How to Check Amazon Sales Data, Price, and Rank History

Amazon ‘s ball-shaped sales in 2021 were $ 468.78 billion. That is $ 64.34 billion more sales than in 2020, a 15.91 % addition. Amazon ‘s net income for the 12-month period ending on September 30, 2021, was $ 26.263 billion, a 51.14 % year-over-year increase. Most of these sales come from the approximately 2 million active third-party sellers. While the marketplace offers big likely, there ’ s a lot involved in choosing the mighty product to sell on Amazon. You need to find an item with a good amount of demand, a low level of rival, and solid net income margins. In accession to all of these things, your merchandise should besides sell systematically all year long.

AMZScout ’ sulfur PRO Extension lets you cursorily and well estimate sales, calculate trends, and perform an analysis mechanically for any item or niche you ’ ra considering selling. This post outlines a bit-by-bit process for how to check sales of a product on Amazon using the PRO Extension. here ’ s how it works :

Step 1: Choose a Product or Niche

Based on your criteria, choose a intersection, recess, or marketplace that you think would be profitable to sell on Amazon. Some examples are “ hedge clippers ”, “ oven baseball glove ”, and “ television camera udder ” .

Step 2: Install the AMZScout Pro Extension

  1. Click here to install the AMZScout PRO Extension .
  2. Once it ’ randomness installed, you ’ ll see the AMZScout icon in the peak corner of your browser .Open AMZScout Pro Extension on Amazonclose
  3. You ’ rhenium now cook to start tracking monthly price trends and sales data, using a wide-eyed range of easy-to-understand graph, reports, and calculator tools .

The PRO Extension comes with a detached test offer and it ’ randomness simple to set up, so it ’ s decidedly deserving giving it a test. In addition to showing merchandise trends, it besides lets you see significant data like estimated entire monthly sales and orders, price, contest levels, and other helpful statistics. You can besides compare different items to find the best ones. If you ’ re wondering how to get amaze insights on Amazon products, this is the easiest way .AMZScout PRO Advanced Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO extensionTRY FOR FREE Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO extensionTRY FOR FREE

Step 3: Search for Your Product or Niche on Amazon

  1. Go to Amazon.сom .
  2. Type your item, recess, or keyword into the search bar at the top .
  3. embark your search to view the results on Amazon .

View the results of your search on Amazonclose While looking at the best seller rank for all of these products will give you some estimate of what their sales are now, it won ’ t tell you what their sales were a few months or a year ago. Remember, sales fluctuate all year, so analyzing an detail ’ s stream rank won ’ t assistant. This is where the AMZScout PRO Extension can assist you and keep you ahead of your competitors .

Step 4: Analyze Product History Data Using the PRO Extension

  1. Click the AMZScout icon in the crown right corner of your browser .
  2. once the PRO Extension is open, click the arrow to the leftover of the product you ’ d like to check .
  3. Check historical data for that particular product. Click on “Product History” .How to open Amazon product sales dataclose
  4. Check if the item has sold consistently over the last year. Analyze the graph .
  5. Check how the price has fluctuated. Analyze monetary value history .
  6. Check how the rank has changed throughout the year. Analyze the rank and file history .

Analyze AMZScout Amazon sales historyclose Product history will show you how an item ’ second sales, price, and rank have been changing. You can see when sales were at their lowest and when they were high. You can besides track changes in price and rank, as these can impact sales a well. Based on this information, you ’ ll be able to predict if sales will increase, drop, or stay the same. When it comes to following merchandise trends, this is the best solution .

Step 5: Analyze Niche Trends

In addition to checking the trends for each individual item, you can besides see trends for the recess as a unharmed by clicking “ Niche History ”. Like merchandise history, you want to see consistent sales throughout the year to be certain it ’ s a well niche.

Use AMZScout to see Amazon niche trendsclose

Step 6: Try Different Searches and Keywords

If your research indicates that your first product idea international relations and security network ’ t a good couple for your business, you may need to edit your ideas and keywords. Try unlike searches to see if you can find an mind that ’ s more promising. For case, searching for “ coloring book ” will yield much different results than merely searching “ book ”. here are a couple of suggestions that can help :

  1. Get a list of new products associated with that keyword. Click the arrow to the left of a product, then click “ Get Keywords ” .Get Amazon search trends with AMZScoutclose
  2. Find a list of new keywords associated with the niche you ’ re looking at. Click “ Niche Keywords ” at the bottom of the screen .

You ’ ll be surprised how many bang-up new merchandise ideas these tools can generate .

