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I banked withi PNC for about 2 years. Their web site and app are very good and the Virtual Wallet has some capital tools. I did n’t have any issues with PNC until something went wrong and it just seemed like it was a neverending comedy of errors.

My college aged daughter and I had linked accounts so I could monitor her accounts. Her debit card was compromised somehow and they cancelled it on her. unfortunately that left her stranded at school in Philadelphia while I was in NJ. The local outgrowth would not allow her to withdraw cash as she had a not working calling card and did not have checks. They told her she had to go to the branch her account was opened at in NJ. I even called them to at least let her have $ 40 out of her bill to no avail. So I had to to go the ramify myself in an try to get whatever the issue was straightened out. I was not amused as I had just given birth 5 days earlier and had no business being anywhere except for home. fortunately the branch coach had mercy on an irate hormonal womanhood and got a short term solution worked out. They do not issue temp cards just therefore you know. Fast forward a year and the now 1 year old gets ahold of my debit menu and hides it somewhere. I looked everywhere and could not find it. So I called customer service and request a new circuit board. They said no trouble 7-10 days and it would be here. I figure no worries as I can work off my college daughter ‘s circuit board since I can transfer funds to her. We went to Target and in the check line we discover PNC cancelled her card as well, so I pay with a citation card and we go to the branch at the supermarket following doorway. The banker says I have to call the 800 # and let ‘s me use their earphone. I ca n’t identify any individual transactions because my call died and I ca n’t access the app. They tell me that I have to have the banker check my ID and confirm that I am who I say I am. I have to wait because the banker is busy but he answers the cockamamie questions from the 800 # rep. I am informed that a error was made and that we will both be receiving newfangled cards within 7-10 days and I should withdraw cash and write checks in the meanwhile.

7 days pass, daughter gets refilling card. I get nothing. I call customer servicing and am told to call back in a few days. I wait a few more days, even no card. I call again and am informed that a newly tease was never issued. I go ballistic and ask that a card be overnighted. I am informed that I would be charged $ 35 for that “ courtesy ” but possibly the ramify coach could waive the fee. So I stop by the branch and the director says she ca n’t waive the fee but can have the tease delivered to the branch faster than it would reach me. Seeing no other option I accept. I call on Day 5, no card. Day 7, still no card. It ‘s a deposit vacation so I call on Day 10 and my tease is there so I go pick it up. The rep asks me why I left it there so long as it had been there about a workweek. Fast forward a few months and my uncle ‘s estate is distributing some significant assets and would like to wire the money. I call the 800 # and ask about wire instructions and am told my account is n’t qualified for sending wires. I tell them I want to receive one and I need the bank information. They say they will call me back or I can go to the branch. After that I good opened an account with the local credit union which is no frills but flex over backwards with the wire transfer. even closing my account at PNC was screwed up. I went to a branch as advised, said I wanted to close all 3 of my individual accounts. He puts the request in and I left. Apparently it was incorrect thus merely one report was closed not all three and they charged me $ 20 in fees sol I had to go back. My issues must have been escalated up the food chain because some elder account resolution specialist and I played phone chase for about a calendar month. In the end I barely said I did n’t have prison term for the nonsense any longer. While I still have my local anesthetic credit union history, I was able to join Navy Fed which is 1000x more amazing than any other bank I ‘ve been with.

If you are looking for a commodity money management/account management tool you should check out I recently started using it and like it a lot. The app is reasonably basic but does the caper, the web site is much more robust .
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