4 Ways to Print Payroll Checks Online for Free

Heather is a staff writer and payroll specialist with several years of experience working immediately with little commercial enterprise owners. Her expertness allows her to deliver the best answers to your questions about payroll. Charlette has over 10 years of feel in report and finance and 2 years of partnering with HR leaders on freelance projects. She uses this extensive experience to answer your questions about payroll. Finding ways to print payroll checks online for spare is a good option if you have employees who prefer checks over direct deposits. All you need is a printer, arrest stock, and magnetic ink, and you can normally print within minutes. however, release services are by and large limited—some only allow one check per sidereal day .
If you need payroll software that allows you to print more than a few paychecks per day, try Gusto. You can print an outright act of payroll checks whenever you need to at no supernumerary monetary value, plus pay employees using direct depository. The military service besides lets you put your payroll on automatic pilot and files your taxes therefore you avoid penalties and late fees. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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Option 1. Use Free Payroll Software

Payroll4Free is an on-line payroll software you can use at no monetary value if you ’ re paying no more than 25 workers. It allows you to print checks and process payroll, which includes payroll tax calculations, several tax forms, vacation track, and more. You can besides give employees the option of receiving their paycheck through direct sediment if you use your depository financial institution to set it up .
Follow these simple steps to print checks online using free payroll software, Payroll4Free:

The first step is to visit the web site and enter your company information, list, and electronic mail address. You ’ ll receive two emails that detail the features included with the free service, available add-ons, and steps to start the payroll march .
One of the emails you receive will include a connect you can use to download the app. You ’ ll necessitate to respond to a match of prompts, like giving your computer permission to run the course of study, so just follow the installation steps on the screen .
once you log in to the app, you ’ ll insert information to finish setting up your company, payroll, employees, taxes, and report. The system will need information like your bank ’ south rout and account numbers, yield frequency ( i.e., semiweekly, hebdomadally, etc. ), and employee W-4 details. After entering all of the compulsory information, you can submit and wait to be notified via e-mail that your account setup is complete .
The Payroll4Free signup page.

once you receive the electronic mail verifying your report frame-up, you can process payroll. On the left side of the screen, you ’ ll click the “ Payroll ” menu choice. It ’ ll bring up a dashboard that shows action, reports, and sustenance. Click to enter the PR Explorer process .
The Payroll4Free dashboard page. Before you can start printing payroll checks, you ’ ll need to start a new batch and enter your employees ’ hours or wage. You ’ ll besides need to enter and verify the check date, payroll period, and payment types ( checks and/or direct deposits ). The system will mechanically calculate deductions, employer taxes, wages, and salaries collectible based on information entered during apparatus and the hours you submit .
Theemployee Work Hours and payroll details. once all of your employees ’ information is entered, you can view your preposting reports before printing the paychecks. This will help ensure your checks are accurate, so you won ’ triiodothyronine have to void in the organization and reprint by and by .
The payroll reports from Payroll4Free. Preposting reports contain all of the information about your current payroll. You ’ ll see earnings, taxes, general daybook accounts, etc. The first official report that will show is the earnings report. After you review the earnings reputation, you will see a detail tax composition, drumhead tax report, daybook entries, and check register. To toggle through these, click the leave or right watch ( arrow ) at the top, under your company name .
The see register is the last report you will see. There won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be a check phone number because you will not have printed the checks so far. As you move your sneak over the employees ’ records, you will see a blue barroom. This means you can drill down. Hover your mouse over the check you ’ d like to preview and double-click .
The payroll report to review. To exit the drill-down, click on the white x in the upper right corner. The system will take you back to the check register. once you have reviewed and approved the applicable reports, click “ Post ” ( with a green checkmark in battlefront ) on the upper right-hand side. The station serve will update the payroll and send you to the check printing screen .
The print the pre-posting report by selecting the print button.

You will see a note at the top that reminds you to load payroll bridle store into the printer. Once you ’ ve loaded the printer, verify that the printer listed is where your checks should be printed. If not, open the drop-down box and select the correct printer. besides, confirm that the checks listed below are the payments you ’ rhenium have a bun in the oven .
The payroll batch information.