Bonus Step: Use AMZScout Tools for Additional Research

AMZScout ’ second Product Database is a bang-up way to generate product ideas for Amazon FBA and to do extra research. here are a few of the things it can do :

  1. Go to the AMZScout Product Database .
  2. Start your free trial. If you do not have an report, you will be taken to a sign up mannequin. Enter your details and start your rid trial .
  3. Set product criteria. Use the search filters to set your product criteria. You can filter items by sales, price, weight, ratings, or early important traits. If you are uncertain what criteria to use, you can use one of pre-made Product Selections filters to start .
  4. If you only want to find items with a positive sales course, select the “Trending Products” percolate. This will ensure the results only show items that have been trending up over the past few months .
  5. Review the results. Click “ Find Products ”. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find any items that you like, you can adjust your search with new filters .

Find profitable Amazon products with AMZScoutclose Brainstorm New Product Ideas with the Product DatabaseTRY FOR FREEProduct database banner langing page Brainstorm New Niche and Product Ideas with the Product DatabaseTRY FOR FREE

  • The ASIN Lookup tool allows you to pull all the rank keywords for any item on Amazon. You simply need to enter the ASIN for the product, and the tool will provide a tilt of terms. For each keyword, you can see the search volume, constituent page rank, and rank side to get any idea of how much traffic you could get if you made a exchangeable product .

Snap up keyword ideas from competitors ‘ pages with AMZScout Reverse ASIN LookupTRY FOR FREEReverse ASIN Lookup Banner Snap up keyword ideas from competitors ‘ pages by ASIN with AMZScout Reverse ASIN LookupTRY FOR FREE

  • The Keyword Explorer helps you find keywords with high search bulk. You can filter results by monthly searches to cursorily see those with the best traffic potential .

Keyword Search Banner Discover new keywords to improve your list and get more customers with AMZScout Keyword SearchTRY FOR FREE Discover newly keywords to improve your listing with AMZScout Keyword SearchTRY FOR FREE

  • The Product Tracker gives you detail sales history for any Amazon item. When you add an item to the tracker, it will show you its average casual sales and tax income, equally well as how much inventory is on hand .

Keyword Tracker Banner Check product list ranking for given keywords with the AMZScout Keyword TrackerTRY FOR FREE Check merchandise listing ranking with the AMZScout Keyword TrackerTRY FOR FREE

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling on Amazon

How Do I Find How Many Sales a Seller Has on Amazon?

You can find an Amazon seller ’ s sales using the AMZScout PRO Extension. Search the seller, go to their shopfront, and launch the PRO Extension. Export the datum, and add the estimate monthly sales for each merchandise together .

How Do You Find the Number of Sales a Product Has on Amazon? 

To check Amazon product sales for a finical token, you need to know how to use the AMZScout PRO Extension. search for the product that you want to analyze, and open the tool. This will show you the estimated monthly sales for the token. By clicking the provided system of measurement, you can see a chart that shows the intersection ’ s sales for its entire Amazon history .

How Do I Find the Sales Volume for Amazon Categories?

You can find the sales volume for Amazon niches using the AMZScout PRO Extension. Search the recess in Amazon and open the tool. In addition to sales estimates for person items, it will show an average for the niche. Multiply the average by the issue of products to get a full volume for the peak products .

How Do I Find the Hottest Selling Items on Amazon?

The AMZScout Product Database makes it easy to find the most in-demand products. Enter a search into the tool and select the Trending Products filter. This will ensure that the results only show items that have grown by over 20 % in the past 3 months .

How Do I Check a Product’s Amazon Sales Rank? 

You can find a product ‘s sales rank by using the AMZScout PRO Extension. search for the product you are concerned in and open the tool. The results will show the product rank for each detail along with other important metrics. When you click the rank for an token, the extension shows a chart for how the rank has changed over time .

Does Amazon Provide Sales Data?

Amazon provides comprehensive sales reports for your clientele, but you can ’ thymine access sales data from other sellers .

What Is an Amazon Basics Product?

Amazon Basics is a individual pronounce sword owned by Amazon. Products under this post are by and large simple items listed at identical humble costs .

How Do I Find My Monthly Sales on Amazon?

You can find your monthly Amazon sales data by going to Reports > Business Reports > Sales and Orders by Month from your Seller Central account .

How Do I Find My Sales History on Amazon?

You can find your Amazon merchandise sales data in your Seller Central bill by going to Reports > Business Reports > Sales Dashboard. Change the date rate to custom and select your business startle date .

What Products Sell the Best on Amazon? 

Amazon sellers can find the best-selling products on the Best Sellers page on the Amazon web site. This will show the top performers for each category .


Checking sales trends is a all-important gradation in finding items that will be profitable for you to purchase and resell on Amazon. For those wondering how to see sales and price trends, the suffice is AMZScout ’ mho Pro Extension. This extension allows you to cursorily check an detail ’ second sales history and watch trends to determine whether it ’ s only popular at this moment or will be a long-run winner. This will allow you to better develop strategies that will help you manage a successful clientele and improve your sales for years to come.

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