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Although many people do not know it, it is potential to change ownership of an LLC in Florida by following a rig of specific procedures .
Making any changes to an LLC requires a professional approach, as mistakes can be highly costly. Hence, it is all-important to work with an technical commercial enterprise lawyer. In this article, you will discover how to change ownership of an LLC in Florida .

Owning a Limited Liability Company in Florida – Explaining the Structure 

once an entrepreneur or a group of entrepreneurs register an LLC in Florida, it is automatically considered as a pass-through entity. This way, all the business ’ s income or profit “ passes through ” the company to its penis ( s ) returns .
This process avoids double taxation, as the extremity ( s ) pay all due taxes at the person level. While sole-member LLCs can be taxed as sole proprietorships, multi-member LLCs are a bite different.

In such cases, the members have two different options to deal with the business tax – either choose to be taxed as a C-corporation or as an S-corporation .
consequently, when the members of an LLC choose to deal with the clientele taxes as a C-corporation, none of the taxes associated with the LLC will pass through to the members ’ personal returns .
however, when the members of an LLC choose to deal with the occupation taxes as an S-corporation, all the taxes associated with the LLC will pass through to each member ’ s personal taxes .
In a multi-member LLC, each member ( owner ) owns a share of the company. In the business jargon, it is called a membership interest. When the LLC is either taking on newfangled members or changing ownership, it is necessary to transfer these membership interests .

How do I Change Ownership of an LLC in Florida? – Step-by-Step 

If you want to change ownership of an LLC, it is potential to do it privately without a public filing. Hence, it is possible to change the members or managers of an LLC in Florida by altering its engage agreement .
To determine who is authorized to make changes to the manoeuver agreement depends upon whether the members or managers are responsible for managing the specify indebtedness caller .
When the owners in a member-managed LLC want to remove a member, all owners must prepare a new operate on agreement with a newfangled list of members and sign it all together. It is crucial noting that the extremity being removed needs to sign the newfangled agreement equally well.

To add a fresh extremity to an LLC in Florida, the summons is exchangeable. The alone remainder is that alternatively of removing a member, the new agreement will include a modern one .
If an LLC does not have an operate agreement, Chapter 605 of the Florida Statutes – besides known as Florida ’ sulfur Revised Limited Liability Company Act – governs the process of changing ownership of an LLC .
Under the Act, a extremity of an LLC may depart at any time. besides, early members can forcibly remove another member if their impart harms the business action .
Whether your company has an operate on agreement in home or not, it is fundamental to work with an technical business lawyer when changing ownership of an LLC in Florida .

Changing Ownership of an LLC in Florida – In Detail 

Although members are not required to file any changes in possession of an LLC with the State of Florida, they must make it public. Hence, they can report the changes in possession either by filing Articles of Amendment or an amended annual Report .
To amend the Articles of Organization for an LLC in Florida, its member ( s ) must file Articles of Amendment with the Department of State – Division of Corporations. It is possible to submit the paperwork ( including a cover letter and a $ 25 filing fee ) by mail or in person .
To file an Amended Annual Report, you can visit the SunBiz web site and follow the same instructions for filing an annual report.

Before starting the file work, you need to find the document total on the same web site to proceed with the update. On the web site, it is potential to update/change an LLC ’ mho information, such as adding a raw member/manager to an LLC .
Filing an rectify annual report requires a $ 50 fee if you have already filed a regular annual report. If not, the fee is $ 138.75. After filing the report card, the agency will take one to five business days to process the update .

How do I Change Ownership of an LLC in Florida? – Work with Jurado and Associates, P.A. Today

It is substantive to work with an technical clientele lawyer when changing ownership of an LLC in Florida. Call Attorney Romy B. Jurado, Esq. at ( 305 ) 921-0976 or send an e-mail at Romy @ to schedule a consultation .

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