How to Set Up a Purchase Order (PO) System in less than 15 Mins?

If done justly, a buy orderliness process arrangement can significantly improve productivity and offer better visibility into organizational spend .

Do small businesses also need a purchase order system?

Investing in a web purchase ordering system might not be the top priority of small businesses. The leverage order process could either be ignored as a bare back-office operation or the buy volume might not be high or chaotic adequate to demand technical aid .
While a minor business might not need an throughout procurement system that controls every view of buying, there are even important buying pitfalls to avoid such as duplicate purchases and overspending .
If you can build a purchase order organization for your little clientele for a small monetary value, then it makes sense to build in the automated culture from the begin.

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Benefits of a purchase order system

Online purchase decree management systems are easy to set up, and they can untangle a messy purchase ordain process within a few hours .
here are eight reasons why every administration needs a buy order management system. The best buy ordain systems will :

  • Enhance process efficiency
  • Improve document management
  • Reduce manual processingand the chance of errors
  • Acceleratepurchase order approvals
  • Streamline order and stock management
  • Improve the vendor-buyer relationship
  • Offer spend visibilityand improve decision making
  • Prevent procurement fraud

Steps to create a purchase order system in 15 minutes with Kissflow

  1. Create your own forms
  2. List the steps in the process
  3. Design workflow
  4. Define roles and access
  5. Implement the PO system
  6. Obtain feedback and improve

Following these steps, organizations can create an automatize purchase order management system from scratch using tools like Kissflow .
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1. Create your own purchase order forms

The inaugural tone to designing a dear buy ordain system is to create digital forms ( purchase requisitions, purchase orders, etc ). You can either create one from start or practice automated purchase decree templates to collect necessary data like order details, seller details, item price, etc. Kissflow Procurement Cloud is completely flexible and allows you to create your PO form based on your business summons .
create your own PO system forms

2. List out steps in the process

The purchase holy order process may differ from one constitution to another, depending on the policy and clientele needs. then, before automating the process on a purchase decree system, you need to have a thorough understanding of the process flow and tasks involved. This besides helps organizations identify pleonastic tasks and process gaps .

3. Design purchase order workflow

once the digital form is fix and you ’ ra mindful of the tasks that need to be completed, it is prison term to create the work flow .
Depending on the work, you can make it collect data ( input job ) or allow the stakeholder to review the human body and take natural process ( buy rate approval ). For the requestor who initiates a PO, it will be an input tax. For the finance staff who evaluates the purchase decree by cross-checking it with the distribute budget and inventory, it will be an approval task. Automated reminders will keep the process on traverse and accomplished it within the deadline .

4. Define roles and permissions

once the work flow is ready, you need to assign stakeholders and set access permissions. specific roles and responsibilities should be assigned based on the part a person plays in the buying process. Consider this scenario, while a requestor might need access to input leverage details, the coach and finance staff who review it only need permissions to view order details. While this might sound complex, Kissflow Procurement Cloud provides easy-to-use toggle options to get you started .

5. Implement the purchase order system

Your leverage forms are ready. Tasks are automated with a moral force work flow, and the roles and rules are set. The final examination footprint is to publish the app and share it with everyone in the buy team .
however, it would be wise to release the buy rate process system to a minor team of people who take function in the procurement action and ensure everything works as it should .

6. Obtain feedback and improve

once the purchase orderliness process system is released to the broad consultation, it will collect a draw of feedback. If your easy purchase ordering arrangement, lacks merely a few nuances, it would be wise to incorporate those suggestions and update the app .
But, if it lags in major functionalities or has process gaps, it would be better to withdraw the application altogether and work on improving it.

po feedback

Why should you choose Kissflow Procurement Cloud?

Kissflow Procurement Cloud ’ s easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools and broken code platform lets you create an throughout procurement system without any gull background. It helps you extract buy arrange details easily from approved leverage requisitions and sends them to the approval loop without any human intervention. The buy orders are then stored in the cloud, so there ’ s no doubt about security. What ’ s more ? You can tailor-make your buy system according to your occupation needs. Request a free show to know more !

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