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If you ’ re with The General, you have a few ways to start the cancellation serve any time you ’ re ready to switch. But you ’ ll likely yield a cancellation tip, and you ’ ll have to mail in your cancellation notice.

How to cancel your policy with The General

The General likes to do business on-line, except when it comes to canceling your policy. The easiest manner to cancel your policy with this low-cost insurance company is to contact your local agent, who will then ask you to put your request in writing. It ’ s an excess step you won ’ t find with all providers. Unlike other providers that allow you to cancel early without penalty, The General charges a 10 % cancellation fee on any premiums remaining in your policy term. While you can terminate your policy at any time, keep in mind that car insurance is legally required in most states. If you ’ re plan to continue driving, you ’ ll want to line up a new policy before canceling your coverage with The General .

How do I avoid paying The General’s cancellation fees?

If you decide to cancel your policy before the end of your condition, do the mathematics to see if it ’ s worth switching now or waiting out the end of your policy. clear about its cancellation policy, The General lays out the 10 % cancellation fee in its policy documents .

Info you’ll need to cancel your policy

In your written notice of cancellation, include :

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Your Social Security number and date of birth
  • Your driver’s license number
  • Your policy number
  • The date you’d like your policy to end
  • Your dated signature

Can I cancel my policy online?

The General is tech-savvy, offering a twist on-line portal vein, app and live chew the fat affair. And while you can manage or change your coverage on those platforms, to cancel your policy, you ’ ll necessitate to get in touch with an agent over the telephone, in person or by mail. Expect the last-ditch sales pitch, but know that you have the right to cancel your policy at any time. No matter which path you go down, this insurance company requires written notice before processing your cancellation .

Cancel by phone

For the most personalized service when canceling your policy, contact your local agent directly. Visit The General ’ s web site for a tilt of all locations. otherwise, call the customer service team at 888-333-2331. Hours are Monday through Thursday from 7 ante meridiem to 9 post meridiem CT, Friday from 7 ante meridiem to 8 post meridiem CT and Saturday from 8 ante meridiem to 4 post meridiem CT. An agent will talk you through the cancellation process, which involves sending in written notice. Depending on where you live, you may need to inform the DMV that you ’ ve canceled or changed your car policy. Ask your agent if that applies to you .

Cancel by mail

The General requires written comment of cancellation. To bypass the earphone call and request cancellation by mail, sign and date a letter indicating your captive to cancel to : The General Headquarters
2636 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 510
Nashville, TN 37214 Mail your letter at least three weeks before the date you want your coverage to end to allow time for ship, serve and delays .

Cancel in person

Do you live in Louisiana ? The General operates physical offices all over the state, making it convenient to cancel your coverage in person. To get it done promptly, bring along your policy information, your driver ’ sulfur license and details on your new policy, if you have one. To find a branch placement near you, visit The General ’ s web site and coil to Locations .

What’s the best way to cancel The General car insurance?

For a smooth cancellation request, depart with your local agentive role. If you ’ rhenium hoping to avoid any sales cant to stay with the supplier, you can mail in your written notice, though The General might placid contact you to confirm cancellation. The insurance company operates offices all over Louisiana. If you live close by, you can pop in to cancel your policy in person. You ’ ll still need to mail in your comment, but your local agent can explain the summons and go over any information or forms you ’ ll motivation to include .

How can I confirm my policy is canceled?

You ’ ll receive mail and e-mail ratification. Access your proof of cancellation by logging in to your MyPolicy portal site. If you haven ’ thymine heard back from The General with confirmation that your policy is canceled, reach out to your local agent or customer service to make sure you don ’ t need to provide any extra information .

When is the best time to cancel or switch car insurance?

The short answer : You should cancel your cable car insurance policy whenever you find better or more suitable coverage.

