How to Record Bank Deposits in QuickBooks Online

You have created and sent your invoice, and now the requital is in your Undeposited Funds account. What ’ second adjacent ? As always, you should remember that transactions in QuickBooks should mirror life – thus now it ‘s time to deposit those payments into an report in QuickBooks .
The Bank Deposit feature serves two functions :

  • If payments are received into the Undeposited Funds account, you can group payments and deposit them as a single record into an bill .
  • The ability to record items that are n’t typically captured on invoices or bills, such as assets and loans.

Why do I need to use the Bank Deposit feature in QuickBooks Online?
If you ’ ve read the article Using Undeposited Funds in QuickBooks Online, you know that our Bank Deposit work flow is unique. This final examination step ensures the money you have received from payments is accurately recorded .
Let ’ s contract started !
There are a few ways to enter bank deposits in QuickBooks, and the one you choose depends on how your original transactions were entered .
Receiving payments against an Invoice (most common)
In this situation, you ’ ve already sent your bill and received the payments into your Undeposited funds account or recorded a sales receipt. Your following step is to click on the + New icon and choose Bank Deposit .
Bank Deposit.png
After you receive payments from an bill into the Undeposited Funds report, the transactions mechanically populate in the Select the payments included in this deposit part at the top of the Bank Deposit screen .
Deposit the payments on the Bank Deposit shield precisely as they appear on your bank records – if you have one requital to deposit, deposit merely that requital ; if you have deposited a group of payments as a single deposit into your bank, choose each one and deposit them as a group .
You can group the payments by checking multiple amounts :
Bank Deposit 2.png
Tip : If you have n’t yet received requital, do that before you create a lodge or your payments won ’ thymine usher.
The Undeposited Funds account is set as the default “ deposit to ” report when you record payments. Click this article to learn more : use Undeposited Funds in QuickBooks Online .
Adding assets, loan liabilities, and equity
You can manually add funds to deposits in the bottom part of the Bank Deposit screen. You need to enter these manually ( assets, liabilities and equity to accounts ) since these do n’t come from sales forms .
Bank Deposit 3.png
Note : Do not jump ahead and add the bill payment using this “ Add funds ” have. If you enter it hera and late deposit a payment to that open bill, you will double count your income !
What about recording Bank Fees?

Some banks or services like PayPal charge a small tip for processing transactions. It may seem like a modest amount ( why would anyone care about $ .15 ? ), but when it ’ mho meter to do your monthly reconciliation, you may find that your records are off. For exercise, the invoice shows $ 1,000.00, but the same transaction from your bank shows $ 999.85 .
No worries, there ‘s an comfortable fix. Go through your normal process of creating an invoice or sales receipt. When you ‘re on the Bank Deposit Screen, go gloomy to the “ Add funds to this deposit ” section. If you do n’t have one already, create an expense report and call it something easy to remember, like “ Bank Charges. ”
Bank Deposit 4.png
Enter the bank fee as a agate line detail in the “ Adds fund to this deposit ” section, then select your fresh Bank Fee expense account and enter a negative measure that reflects the savings bank fee amount .
Tip : If you know the tip is 1 % of the total, accede this formula -(total)* .01, and hit the pill key to promptly calculate the fee .
Bank Deposit 5.png
A quick note about QuickBooks Payments
You will see a QuickBooks Payments section only if you are subscribed to that service. You don ’ t need to do anything with these payments because your accounts are mechanically updated once the payments clear .
Show me how it works
I have three invoices for Intuit for some sour I ’ ve done for the company. They have been paid and I ’ thousand ready to receive payment. I besides have one sales receipt I entered because I received payment at the time of sale .
Reminder : I don ’ t have to receive payments for a sales acknowledge since I ’ ve already been paid .
Go to the +New release and blue-ribbon Receive Payment for the three invoices .
Bank Deposit giph .gif
now that all the payments are recorded in QuickBooks, I am ready to make a few bank deposits. I go back to +New and choose Bank Deposit .
I see that my sales reception and three bill payments are all there, cook to be deposited. Depending on whether I have deposited these payments into a unmarried or grouped transaction, I can click the corner next to the transactions and add angstrom many as I need to the depository. If each payment was deposited as a single transaction, I should deposit them one at a time .
Be careful – do not batch deposit unrelated transactions unless they were n’t deposited in your actual trust the lapp way .
This is authoritative because payments from unrelated sources, if selected together, the organization will recognize them as a individual situate.

Bank Deposit 7.png
I hope this deep dive into bank deposits helped explain it ’ s importance and how you can fit it into your work flow. Following a routine in your transactions from start to finish prevents any mistakes and headaches down the road .
As constantly, the QuickBooks Community is here for you !

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