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Cash App is a capital on-line bank for several reasons. It gives you full control of your money, allowing you to deposit it from multiple sources and spend it through a single poster. however, there are times when you need this cash elsewhere. For example, you might want to put more cash into your Chime history to raise the spend limit on your Chime Credit Builder wag. In this guide, we ‘re going to cover how to send money from Cash App to Chime. It ‘s sol easy that you ‘ll have it done in minutes. You need inaugural to link your Chime account to your Cash App one. To do this, open up the Cash App application on your telephone. adjacent, you need to tap on your profile button and select the ‘Add Bank’ option. here you ‘ll be presented with a list of banks. Find Chime and tap the icon. All that ‘s left to do is enter your username and password, and you ‘ll be able to transfer money between the two accounts. Let ‘s go through this in a piece more depth in case you however need some guidance .

1. Open the App and Find Your Profile

cash-app-to-chime This first step is the easiest of them all. Find Cash App on your earphone, and select it to open it. nowadays you need to open up your profile. This can be found on the base shield by pressing the icon in the top left recess of the screen. It looks like a human head and shoulders inside a lap.

2. Add a Bank

add-a-bank The next stage in this process is to select the ‘ Add Bank ‘ option. It should be visible on your profile page as you open it. If it ‘s not, try scrolling down a little until you can see it. There will be a ‘ + ‘ icon to the left of the textbook, and it will be greyed out slenderly besides .

3.Find Chime Bank

find chime bank once you ‘ve tapped the ‘ Add Bank ‘ button, you need to find and add Chime as a bank. The page you ‘ll be taken to is a farseeing list of the banks that you can easily add to Cash App with a username and password. Chime may not appear high up in the list, so coil down until you find it. When you do, tap the picture, and you ‘ll be taken to the future screen .

4. Log Into Chime

login once you ‘ve selected Chime, you ‘ll be taken to a login screen. All you need to do is log in using the username and password you would normally use to log into your Chime bank bill. once you ‘ve entered the details and pressed the ‘ Submit ‘ clitoris, you will have successfully linked your Cash App report to your Chime account .

5. Cash Out to Chime

cash-out-2 With your Cash App and Chime accounts linked, all that ‘s left to do is send your money. You do this as you would when sending money to any other bank account. Enter the cash screen in Cash App by tapping the firm icon in the screen ‘s bottom-left corner.

now tap the ‘ Cash Out ‘ button. This will present you with a screen that you can enter the amount you want to send in. Enter the total and confirm whether you would like to send the money via a standard transfer, which is free, or an instant transfer, which costs 1 % or $ 10, whichever is less. Please note that the minimum instant transfer charge is $ 0.25. now you will be asked which savings bank you want to transfer to. It ‘s here that you can select your Chime account and send the money. Depending on which choice you chose, the money will be in your Chime report instantaneously or within a few days. For a ocular explanation of this usher, check out the television below.


Chime is one of the easier banks to add to Cash App. This is because the two work together to allow users to transfer money between them freely. The only details you ‘ll need are your chime username and password. then you just transfer money as you would with any other bank in Cash App. See more chime relate articles : Bad credit loans that accept chime

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