans, also known as Bank counterweight sheet apartment loans, besides known as portfolio loans, are held by the lender that issues the initial lend. They aren ’ thyroxine sold on the junior-grade market, so they don ’ t have to adhere to the requirements of government-backed loans. however, this means they aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate backed by the politics, which can mean higher interest rates and fees. One advantage of not being backed by politics regulations is that the lender can choose to allow higher debt to income, loan to prize, and loanword size maximums. Due to the high costs of apartment complex finance, the higher maximums can give depository financial institution balance sheet apartment loans an edge over other investment place finance options .
These loans are a good option for “ absentee owners ” or owners who don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate live in the community where they own an apartment complex. Bank loans are typically recourse loans, meaning the borrower is personally apt. Bank balance sheet apartment loans are broadly easier to qualify for and are funded more quickly than government-backed loans .
CoreVest is an excellent choice for bank poise sheet apartment finance. You can apply directly through CoreVest ’ s web site, and there are reach forms and a chatbot available to answer any questions. Visit CoreVest ’ s web site for more data .

3. Short-term Apartment Loans

Minimum Loan Amount $ 100,000
Maximum Loan Amount Varies by lender
Maximum LTV Ratio 90 %
Maximum (LTC) RatioLoan-to-Cost (LTC) Ratio 75 %
Rates 4.95 % and up
Terms Six to 36 months
Loan Origination Fees Six to 36 months
die Fee 1 % of loanword remainder
Prepayment penalty 1 % of lend balance
financing clock 10 to 45 days
Minimum Credit Score 550 for hard money, 640 for bridge loanword
Minimum DSCR 1.25x
investor experience Varies

Short-term apartment loans can allow you to renovate, rehabilitate, or expand an existing apartment complex. The biggest advantage to short-term financing is the funding speed—loans fund within 10 days. This allows you rapid access to funding, allowing you to compete with all-cash offers on properties.
short-run apartment loans can allow you to renovate, rehabilitate, or expand an existing apartment complex. The biggest advantage to short-run finance is the fund speed—loans fund within 10 days. This allows you rapid access to fund, allowing you to compete with all-cash offers on properties. There are two types of short-run loans that are most normally used : hard money loans and commercial bridge loans .
A hard money lend is used by borrowers who can not obtain permanent finance due to properties being in disrepair or accredit issues. Hard money loans are easier to qualify for, with minimum citation scores ampere low as 550. however, concern rates and fees will be much higher. For that reason, hard money loans are considered last-resort finance .
commercial bridge loans provide funds to purchase a property with extra funds to help with renovations. Bridge loans are harder to qualify for but have lower sake rates than hard money loans .
short-run loans have a maximum term of fewer than six years, with most of them three years or shorter. At that point, the loanword must be refinanced into permanent wave finance or sold for net income. typically, fix-and-flip investors will use short-run apartment loans to acquire, renovate, and sell a property promptly .
RCN Capital is a good choice for short-run apartment loans. You can apply through RCN Capital ’ s web site, with fund in equally soon as 10 days. The company besides offers long-run finance options for those who qualify. Visit RCN Capital ’ s web site for information on its loan offerings .

Bottom Line

Borrowers looking to acquire an apartment build have three different lend types from which to choose :
Government-backed loans are the most regulate and take the longest to store. however, government guidelines protect the borrower from excessive rates and fees.

Bank balance sheet apartment loans provide loans that don ’ t conform to government guidelines. This can allow you to borrow more money at higher lend to value and debt to income maximums, but you could besides end up with higher interest rates and fees .
short-run apartment loans are ideal for fix-and-flip investors looking to compete with all-cash offers on apartment complexes. These loans are the easiest to qualify for, but fees and interest rates can be very high, specially with hard money loans. short-run loans have the quickest fund time .
Before proceeding with apartment building finance, be sure to check out our template to getting a small business loanword. Depending on how impregnable your credit rating and financials are and how long you plan to keep the property, there is a type of apartment loan to meet your needs .

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