Capture and Categorize Expense Receipts and Bills in QuickBooks Online

Are you in between the fix of a set of expense receipts and you have no estimate what to do with them to sort the things out ? well, we understand your pain, it happens to the best of us .
But you can sort out your receipts and enter them in QuickBooks Online through respective ways and categorize them. The feature will help you in organizing your expenses, save the e-receipts ( you will not have to search for them anymore ), track them better .
Before we move any further, I want to let you know the three ways you can enter the receipts in QuickBooks Online :

  1. Uploading the expense receipts or images from your computer or google drive.
  2. Capturing the expense receipts or images from your mobile phone camera.
  3. Emailing the receipt or images to QuickBooks directly.

In this section, we will specifically discuss the process of capturing the receipts and then categorizing them in QuickBooks Online. Just to let you know, that you can use the receipt catch feature of speech available in QuickBooks Online mobile app, which lets you click the photograph on the expense receipts, and helps you enter your expenses even when you are travelling.

How to Capture and Categorize Expense Receipt in QuickBooks Online?

Let us now discuss capturing the expense receipt image through your fluid device in QuickBooks Online through a step-wise step procedure :

Capturing the Expense Receipt in QuickBooks Online

First of all, you should ensure that the QuickBooks Online mobile app is already installed on your io or Android device. After that, you can follow the below dim-witted steps for capturing the receipt in QuickBooks Online :
Step 1. At first, open the QuickBooks Online mobile app and cluck on the menu picture .
Step 2. now you need to click on the Receipt snap push button .
Step 3. once you have clicked on the receipt centering button, click on the reception television camera picture and click the painting of your expense receipt .
Step 4. After that, click on ‘ Use this photograph ’ and then click on Done. now, the QuickBooks will start a transaction on the basis of the capture receipt, you will have to categorize it late .
now since we have already entered our expense receipt in QuickBooks Online with the avail of capturing expense reception process, a transaction has already been started by the QuickBooks on the footing of the capture receipt, let us nowadays see how to categorize the expense reception in QuickBooks Online :

Categorizing the Expense Receipts in QuickBooks Online

once you have entered the expense receipt in QuickBooks Online, you need to review, edit and categorize them. You can follow the below-sequenced steps to accomplish this :
Step 1. First of all, open QuickBooks Online and go to the Banking or Transactions menu.

Step 2. now you need to go to the reception yellow journalism and choose the expense receipt to view its farther details .
Step 3. In case the Action column against the expense receipt reflects the ‘ review ’ condition, choose the expense reception to make corrections if any and add missing information ( if any ) .
Step 4. now for categorizing the reception, you will see there ’ s match status reflecting in Action column, which tells us that QuickBooks has recognized a transaction that matches the expense receipt .
Step 5. In that case, you should review the linked record and if you are satisfy that it is discipline, you need to click on match to connect the expense acknowledge with the transaction .
Step 6. If in sheath, you don ’ thymine think that there is a match transaction against the expense receipt, you can create an entirely new one by going to the Expense menu > Expense tab and then clicking on a ‘ New ’ transaction and then expense again .
Step 7. once you have created a raw expense, attach the reception prototype to it .
Let us now look into few Frequently asked questions from users end which will give us further visibility on the subject .

How can I upload or enter the receipt in QuickBooks Desktop?

You need to first click on the Vendor menu, after that pawl on receipt management. now you need to choose the intuit account that you use for the caller file. now you can Drag and drop your receipts into QuickBooks or click on browse to upload the receipts from your computer or google repel. immediately you need to select your expense receipts images and upload them.

Can you let me know how can I edit multiple transactions in QuickBooks Desktop?

First of all, Go to Banking and choose the trust page. now you need to choose your bank account and cluck on the QuickBooks check. And then, select the transactions that you want to edit and click on untie button against them. now go to the ‘ for review ’ yellow journalism and choose the transactions that you want to put into the same class and pawl on Batch actions. After clicking on batch actions, modify them as required .

Can you let me know how can I enter the credit card fees in QuickBooks?

You need to first open QuickBooks and click on Lists and then choose Chart of Accounts. immediately click on New on the Account drop-down. After that, choice expense and snap on retain, now enter the identify of account. once you have entered the mention of the bill cluck on save and close up .

How can I receive online payment for a specific customer in QuickBooks Desktop?

You need to first go to the customer menu and snap on customer centre. now you need to locate the customer that you wish to turn on the on-line requital for and click on edit picture to edit their profile. immediately you need to click on the requital settings. And after that, go to the on-line payment department, choose payment option that you want to turn on for this specific customer and suction stop on OK .

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