When you ’ rhenium ready, click “ Print All ” on the correct ( one-third from the top ). Your checks will print, and the system will ask you to confirm that the checks were printed correctly. There will be a prompt asking if you want to see the post reports. Click “ Yes, ” and you will see reports that look like to the preposting reports but with check numbers. You can export the file as a pdf, CSV, or txt file. To exit, click the egg white ten in the amphetamine right-hand corner .
The system will take you to a list of posted batches. If your batch has a black font, it means checks were printed. If it ’ s in red, you ’ ve updated but haven ’ triiodothyronine physically printed the checks. If the batch is shaded in grey, there ’ s a void check in the batch. To close out of the PR Explorer, click the “ Close ” clitoris on the far right-hand side ( survive button in the list ) .
A list of posted payment batches. If you ever need to reprint checks, fair click “ early Reports ” under Reports to see a drop-down tilt. You will need to select “ Payroll Check Register Report. ” Enter a time frame, i, 06/07/2021 to 06/21/2021, and then “ Generate. ” The system will then show you a check record report ( alike to the one that displays when you print an original batch ) .
Follow the same work as described above by hovering over the transaction you want to see, double-click, and the crack will display. Since it ’ randomness already been posted, you can select “ Print, ” and the check will reprint .
Access the payroll check register report to see check copies.

Option 2. Use a Mobile App

If you don ’ t have a calculator or laptop, printing from a mobile app is a good option. Check Writer : Print Your Checks at Home helps Android users write and print checks at home immediately from the app. All you need is a US bank account, a earphone, printer, personal-sized blank bridle stock, and charismatic ink. After printing the check, you can sign it and give it to your employees to endorse and cash. You can besides keep a digital copy on your smartphone or pad .
One business you might have is security since print from the app requires entering your bank explanation numbers. The application states that your savings bank information will never be uploaded to the cloud or stored in a server or any other place .
Follow these simple steps to use to print a check from the Check Writer mobile app:

search for and install the app. After you open the app, you ’ ll be prompted to agree or disagree with the privacy policy and terms of use .
The Check Writer App on Google Play.

Fill the check out by entering your name and address at the top, the payee ’ mho name beside “ Pay to the order of, ” and the amount in numeral form. Write out a memo and include your touch ( which is just your name in print ) .
When you ’ re quick to add your route and bill numbers at the bottom, chatter in the sphere they should be entered and a prompt to add a depository financial institution account will display. You ’ ll see the persona of a check at the top of the page with arrows showing you where to find your route and bank account numbers on checks issued to you by your bank. Scroll down and enter the follow :

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Bank name
  • Routing number
  • Account number
  • Starting check number

The checking details on electronic copy of the check. After you enter all of the information, suction stop “ Save Bank Account. ” The app will display a message reminding you to verify that the datum you entered is right and it ’ s not responsible for any errors. Click “ OK, ” and you ’ ll be sent back to the page displaying your check .
immediately, you can add the bank account you merely created in the system. Click in the bottomland sphere where your route and account number will show, and a motivate will display with the accounts you entered. Select the bank account from which you want to pay, and the route report and check numbers will mechanically populate on the arrest .

In the top right corner, you ’ ll see a series of white dots aligned vertically. Click on them, and a drop-down will appear. Select the last choice, “ Print or Save PDF. ” A box with information about print settings will appear. Be certain to read that, because you may need to change your check conjunction, bound, or size when you ’ re finished reviewing the control preview .
The electronic copy of the check preview.

now, you ’ re fix to select a printer. Select “ All Printers ” in the clear left corner ( you ’ ll see the alternate option to save as a PDF ), and your device will begin searching for printers. You can add a wireless printer from your earphone settings ; the claim steps can vary depending on the type of call you have .
The searching for printers. Be certain your printer and your call are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This will make it easy for your phone to find and connect to the printer. If you don ’ thymine find the option to add a printer in your earphone settings, check your manual or Google .
Add check livestock to your printer. Check Writer 3.0 can only print using personal-sized check stock but plans to offer business-sized checks in the future. The app recommends you use Office Depot ’ s personal check broth for print .
Check Writer doesn ’ metric ton have specific printer settings to follow, but if you find that fields are overlapping on the check when you print, go to “ Settings ” – > “ Customize checks. ” then, try to decrease the font size or change its character. If you have alignment issues, go to “ Settings ” – > “ Print Settings ” and adjust until you find a fit .
If your printer doesn ’ thyroxine patronize radio print, precisely save the check as a PDF file. Send it to yourself via an on-line e-mail account, and print from a calculator or laptop. besides note, if you ’ five hundred prefer to print blank checks and hand-write them belated, the app supports that. Follow all the steps above but leave the check information blank .

