How to Check Your Prepaid MasterCard Balance

According to Nerdwallet ‘s 2017 American Household Credit Card Debt Survey, Americans have racked up an astounding $ 927 billion in debt. One direction to avoid joining that statistic is to stick with paying for items in cash. Of class, it ‘s safer to use cash to buy a postpaid Mastercard for retail and on-line purchases than it is to carry around boastfully sums of money. If you have this type of tease, you ‘ll need to frequently check your prepay Mastercard balance to keep racetrack of your spend.

Checking Your Balance Online

Walmart, NetSpend, Bancorp and Brink ‘s are just a few examples of companies that offer prepay Mastercards. If you ‘d like to check your tease balance, you ‘ll need to visit the web site of the company that issued your calling card. In most cases, as with the Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Mastercard, you ‘ll need to register the tease foremost. When you do this, you ‘ll create your login information, which you can use by and by to check your balance. The company may besides allow you to download their mobile app and check your balance that way. The web site for MyPrepaidBalance is another on-line tool that is particularly helpful if you have multiple prepay cards. The site allows you to create an bill where you can view all of your cards, including balances and individual transactions, at once. If you only need to make one Mastercard balance check, you can do so on the home page. Simply enter your card total, the month and year printed on the front of your batting order and the three or four-digit menu security code listed on the back of the tease by the touch strip.

Checking Your Balance by Phone

possibly the quickest way to find out your prepay giving libra is to flip your Mastercard over and locate the automatize customer service number. This number is toll-free and has prompts you can follow to retrieve your poster balance. Depending on the party, you may be asked to use your computer keyboard to enter the card number, the last four digits of your Social Security number and the wag ‘s security code. Some circuit board issuers besides provide a telephone phone number for a be agent, however, it is important to note that using this option may come with a fee.

Checking Your Balance at an ATM

Another option is to visit an ATM in your area, insert your wag and follow the prompts to check your balance. First, you ‘ll want to make sure the ATM is in-network, or you may end up having to pay an ATM tip and a serve fee from the issuing company. For case, Univision allows prepaid Mastercard cardholders to use any ATMs in the Allpoint ATM Network without fees. They list a fee of $ 1.95 for any out-of-network balance checks, which does n’t include the fee that the specific ATM may charge.

Check Your Balance Via Text

Some companies allow users to check their balance via text message. This information is typically provided to you when you first purchase and load your Mastercard. There will be a short code you need to type that indicates your desire to check your proportion and that will be followed by the final four digits of your poster number. After you send the textbook message, you just wait for a reception. You may besides want to sign up for score alerts, like Green Dot ‘s low balance alert. once your report reaches a intend come, the company will mechanically text you to let you know it ‘s meter to reload the batting order.

Watching for Fraud

Prepaid Mastercards are susceptible to imposter, but if you know what to watch for, you can drastically reduce your chances of losing your hard earned money. For exemplify, it is always necessity that you check the packaging when buy cards at retail locations. If the box has a slit, a swindler may have removed the cards and replaced them with juke ones. When you pay to load the cards, the funds actually go to the substantial cards that are in the scammers ‘ possession. You ‘ll besides want to avoid buy prepay cards that have the magnetic strip readily accessible. Scammers can skim the charismatic denude from the memory card and use it for their own card. When you load funds onto that card after buying it, those funds are besides getting loaded on to the scammers ‘ circuit board.

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