How to Change Your Registered Agent in Virginia

How to Change Your Registered Agent in Virginia Are you unsated with your Virginia registered agent ? Or possibly you ’ re presently serving as your own read agent, but would rather hire a professional register agentive role avail rather ? The state of Virginia makes it preferably easily to change your registered agentive role, but there are some details involved in the process that are worth reviewing. In this scout, we ’ ll discus all the relevant details of changing a register agent in Virginia . Guru Tip : If you would prefer to have a master avail deal with the paperwork and take over register agent duties, hire a Virginia registered agent servicing. It ’ s fair a small annual fee.

What Is a Virginia Registered Agent?

Why is a register agentive role required for every limited indebtedness party ( LLC ) or pot ? It all comes down to the fact that the express needs to be able to contact an official representative of your business if they need to deliver authoritative documents to you, particularly service of summons. Without a register agent, you could remain unaware of a lawsuit against your business progressing through the court system .

Who Can Be a Virginia Registered Agent?

If you ’ re looking to change your company ’ second registered agent, it ’ s a good estimate to know who is eligible to serve as one. The Virginia Secretary of State dictates that all registered agents in the express are required to have a physical street address in Virginia ; P.O. boxes will not suffice. furthermore, it ’ s required that the register agent by physically show at the number address during standard business hours, should service of process be necessity. In Virginia, the record agent may be either an individual nonmigratory or another business entity. An individual wish to serve as a registered agent must be either a member of the Virginia State Bar or a star of the company. On the other hand, business entities wishing to act as a register agent must be authorized to transact business within the state.

Although Virginia has no database or search joyride for those wishing to find and hire, we ’ ve reviewed some of the top options and crafted a list of the best options available based on price and overall value. The list may be viewed here.

How to Change Your Registered Agent in Virginia

If you would like to change your register agentive role for any reason, the march is dim-witted. Doing so merely requires the file of the appropriate Statement of Change of Registered Office and/or Agent. Though the form is not available for immediate download, you may request a copy from the State Corporation Commission ’ s Website. Once the form is obtained, you ’ ll need to fill it out with the play along information :

  • Name of the corporation limited liability company
  • Name of the previous registered agent
  • Name and address of the new registered agent
  • Signature of an authorized person

Change of Registered Agent Fee: In Virginia, changing the agent is free of cost .

Should You Hire a Professional Virginia Registered Agent Service?

Hiring a registered agent military service like Northwest Registered Agent has some clear-cut advantages. First and foremost, compared to serving as your own agent, professional registered agent services allow you to keep your personal address individual. They ’ re besides much less expensive than hiring a lawyer or accountant to provide register agent service. An often-overlooked profit is how easy it is to expand your Virginia commercial enterprise into other states if you choose a professional register agent. They typically have offices in all 50 states, so if you begin transacting business in an extra state, your like register agentive role servicing can handle that for you.

If you ’ re interested in hiring a professional registered agent service, take a expression at our lead to the top avail providers .


The march for changing a registered agentive role in Virginia international relations and security network ’ t a complicate one, but it ’ sulfur surely advisable to know precisely what you want to do ahead of clock. If you know what you want going in, you ’ ll find that the serve is truly quite painless. We hope this article answered your questions about changing your Virginia registered agent !

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