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If you are a rapid Pay Card account holder and want to know How To Check Rapid Pay Card Balance then you are in the proper web log. In this post, you will not entirely learn how to Check Rapid Pay Card Balance you will besides lean early necessary things you need to know about rapid Pay Card to extend your cognition .
You can Log in to the cardholder site to ;

  • Review your transactions
  • Know your balance
  • Transfer funds
  • Rand more

How To Check Rapid Pay Card Balance

  • To check your balance, text BAL to 90831 to receive Current Balance
  • Text SAV to 90831 to receive Savings Acct Balance
  • Text TRANS to 90831 to receive last 5 transactions

You can check your balance then or anytime by calling 1.877. 380.0980 or by visiting The rapid ! PayCard is in full portable .
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While rapid ! PayCard does not charge for this feature and service, standard text message, data and cellular rates may apply. Please check with your cell telephone carrier wave and investigate about fees your carrier may associate with these services .

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the difference between the personalized rapid! PayCard and the instant issue rapid! PayCard? The first card you receive is the blink of an eye topic rapid ! PayCard. It has a Mastercard or Visa mark target but it does not have your name embossed on it .
When you call customer Support 1.877.380.0980 to activate your wag you may besides request an upgrade to a personalized circuit board with your list embossed on it at no extra cost. When the personalized rapid ! PayCard arrives in the mail ( 7-10 business days ) the moment issue card remains in full functional until you activate your fresh personalized circuit board.

2: When will my payroll funds be available on my rapid! PayCard? Your pay will typically be available by 10:00 am eastern time in the dawn on your payday. You can check your proportion then or anytime by calling 1.877.380.0980 or by visiting .
3: What happens if I lose my rapid! PayCard? What should I do? Most importantly, your money is protected with Networks Zero Fraud Liability Policy. Just call 1.877.380.0980 to report it lost/stolen and request a new card, or ask your employer for a modern tease. Call 1.877.380.0980 ( crush 0 ) and tell the representative this is a substitute card .
4: Is this payroll direct deposit different from other types of direct deposit? not at all. The funds deposited on your card can be available by 10:00 am eastern time in the good morning on your payday .
5: How can I get a rapid! PayCard and get started with Direct Deposit? It ’ s easy to obtain your own rapid ! PayCard. Just ask your employer or the Payroll department of your company for a rapid ! PayCard direct deposit shape .
6: Can I add additional funds to my rapid! PayCard? The rapid ! PayCard is fully portable. This means you can take the circuit board to any other employer ( moment or part-time caper ), careless of who gave you the card, and sign up for a direct deposit payment.

In addition, you can direct deposit your income tax refund, social security benefit, military pension, or any early payment that can be direct deposited. Please login to to access your direct lodge history act or ask one of our customer service representatives .
For more data please call their Customer Service 24/7 at 888.727.4314

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