How to Check Your Capital One Credit Card Application Status

Applying for a credit card from Capital One is relatively easy and can be done on-line in fair a few minutes. To apply, you need to provide your appoint, your Social Security number, your date of birth, and your cover. You will besides have to provide your estimated gross annual income, and possibly information about your check or savings account .
When you apply for a credit circuit board, whether it ’ s from Capital One or another company, a few things find. First, the company has to verify your identity. Once that ’ s done, you may receive a decision on your application within a hour on-line. If you don ’ thymine, that doesn ’ metric ton think of you were denied .
The calling card company will probably look closer into your credit history, paying finical attention to your payment history and the amounts you owe on other cards .
once Capital One finalizes a review of your credit, you ’ ll receive a decisiveness. You will constantly hear back from this company when you apply for a credit wag, whether it ’ s an blessing or a defense. When you ’ ra approved, even if you weren ’ thyroxine instantaneously approved, you ’ ll receive a letter in the mail with your calling card and the terms of your card agreement.

If you ’ re denied a Capital One circuit board, you ’ ll receive a letter from the company explaining why you were denied. The ship’s company is legally required to do this. Capital One says applicants are notified in publish of their decision within seven to 10 days of the lotion being submitted .

How to Check a Capital One Credit Card Application Status

If you don ’ thyroxine want to wait to receive your new card or abnegation letter, there are other ways you can check your application status with Capital One .
The best way is to call the company directly. Capital One advises applicants to contact them at 1-800-903-9177 to check their credit card application condition. When you call the company, they will likely ask for your Social Security number .
das kapital One, unlike some other credit poster companies, doesn ’ triiodothyronine let applicants check their status on-line. The Capital One telephone number is the alone presently available option for checking status. Capital One doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate provide a contact electronic mail address to check an application status, either.

If you are declined for a Capital One accredit card, you might receive a copy of your denial letter on-line. If not, you can contact the party at the same number as above, and they will mail you another copy .

Next Steps

If you do find out that you ’ ve been denied a Capital One wag, it might not be because of your credit history. It can be for early reasons as well. For model, sometimes Capital One denies applicants because they ’ ve tried to apply for besides many cards from the caller within a short prison term period .
If you are denied and you want to apply for a circuit board from another party, try on to see if you pre-qualify before you actually submit an application. Each time you submit a card application from any caller they will do a arduous pull on your accredit, which can negatively impact your credit score. If you can find out if you pre-qualify without a hard question, it ’ second better for your credit .
interim, if you are in the process of applying for a Capital One, lie assured that there are ways to check the status of your application so that you can plan your following moves with your finances.

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