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you”, “your”, “yours”, “member”), have requested to enroll, register, sign up or subscribe (collectively, “Enroll” or “Enrolled”) for a service or product provided by the Identity Intelligence Group, LLC® dba IDIQ® its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, and divisions (collectively, “IDIQ”, “we”, “our”, “us”).


You as an person person and/or as the owner or empower person of a business when choosing a Business Credit Plan ( “ ”, “ ”, “ ”, “ ” ), have requested to enroll, register, sign up or subscribe ( jointly, “ ” or “ ” ) for a service or product provided by the Identity Intelligence Group, LLC® dba IDIQ® its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, and divisions ( jointly, “ ”, “, “ ”, “ ” ). This Terms of Service Agreement ( this “ Agreement ” ) is a legally bind agreement containing the terms and conditions ( “ Service Terms ” ) for registration, consumption and acknowledge of the products and/or services provided by IDIQ described herein ( jointly, the “ Services ” ). You should carefully read this Agreement and the Service Terms below before you Enroll and use the Services. You agree to be bound by these Service Terms by either : ( 1 ) enroll for Services ; ( 2 ) using any Services available on any IDIQ web site ( “ Website ” or Websites ” ) ; or ( 3 ) by clicking “ I Agree ” or differently electronically agreeing to be bound to these Service Terms .


IDIQ ’ randomness Services are grouped into diverse Service Plans described in contingent on the Websites ( the “ Service Plans ” ). Each Service Plan generally includes one or more benefits or features ( “ Features ” ) Examples of Features provided by IDIQ in Service Plans available under the Service Terms described in this Agreement include ( one ) identity protection monitor, identity larceny insurance, identity larceny data and identity larceny aid ( jointly, “ Protection Services ” ) and ( two ) accredit related services and/or products such as credit reports, credit scores, citation monitoring, accredit alerts and credit data ( jointly, “ Credit Services ” ). other Services in accession to Protection Services and Credit Services may besides be provided in Service Plans which shall be governed under these Service Terms. The Enrollment process described below and, on our Websites, ( “ Enrollment Process ” ) will provide you with a summary of the Services you are purchasing in any applicable Service Plan arsenic well as the costs, extra applicable terms and any special put up details .


The information on IDIQ ’ randomness Websites is intended as a convenience to provide you with information about our Services, Service Plans, and a method acting to Enroll. Once you are Enrolled, you will have access to a password secured member web site ( “ Member Site ” ) where you must go to access any Enrolled IDIQ Services. Access to the Member Site will continue if you are Enrolled and paying for Services. In some cases, such as Business Credit Plan, you may access some of those services through an alternate web site directly connected to your IDIQ Services Member Site. In all cases, Your access to the Websites is provided “ As-Is ”.

The copying, frame, mirror, scraping or data mining of our Websites or any of its contents in any form or by any method is strictly prohibited. access to our Websites does not grant you any correct, license, or privilege to reproduce, publish or use any material from the Websites or any property of IDIQ except adenine expressly set away herein. Any ideas, concepts, techniques, procedures, methods, systems, designs, plans, charts or other materials you transmit to us through e-mail, phone, or our Websites will become our property ( topic to applicable law ) and may be used by us at any fourth dimension and for any determination, without limitation, unless otherwise agreed to by IDIQ or prohibited by law. IDIQ may provide internet links to websites owned or operated by early entities and persons. If you use these websites, you do so at your own risk. IDIQ makes no warranties or representations regarding these websites, and shall not be liable or responsible for, any linked websites, your use of such sites, or the breadth or accuracy of data or materials appearing thereon or any products, publications, subject matter or services described thereon. Furthermore, links do not imply that IDIQ sponsors, endorses or is consort or associated with such sites, or that any linked web site is authorized to use any register stigmatize, servicing mark, web site look – feel – design, brand, deal name, logo or copyright of IDIQ. By using our Websites, you agree not to restrict or inhibit anyone from using or enjoying our Websites. In your use of our Websites, you shall not knowingly nor negligently transmit any viruses, malware, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots or other alike harmful or deleterious program routines .


