How to Estimate a Painting Job: 5 Steps to Making a Profit

2. Estimate paint costs

rouge will take up a large share of your costs. here ’ s how to estimate the total of paint you need and how to accurately measure your paint web site for department of the interior and outside key jobs .

Interior paint costs

The average one-coat inner key costs $ 20 to $ 50 per gallon, and higher-end paints can cost over $ 60. One gallon of rouge will normally cover 300 to 400 squarely feet of wall or ceiling .
For projects that need primer, you should budget for $ 30 to $ 70 per gallon, depending on the type of primer. You need a bite more flat coat than you do paint — one gallon of flat coat will alone cover 200 to 300 squarely feet .
hera are some examples of department of the interior painting monetary value estimates based on home size ( with primerless paint ) :

Home size Gallons of paint  Total paint cost ($30 per gallon)
1,500 sq ft. 5 $150
2,500 sq ft. 9 $270
4,000 sq ft. 14 $420

This is precisely a start point. For your particular project, you can estimate how many gallons of key you need by measuring the home ’ s claim coat area :

  • Find the surface area of the walls. Measure the perimeter of the room, then multiply this number by the height of the room.
  • Find the surface area of unpaintable sections. Measure each window, door, cabinet, and other sections you won’t be painting.
  • Subtract doors, windows, and cabinets from your wall surface area.
  • If you’re painting trims, baseboards, and ceilings, use the same method to measure the area of each.

many professional painters add a small percentage to this number to budget for patching, paint overage, and detail exercise .
once you know your client ’ south square footage and how many gallons of paint and fuse you need, add these paint costs to your sum cost estimate.

Exterior paint costs

A gallon of outside paint can cost between $ 25 and $ 80 per gallon. It ’ randomness always thoroughly to use higher quality rouge ( $ 50 to $ 70 ) to get better coverage, key fewer coats, and give your clients a timbre complete .
On average, one gallon of outside rouge can will cover 250 to 400 square feet with one coating. That can vary depending on the outside siding material —for exercise, painting stucco can take about doubly a much paint as vinyl, since textured surfaces have more area to cover.

here are some outside paint cost estimates based on the hearty footage you need to paint ( total paintable area ) :

Total paintable area Gallons of paint Total paint cost ($50 per gallon)
1,500 sq ft. 5 $250
2,500 sq ft. 8 $400
4,000 sq ft. 12 $600

To find the full paintable area for a house ’ south outside :

  • Measure the perimeter of the house, then multiply by the height.
  • Subtract the area of doors and windows from the house’s surface area.

If you ’ rhenium painting the garage door, shipshape, soffit, and eaves american samoa well, make sure you measure these during your web site visit .

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