11 Best Check-Cashing Apps in 2022 – Instantly + Online

Check cashing apps get you cash physical checks on the travel at any time. Review the top 11 non-bank arrest cashing apps ( and their fees ) in this guide .

Which of these are you most interested in when using check-cashing apps?Chime

Deposit a Check Using a Mobile App (No Monthly Fees)

Click Here to Learn More Mobile check deposits allow you to deposit checks without going to the depository financial institution. Chime is a fiscal technology caller, not a bank. Banking services provided by, and debit card issued by, The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A. ; Members FDIC. necessitate to cash a birthday check from your aunt ? Or possibly a tax refund, or a security system deposit ?
due to “ Catch Me If You Can ” -style imposter, most banks wo n’t cash your control without an history .
fortunately, there are several workarounds if your bank does n’t offer mobile check deposits. Read on for options if you ‘re unbanked or if you merely prefer using prepaid cards .

Best Third-Party Apps for Cashing Checks

The apps below let you cash checks immediately using your telephone ‘s television camera. These range from prepaid card providers to virtual alternatives to traditional check accounts .
Chase Member FDIC

Chase Total Checking® – $200 Bonus

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  • New Chase checking customers enjoy a $200 bonus when you open a Chase Total Checking® account and set up direct deposit
  • Access to 16,000 Chase ATMs and more than 4,700 branches
  • Chase Mobile® app – Manage your accounts, deposit checks, transfer money and more — all from your device.
  • Open your account online now
  • Available online nationwide except in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. For branch locations, visit locator.chase.com.
  • Chase Overdraft Assist℠: $0 overdraft fee when you overdraw your account $50 or less*

*We wo n’t charge an overdraft tip if you are overstate $ 50 or less at the goal of the business day. Chase may pay, for a $ 34 tip, overdraft transactions at our discretion based on your account history, deposits and transaction measure. If you ‘ve enrolled in Debit Card Coverage, casual debit card purchases like groceries, may be approved at our delicacy when you do n’t have enough money in your bill .

Brink’s Money Prepaid: Most Secure App

lecture about tight security system – Brink ‘s is primarily known for their work in the armored transportation diligence delivering cash to ATMs and banks. Brink ‘s besides offers a postpaid debit card and check cashing service using their mobile app .
The check cashing functionality and postpaid Mastercard debit cards are offered through First Century Bank, N.A.

  • 4.3 stars on Google Play Store | 3.3 stars on App Store
  • Get paid faster with direct deposit
  • 2% expedited check cashing fee for government and payroll checks
  • 5% expedited fee for all other checks
  • Earn cash back with Brinks Money Prepaid Points

Which apps let you cash checks instantly?
Most of the apps listed in this article will allow you to cash a check instantaneously. however, prepare to pay a 2 % –5 % expedite fee depending on the type of assay.

Ingo Money: Most Versatile App

There ‘s a good reason Ingo is the most democratic app in this class .
With Ingo, you can link your bank ; prepaid, credit rating, or debit card ; or PayPal report to deposit money. You can flush split a check between accounts ( for example, 50 % to PayPal and 50 % to a postpaid card ) .
You can besides qualify for Ingo Gold Preferred Pricing if you cash checks frequently ( at least six checks in the concluding 90 days ).

  • 3.9 stars on Google Play Store | 4.1 stars on App Store
  • $5 fee for payroll or government checks $250 or less (2% for checks over $250)
  • $5 fee for all other checks $100 or less (5% for checks over $100)

Don’t want to use Ingo? Here are 5 alternatives:

  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • NetSpend
  • CashApp
  • Boost Mobile Wallet

Venmo: Best for ATM Access

You may be surprised to learn that Venmo is more than merely a one-on-one requital app. If you sign up for a Venmo Debit Card or send deposit, you can cash checks inside the app.

  • 4.3 stars on Google Play Store | 4.9 stars on App Store
  • 1% fee for payroll and government checks (5% fee for all other checks)
  • No fee for 10-day approval option
  • Fee-free ATM withdrawals at 30,000+ MoneyPass locations
  • Earn cash back with Venmo debit Mastercard

How to cash a check on Venmo:

  1. Download the Venmo app
  2. Sign up for Venmo Debit Card or set up direct deposit
  3. Go to top right drop-down menu
  4. Select “Manage Balance”
  5. Select “Cash a Check” and follow the prompts

PayPal: Most Trusted Cash Checking App

PayPal ‘s check cash service is another that is provided through First Century Bank and Ingo, but it provides a better fee structure and a more hope name.