The Enrollment process will provide you with a drumhead of the Services you are purchasing, including costs and other details about your Service Plan ( mho ). When you Enroll, you represent that you are a natural person, at least eighteen ( 18 ) years of old age and reside in the United States or its territories. If you are purchasing a Business Credit Plan, then you further agree that you are an owner or person authorized by the caller to access a company recognition report. You far agree to provide IDIQ with personal information necessary to access and provide our Services to you. Some Services provided by IDIQ may include the option to Enroll your minor children provided you are the parent or legal defender. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IT MAY BE A VIOLATION OF LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL LAW FOR YOU TO OBTAIN A CREDIT REPORT FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF OR A BUSINESS WHERE YOU ARE THE OWNER OR AUTHORIZED PERSON. Except for the Enrollment of your minor children, you warrant that you are Enrolling for yourself or your own business and not on behalf of any other individual or business. You agree that your habit of the Services does not violate applicable laws and that you agree with these Service Terms and the IDIQ Privacy Policy as found on-line at : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.idiq.com/privacy-policy/. You further agree that your consumption of the Services constitutes your toleration of these Service Terms. If you do not agree to these Service Terms, you must not Enroll. IDIQ reserves the good to refuse to allow anyone to Enroll at its sole discretion, such as where there has been a history of misusing our Websites, creating bogus Enrollments in an IDIQ Service, misusing IDIQ Service special offers, filing deceitful credit batting order chargeback requests on a previous IQID Service or non-payment of Services or any other argue. To Enroll in an IDIQ Service you have the succeed Enrollment method options available : Online Enrollment – To start your Enrollment summons to access the Services you and/or you as the owner or authorized person of a business will need to click a Website release such as “ begin membership ” from an IDIQ Website. The Enrollment Process will prompt you to provide personal information such as your full name, birth date, residence address, e-mail address, social security number and payment tease data. If you are besides purchasing a Business Credit Plan, then you may be prompted to provide information about the commercial enterprise such as the business name and address. During the on-line Enrollment Process, you will be required to complete an identity authentication as defined in the preceding paragraph. telephone Assisted Enrollment – If made available, you and/or you as the owner or authorize person of a business can speak with a customer serve representative of IDIQ to enroll by telephone. During the Enrollment process, the IDIQ spokesperson will collect data from you that is needed for your registration such as your wide name, birth date, residence address, electronic mail address, social security system number, payment circuit board information and your craved Service Plan. . If you are besides purchasing a Business Credit Plan, then you may be prompted to provide information about the business such as the occupation name and address. Certain important compendious details will be provided to you during the call related to the function of your requital tease and access to credit rating related services. The earphone Enrollment summons for any Credit Services or Protection Services will include such verifications as IDIQ deems necessary to attest your mandate to allow IDIQ to access your credit as foster described below in the incision titled “ FCRA Authorization ”. For example, you may be required to correctly answer questions provided to us from the credit chest of drawers related to your credit report for a erstwhile identity verification. After the phone registration is completed, you will receive an electronic mail or other communications that includes among other things, a link to this Agreement and a radio link to the Member Site login page where you may login and access your Services. If for any reason you do not agree to this Agreement, then your only option will be to cancel your Services. To cancel your Service, see the Cancellation and Refunds Section of this Agreement below. Entering and maintaining accurate information during and after Enrollment is critical to the accuracy and handiness of the Services you desired. Examples of how inaccurate information may affect your Services include non-delivery of Service alerts ascribable to an faulty e-mail address, inaccurate credit reports due to incorrect personal data or irregular deactivation of Services due to failure to pay fees arising from outdated or faulty payment wag information. If your personal information changes, you must keep it up to date so that your Services are not disrupted. You may update your personal information from the Member Site or by calling IDIQ ’ s customer service. IDIQ is not responsible for inaccurate personal information you enter that may disrupt your Services. ANY PERSON USING DECEPTION TO KNOWINGLY AND WILLFULLY OBTAIN A CONSUMER OR BUSINESS CREDIT REPORT, SCORE, OR CREDIT SERVICES MAY FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. If you do not successfully complete the identity authentication footprint, you will be prompted to contact IDIQ ’ s customer serve by earphone at the soonest possible time to complete the Process manually. If you do not complete your identity authentication within a reasonable time period of time, IDIQ may, at its election, either terminate your Enrollment wholly or IDIQ may, but shall not be required to, provide Features to you that do not require an identity authentication ( “ Pending Authorization Features ” ). Pending Authorization Features may include notifications of certain events or matters impacting your accredit or identity for which you may desire extra Services. once you have successfully completed the identity authentication, you may upgrade your Service to any available Service plan by logging into the Member Site or calling IDIQ customer service. Group Enrollment. If you are a member of a union, association, national organization, or an employee of an employee who has entered into an agreement with IDIQ ( “ Group ” ) to provide a group profit ( “ Group Benefit ” ), you may be pre-enrolled in our military service by that Group. Pre-enrollment means your appoint ( at a minimum ) shall be entered in our systems as a person authorized to activate a membership in an IDIQ Group Benefit design. In some cases, your Group may besides provide other data such as your contact earphone count, electronic mail address or express of residency. In all cases, your membership will not be activated for consumption under the Group Benefit plan until you elect to finish the entire on-line Enrollment process. If you do not elect to complete the full on-line Enrollment procedure, Services will not be activated and made available to you. If you were pre-enrolled by your affiliate Group, you acknowledge and agree that you have authorized your Group to provide the necessary personal information about you to pre-enroll you for our Services. once your Group has pre-enrolled you, you may receive communications from IDIQ and/or your Group with further instructions on how you would complete on-line Enrollment and activate your Services. IDIQ may communicate with empower persons from your Group about items related to the Enrollment, delivery and if applicable, requital of your Services. however, IDIQ will at no clock time disclose or provide any personal identifiable access or information to your particular Services such as your citation data or monitor data. such communications between IDIQ and your Group are rigorously related to the management and manner of speaking of the Group Benefit. We may, however, share analytic data related to all participants in your Group Benefit with your Group. however, in all cases, such data will not personally identify you. If you cancel your Services, your Group may be notified in decree make administrative and if applicable, payment changes .