It ’ sulfur worth exploring your options if you ’ re :

  • Moving to a new state. Auto insurance laws vary by state, as does coverage. If you’re moving, compare car insurance providers in your new state to find an affordable policy that meets your needs.
  • Moving overseas. Car insurance doesn’t cross borders. So if you’re moving abroad for work or study, you may want to cancel your policy.
  • Getting married. Married drivers can often score discounts on their policies. Ask if one applies to you.
  • Buying a home. Many insurers offer more than one line of insurance, so you may be able to bundle your homeowners and car insurance policies for a sweet discount.
  • Studying and safe driving. Many carriers reward good students and safe driving with a percentage off your premium. If you’re killing it at school or you’ve recently completed a defensive driving course, ask if you qualify for savings..
  • Boosting your credit score. Has your credit score improved? You may be able to reduce your premium with a new provider.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. With car insurance, you have the right to cancel your policy whenever you want. Make sure you mail your cancellation letter at least three weeks ahead of the date you ’ ra hope to end your policy. If you ’ re guarantee with The General, you ’ ll probably give a cancellation tip equal to 10 % of your remaining premiums .

What should I consider before canceling my policy with The General?

When deciding whether to cancel your policy or wait out the term, here ’ s what to ask :

  • Will I end up paying fees for canceling? The General charges a cancellation fee that’s 10% of your remaining premiums. If you’re on a tight budget, crunch the numbers to figure out if it’s worth canceling now.
  • Does your state require proof of new car insurance? Unless you live in New Hampshire or Virginia, it’s illegal to drive without car insurance — even if for a couple of days. To ensure there’s no gap in your coverage, have a new policy in place before canceling your current one.
  • How much time do I need to switch policies? The General requires written notice of cancellation, so allow three weeks for them to receive and process your letter. If you’re canceling in person, cancellation is effective immediately.

Should I cancel or adjust my policy?

If you ’ re not happy with your supplier ’ randomness pricing, customer service or claims process, you may be better off cutting ties and canceling instantaneously. Before you sign off, consider your fiscal situation. If you cancel your policy with The General, you ’ ll need to pay 10 % of your remaining premiums while making payments for your new cable car indemnity policy. That said, your new supplier might offer discounts that save you money in the long discharge. Don ’ triiodothyronine overlook the benefits of staying with your provider. The General offers a batch of discounts for many of life ’ sulfur stages and achievements. If you ’ ve recently married or bought a house, for exemplify, give your agentive role a call to find out whether you qualify for savings before you cancel outright .

Ready to cancel? Compare The General to other providers

Bottom line

Breaking up with your cable car policy supplier doesn ’ metric ton have to be unmanageable. With The General, you ’ ll have to cancel by mail and prepare to pay a standard cancellation fee. Compare car indemnity providers to find one that ’ s an low-cost fit for your needs .

Frequently asked questions about canceling The General

  • Yes. Auto insurance is legally required in all states except New Hampshire and Virginia. While it ’ second not mandatary in New Hampshire, you ’ re still creditworthy for liability damages up to $ 50,000 and property damages up to $ 25,000. And if you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pay, your license and registration is suspended. In Virginia, you have the option to pay the state $ 500 every year, but that doesn ’ triiodothyronine provide coverage. You ’ re liable if you cause an accident. In all other states, bankruptcy to carry cable car indemnity can lead to a suspended or revoked driver ’ s license and evening fines and jail time. Liability policy is normally required as a minimal, though some states require collision and comprehensive coverage a well .

  • No. Car dealerships typically won ’ triiodothyronine allow you to drive off the lot unless you provide validation of car insurance. Because car policy is legally required in most states, this is a smart motion on their part : It protects them and covers you excessively in encase of an accident .

  • It ’ s probably. Insurers are more than felicitous to help you cancel your stream coverage to gain you as a raw customer. After all, it ’ s in their interest to make it a politic process for you.

    however, wear ’ thymine assume this is always the shell. Check with your new carrier to be sure they ’ re uncoerced to help you cancel your current coverage .

  • Most drivers cancel or switch indemnity because they found a good batch with another company. Customer reappraisal of The General with complaints discus problems with charge, claims and unauthorized charges .

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