Option 3. Use Free Online Check Printing Services

A free on-line check print servicing is useful if you need to print a little act of checks without having payroll software. Print Check Online will allow you to create checks instantaneously for free with no download or installation. Limitations are that you ’ re lone allowed to print one check per day and have one payer profile, bank account, and mailing address on the explanation .
Follow these simple steps to use Print Check Online’s free online check printing service:

foremost, you ’ ll need to create an explanation. Click “ Create Free Account ” at the exceed middle of the page, following “ Home. ” It will take you to a page that requires you to enter a login ID, password, and e-mail address to finalize your report frame-up. Be mindful of the password rules when setting ( no % or space ). Once you ’ re done, you should receive a ratification e-mail sent to the savoir-faire you entered within 15 minutes. Follow the yoke in the electronic mail to verify your electronic mail address .
The print check online login page.

once your e-mail is verified successfully, you will have the option to sign in. Once you ’ re signed in to your account, chink “ Check Printing ” at the top of the foliate ( after “ Home ” ). then, you ’ ll see all of the information you need to enter :

  • Your name and physical address
  • Your bank name and address
  • Your mailing address
  • Check number, amount and date
  • Payee’s name
  • Memo
  • Routing and account numbers
  • Layout order: Defaults to Check number -> Routing number -> Account Number (with a free account)

The check printing dashboard on print check online.

Print Check Online requires your solution settings to be at 96 DPI. To change on Windows 10, you will need to close all the programs presently running on your computer. ( If you ’ re using a different operating organization, like Mac, you should consult your manual or look up how to change DPI and page set up on Google. ) Windows 10 users should do the follow :
Right click the desktop -> Click on “Properties” -> Click on “Advanced” -> Change DPI setting by selecting “Normal size (96 DPI)”-> Click on “Apply” -> Click “OK”
once your DPI is where it needs to be, adjust your page apparatus and do the follow :
Click “File”-> Click “Page Setup” -> Change the page size to “Letter” -> Change all margins to 0 (they automatically set to the minimum inches)–>Change all headers and footers to “Empty” -> Click “OK”
The printer setup. once your settings are updated, you can load the printer with check stock. Print Check Online recommends you use Versacheck Form 1000 Prestige Checks .

After you enter your check information, adjust the print settings, and load your check sprout, you can opt to preview your check. Click “ Preview Your Check, ” located at the bottom of the page, and you will see your check with a water line indicating it ’ mho for preview lone. When you ’ re ready to print the check, blue-ribbon “ Click to Print Your Check ” at the bottom of the page, and the lapp check will populate without the water line. then, print to the printer you want to use .
The check preview.

CheckRobot is another free check print service that you can use from anywhere. All you need is blank check livestock and a home printer. If your bank supports ocular see read, which requires a especial magnetic ink character recognition ( MICR ), print a sample check first and let your bank confirm they will not have problems recognizing it .
Follow these simple steps to print payroll checks using CheckRobot:

The inaugural footstep is to visit the web site and enter your list and e-mail address. You ’ ll immediately be directed to CheckRobot ’ s splashboard once you log in .

Click the “ Add Bank Account ” button in the upper left corner of the dashboard and provide your depository financial institution report details, including your bank ’ mho name, address, nickname, routing number, account number, and starting check mark count. then, click the “ Create a New Account ” release at the bottom of the page .
The bank account creation dashboard.

After creating your bank account, you can proceed in adding your payee ’ south name, address, and bank report, and click the “ Create New Payee ” button. After creating a new payee, you will be directed to another page that will allow you to create a check. You can besides add another payee, edit, or add another bank using the buttons at the amphetamine left of the page .

When you click the button to create a arrest, you will be directed once more to a page that will need the amount you will provide the payee. The go steady, check issue, and memo ( payee ’ s account count ) are mechanically filled out but you can still edit the information. once you click “ Create a Check, ” you will then see a list below the page of all the checks that you will issue. It besides has a feature to convert it to PDF format or delete the check submission .
Creating a check for your payee.

Be certain you have your magnetic ink magazine or toner in the printer. After you load your check stock, click “ Get PDF ” to view the PDF with the check information. Double-check your entries, and then Save the PDF. Adjust your printer settings and print your personal check .
The PDF version of the personal check.

Option 4: Use a Free Trial With Online Payroll Provider

You can find batch of payroll providers that will offer a limited loose trial, so you can print payroll checks well, but to continue doing so, you ’ ll have to sign up and pay after your test is over. Some will require you to enter payment data, such as a debit batting order, before activating your test, but others will allow you to start using the system without it. Gusto is a great model of a payroll supplier that offers a 30-day absolve trial for all new customers concerned in its product .
Follow these simple steps to print checks online Gusto:

beginning, you ’ ll figure data about yourself and your company—name, address, count of employees, etc. You ’ ll set your password and declare whether or not you ’ ve run payroll in the current year. You ’ ll besides tell the organization if you offer health benefits and how you heard about Gusto. then, you ’ ll create your history. Gusto will send you an electronic mail to confirm your electronic mail address. Once you click on the associate, you can complete the setup and run your first payroll .
After you sign in, you will have to enter a snatch of information to get started. Remember, with payroll software, you have to process payroll before printing checks. You ’ ll enter information regarding the follow :