In some cases, your Service plan from IDIQ may include Group Benefits, discounts, special or introductory offers ( “ Special Offers ” ). If your registration includes one of these special Offers, it will be presented to you during the Enrollment Process. Otherwise, no special Offers shall apply to your leverage. special Offers, may include : introductory Offers – These especial Offers are by and large intended to allow first-time customers to try our Services under limited terms such as a dilute monetary value and/or limited Services for a period of time ( the “ Offer Period ” ). If you have been offered such an “ introductory offer ” the keep up will apply :

  • Your welcome email will include a description of your Services and Service Plan, a receipt and further information on how you may cancel your Services prior to expiration of the Offer Period.
  • After the Offer Period expires, your Service Plan will convert automatically to the regular price disclosed during your Enrollment Process and available in your Member Site. When required, you may be notified in advance by email of expiration of the Offer Period and/or any increase in price. Except as expressly provided in any introductory offer for the Offer Period, all of the Service Terms and other provisions of this Agreement applicable to your Service Plan shall apply.

Group / Employee Plan Discounts – These special Offers are intended to allow Groups to enroll in our Services under particular terms or Service Plans. Group Benefits are negotiated between IDIQ and Groups and are only available to members of Groups who have separate agreements with IDIQ. If you are an applicable Group member, during Enrollment you must provide the applicable Group recognition, code, password, URL or other identifiers, associated with the Service Plan to receive Group Benefits. Except as expressly provided in any applicable Group Benefit platform, all of the Service Terms and other provisions of this Agreement applicable to your Service Plan shall apply .


. In summation to Service Plans, certain individual Features such as a credit report may besides be offered as a erstwhile buy ( “ A la carte ” ). Each Service Plan may contain a different placement of Features. Any Service Plan or A lanthanum menu you purchased can be viewed and accessed in your Member Site .

