7 apps that help you keep tabs on your investments and be clued-in

We are a clued-in generation — we love to keep tab and get notifications. We want the same where our money is concerned. With traditional investments like a Fixed Deposit, you are made aware of the pace of matter to that you will earn. But common funds are connected to the marketplace and can see changes casual. But how do you keep track ? here are the best apps for tracking investments .

Best apps for tracking your investments in India

Track invstetments

myCams Mutual Fund App

myCAMS gives you a 360 opinion of your portfolio that is connected to your PAN. You can make new investments into reciprocal funds and redeem your funds a well. other features like switching your investing from one fund to another and setting up Systematic Investment Plans ( SIP ) are available as well .
myCAMS advertises itself as a single gateway to investing in reciprocal store schemes of all the popular Asset Management Companies. Although the design is not very user friendly for the new age, the handiness to view all your investments in one plaza does make it utilitarian. The app is provided by CAMS ( Computer Age Management Services ), which acts as a transfer representation to AMCs.

available on Android and io .
This multi-feature app allows a one-touch login. It is run by Kfintech, another registrar and transfer agency. Just like myCAMS, this app besides provides a one watch of your investments and allows you to manage your transactions instantaneously. The app boasts of an easy navigation experience for the investor .
Another interest feature is the associate of several folios. not merely can you keep tabs of your investments, you can do that for your class besides in one app. You can generate insights on your investment design to far make inform decisions. screen notifications when using the app and car data refresh are other defining features. other transactions like reinvestments, starting SIPs and redemptions are supported .
tracking investments
You can call this the hero of investment apps, owing to its interactional features. not only does Money Control allow you to keep track of your common fund investments, your stocks operation is besides visible. Along with a voice search for stocks and indices, you can entree the app in English, Hindi or Gujarati. Tracking ULIPs ( Unit linked indemnity plans ) and commodities is quick besides via multiple portfolio accounts .
Along with news updates and live television receiver ( occupation newsworthiness, CNBC ), you can follow your front-runner topic and message boards and interact with other users. A articulation research and a currency converter is a distinguishing on-the-go feature of speech. You can invest in common funds and find real-time updates of stock drift and circus tent gainers and losers on the NSE and BSE ( indian stock markets ). Transactions such as investments, redemption and setting up SIPs or cancelling them are supported .
available on Android and io .
There are a series of apps that come from fintech platforms aimed at offering no-commission lead reciprocal funds. Zerodha ’ sulfur Coin is one of them. however, the drawback with these platforms is that it entirely tracks the portfolios you began with the platform. To invest via Coin you will need to link your primary coil bank account and complete an on-line KYC .
however, it features over 2,000 common funds and recommends funds in each category. You can track your investment performance, be updated with the NAV ( web asset rate ) and perform investing transactions. When it was launched the app charged Rs 50 per month, but is free from August 2018. Since Coin acts as an mediator you do not have to place investment and redemption requests individually. You will need to link your primary bank report to make transactions and complete the KYC ( Know Your Customer ) process.

available on Android and io .
This is an investing and outgo tracker app. You can easily track your credit card, cash and e-wallet spends and investments in one space. ET Money aims to make all investments paperless, including buying commodities like aureate. ET Money can track investments that you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate made through the app ampere well .
equitable like Coin, ET Money does not charge a commission on common investment company investments either. The confirmation serve to begin investments can be completed on-line instantaneously. It supports both SIP and Lumpsum investments. A curated list of schemes in different categories can help a new investor cream funds. short information videos within the app help new investors make agile decisions .
available on Android and io .
Tracking investment
The app claims to be user-friendly in terms of search and analysis of common funds. If you find it a harass to create your own investment bucket, you can choose among the pre-made portfolios based on your risk profile. KYC completion is besides a digital process, after which you can initiate your beginning transaction .
once you have linked your bank account to Groww and made investments, a empanel shows how they are performing. The app besides allows investments directly into the stock market. An integrated SIP calculator can help you assess your wealth creation on rig goals. quick analysis of your funds ’ performance via charts is a helpful tool for an on-the-go investor .
available on Android and io .

Paytm Money

This platform is a fairly new newcomer in the funds ’ investment and tracking category. It has become popular because it is embedded within the Paytm Wallet app. however, if you do not use the wallet, you can still download this app individually. Paytm Money allows you to not lone switch from unconstipated funds ( with deputation ) to direct funds ( without commission ), you can besides move investments made on other platforms to one space .
Some distinguish features of the app besides include : masking your portfolio so they invest amount is not displayed to others, checking the risk vulnerability of the fund before investing and reminders for your SIP payments so you do not miss out.

All of these apps will require you to set up security walls, which can be your earphone passwords. You can besides set up a unique code alternatively. One of the permissions the apps would require is to be able to read your SMS. This helps to authenticate any investment transactions you make on the apps. All apps are available on Android and io smartphones .
available on Android and io .
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