  • 4.2 stars on Google Play Store | 4.8 stars on App Store
  • 1% fee for payroll and government checks
  • 5% fee for all other checks
  • $5,000 maximum check amount
  • Near-instant approval

Read more: Discover the 15 easiest ways to make money on PayPal

Lodefast: Best for Akimbo Card Carriers

Important note : Lodefast is presently merely available for Florida residents ( with California coming soon ), according to their web site .
The Lodefast app by Lodestar Financial allows you to cash checks online to deposit into your coupled savings bank account, debit card, any prepay debit tease, or Akimbo Card .
Like most other check-cashing services, there is a spare option if you can wait 10 days for your depository with the option for clamant depository with a modest tip .
How many checks do you usually need to cash each month?

ACE Flare: Best Nontraditional Bank Account

Provided through MetaBank, ACE Flare provides many of the lapp services you can receive at a traditional bank, such as check cash, ATM access, a Visa debit card, and direct deposit. however, this is 100 % a check-cashing app .
ACE uses First Century Bank, N.A. — the lapp provider as Brink ‘s and Ingo. With an optional ACE savings score, you can even earn an absurd 6.0 % APY on balances under $ 2,000.

  • 3.9 stars on Google Play Store | 2.7 stars on App Store
  • Fee-free cash withdrawals at 950 ACE locations in 23 U.S. states
  • No charge for standard check cashing
  • 2-5% expedited check cashing fee

NetSpend: Best for Prescription Purchases

Netspend, provided through Ingo, offers a fairly standard fee social organization. however, customers can receive goodly discounts on prescription purchases on FDA-approved pharmaceutical medicine with the Pharmacy Savings Card.

  • 4.0 stars on Google Play Store | 2.7 stars on App Store
  • 1% or $5 fee for payroll or government checks (whichever is greater)
  • 4% or $5 fee for all other checks (whichever is greater)
  • Up to 50% discount on FDA-approved pharmaceuticals

AnytimeCheck: Best for Businesses

With AnytimeCheck, business owners can get paid by customers by wallpaper check without having to wait for the mail or visiting their bank to make a deposit.

  • 3.6 stars on Google Play Store
  • Basic Plan (20 checks): $1.75 per check
  • Pro Plan (50 checks): $1.50 per check
  • Premium Plan (150 checks): $1.25 per check

The Check Cashing Store: Most Simple App

You wo n’t get a lot of frills with The Check Cashing Store — indicated by the mention — but you will be able to deposit checks on your mobile device and send the money to a linked Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card .
The fee structure is not listed on the company web site and customer overhaul representatives will not disclose it over the earphone. however, you can expect the standard fee schedule of between 1 % and 5 % for each check.

  • 2.6 stars on App Store
  • Only available to Florida residents
  • Physical storefront locations available across the state

Waleteros: Best for People with Family in Central America

If you have relatives in Central America, Waleteros is the optimum cream for you. Waleteros offers erstwhile $ 0.99 transfers to versatile locations in Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua at the begin of each month .
This app allows you to cash checks, receive your lead deposit, and send money with identical few fees. There are no minimum report balances, no overdraft fees, and customers can enjoy over 20,000 countrywide fee-free ATM locations.

  • 1.75% check cashing fee
  • $0.75 charge for sending money to family and friends

Deposit2Go: Best Free Check Cashing Service

If you do n’t mind a retro-looking app that will bring you back to 2007, Deposit2Go offers fee-free check cashing for members of NCUA-insured GTE Financial.

  • 3.3 stars on Google Play Store | 1.8 stars on App Store
  • Free check cashing for GTE members
  • Deposit up to $10,000 per day

Can You Cash a Check Instantly?

Yep ! many apps on this list ( including Ingo, Venmo, and PayPal ) allow you to access cash within minutes of submitting your request .
unfortunately, these companies know moment depository is in high requirement. While they may not charge for 10-day arrest clear, they about constantly mission fees for expedite deposits .
Be mindful that if your check does not pass, your deposition will be reversed, and you could face some steep overdraft fees or returned check fees. Make certain that you trust the check issuer before utilizing the clamant depository have .
How long are you willing to wait for your funds to be available?

Where Can I Cash a Check Without Verification?

The only true way to cash a match with no bank report and no identification is to sign the see over to another person by signing the back and asking them to cash it for you .
If you have an ID calling card but no bank and do not want to download a check-cashing app, you can cash checks by visiting the bank that printed and issued the check, besides known as the “ bank of origin. ”

The Bottom Line: Should You Cash a Check with an App?

Check cashing apps are a flying and easy way to deposit your check money. If you ‘re unbanked, prefer using prepay cards, or just like the public toilet of a check cashing app, the picks on this list are decidedly deserving checking out.

Keep in heed, if you need to deposit checks frequently or rely on expedite deposits, be careful of the fees you might incur. flush a modest 1 % fee for payroll checks can add up .

Deposit a Check Using a Mobile App (No Monthly Fees)

Click Here to Learn More Mobile check deposits allow you to deposit checks without going to the bank. Chime is a fiscal engineering ship’s company, not a bank. Banking services provided by, and debit card issued by, The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A. ; Members FDIC .

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