  • Accounting software integrations
  • Company addresses
  • Employees
  • Federal tax information
  • State taxes
  • Bank account information
  • Pay schedule
  • Previous payrolls, if applicable
  • Unpaid tax liabilities

To pay your employees with payroll checks, you will need to specify this within the employee apparatus menu. Click on “ People ” on the left-hand side of the splashboard to enter information about each of your employees. This is where you will specify the favored requital method is check .
The employee setup page.

Gusto has a time-tracking system that allows you to track and approve your employees ’ shape hours. After you enter them into the system, they will receive their own log in and can enter their hours each period. Pay for compensable employees will be reproducible each month. once you approve meter for all employees, Gusto will calculate gross pay and deductions. You ’ ll motivation to verify that everything looks correct before proceeding to print your payroll checks .
The payroll processing page. After running payroll, chatter “ Print Checks ” on the Write Checks screen. You ’ ll want to choose your check type. You can print individualized checks on crown paper or blank checks on bottomland paper. Gusto recommends specific personalized control broth and lacuna bridle lineage to ensure compatibility with the system .
If you choose the personalized clear check option, you will need to select “ Layout t10196, ” and when you ’ re choosing the check style, toggle the yellow journalism from “ by Software ” to “ by Layout. ”
If you have blank check mark neckcloth and need Gusto to populate your company and savings bank information, choose the blank bottom check option .
The paper check options.

Be sure you have your magnetic ink cartridge or toner in the printer. After you load your check lineage, click “ Prepare Checks ” to view the PDF with the check information and earnings instruction. Save the PDF if you ’ re using the “ Blank with Check on Bottom ” choice, because hindrance numbers will change if you have to regenerate the batch at a former clock time for reprinting. To avoid impression issues, deselect the option for Fit to Page or Scale to Page .
The checks printed with Gusto example. then, all you have to do is print, augury, and deliver the checks to your employees. Pay stubs are included, so you don ’ t have to manually prepare .

Other Considerations When Printing Payroll Checks For Free

As we ’ ve covered, to print payroll checks online free you can try a check printing web site or payroll software depending on whether you besides need aid process payroll. If you choose payroll software, your hindrance impression process will be long because you must run payroll first base. To learn more about what it takes to do payroll from depart to finish, check out our how to do payroll guidebook .
by and large, it ’ south good to have multiple ways to pay your employees to help limit the issue of checks you need to print. however, when you are preparing to print payroll checks, you must keep the following in mind :

Printer & Magnetic Ink

You can use any printer to print adenine long as you besides use magnetic ink or toner. If you don ’ thyroxine, your bank can opt not to process the payroll checks or charge you an extra fee. The bank ’ s check readers are designed to detect checks printed in magnetic ink. If you print in regular ink, it may not recognize your spread-eagle and account numbers, which means the deposit narrator will have to manually process .

Printer Settings

Your printer settings will need to be checked per the lotion ’ sulfur instructions to ensure your check data is aligned properly when printed. Some software services will allow you to perform a trial print before printing the actual check. If that choice is available, we recommend it .

Check Stock

You ’ ll besides need payroll check stock to print your checks. If the overhaul you use recommends a particular check mark stock, it ’ s a good mind to use it so you don ’ t have compatibility issues. Services that aren ’ thyroxine payroll-specific, like hindrance printing mobile apps, will print checks as personal checks. This means the control neckcloth you use must be personal check stock, which doesn ’ t have a paycheck stub list earnings, deductions, and taxes. Depending on your state ’ randomness give stub regulations, you may need to provide this data to employees .

interested in seeing what pay stub requirements are like in your state ? Check out our country payroll directory .
once you understand what you ’ ll need, you can download a free yield stub template and manually enter the information or use a payroll software like Gusto.

Bottom Line

Printing checks on-line for rid is convenient but specify. Most services allow you to print a certain number of checks casual or release for a circumscribed time period. Some allow you to print release indefinitely but for a circumscribed number of employees. And if you ’ rhenium not using payroll software, you ’ ll have to create your own pay stub .
Gusto will save you time by automatically calculating all periodic and year-to-date totals for earnings, deductions, and net give, so you don ’ t have to. It provides a pay stub for each employee, and you can reprint your checks and pay stubs at any time. Sign up for a loose test today .
Visit Gusto

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