Identity Protection Services/Features

Some Service Plans may provide you with Features offering identity Protection Services. Depending on your Service Plan, Protection Services may include identity larceny monitor and alerts, identity larceny policy, identity larceny information and aid or other Features. Identity Protection Monitoring – Protection Services may include one or more types of identity protective covering monitoring ( “ Protection Monitoring ” ). Depending on your Service Plan such Protection Monitoring may include monitor of condemnable records, dark web, sociable security number, change of address loanword applications or early activities tied to your personal information that could signal a hypothesis of credit rating fraud or identity larceny. In some cases, you may need to manually activate your Protection Monitoring Services from the Member Site. The Member Site will indicate when Protection Monitoring has become active. Protection Monitoring may be provided to you through third base party providers. If a monitor event occurs, we will attempt to electronically alert you by email and/or text. A more detail composition associated with the alert may be available from the Member Site. Notwithstanding any Protection Monitoring, by agreeing to these Service Terms, you acknowledge that IDIQ can not monitor for all the possible ways your identity could be breached, and that Protection Monitoring can not identify all the electric potential ways that your identity or accredit could be fraudulently accessed or used. You further agree and acknowledge that the type ( randomness ) of Protection Monitoring we provide to you may change from time to time. identity Protection Insurance – Depending on your Service design should you become a victim of identity larceny you may be covered for certain losses in accord with identity larceny insurance included in your Service Plan. Your Service plan may besides extend this coverage to some of your immediate family members up the limit of the insurance Feature. You may be able to add kin members beyond the policy limit at an extra cost. Identity larceny indemnity is provided entirely through a accredited third-party insurance company. All indemnity service claims, and particular indemnity customer service will be provided through the third-party policy provider. To file a claim, touch IDIQ customer service at the number provided from your Member Site. The customer servicing agentive role will provide you with contact information to the third-party indemnity supplier where you can file your claim. If your plan includes identity larceny insurance, you agree to such insurance coverage and that the premium for such indemnity coverage will be paid by us on your behalf. You agree to receive notices of insurance changes electronically. Identity Restoration Service Assistance –Your Service Plan may include access to an IDIQ Identity Theft Restoration Specialist and/or for a business credit plan a third-party business identity larceny restoration specialist such as Experian® ( “ Identity Restoration Specialist ” ). The Identity Theft Restoration Specialist is available to answer questions about identity larceny monitor alerts and questions about handling identity larceny events within the limits of the Service Plan you purchased. In some cases, your Service plan may offer the option for you to provide IDIQ with a restrict power of Attorney ( “ LPOA ” ) to authorize and permit IDIQ and your assign Identity Restoration Specialist to execute routine related identity restoration tasks that may be associated with an identity larceny consequence ( “ Event ” ) such as contacting your creditors, providing notification of your event or requesting the issue of a new credit rating poster to you. If your Service Plan includes Services pursuant to an LPOA you will be required to enter into other agreements in connection with the LPOA and its uses. Creditors, banks and other entities we attempt to contact in pursuant to an LPOA on your behalf may have their own policy and may not recognize or accept the LPOA. In such cases, IDIQ will be unable to perform any LPOA related Services on your behalf with such third party. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO UTILIZE AN LPOA AS PART OF OUR IDENTITY RESTORATION SERVICES. See the LPOA agreement for far details, disclosures, and instructions as available .

Credit Services

Some Service Plans may provide you with credit related services ( “ Credit Services ” ). Credit Services Features may include, among other things, the ability to access ( i ) your accredit composition ( second ) from one or more credit agency, ( two ) Credit Scores derived from your accredit report data, ( three ) recognition monitoring of selected data from your credit report and ( four ) alerts. Your registration in a Service Plan with Credit Services is dependant on the applicable credit agency ’ s ability to find your credit data in their records using the personal data you provide to IDIQ and successfully authenticating your identity during your Enrollment. If the applicable credit chest of drawers ( s ) can not find some or all your credit data, then the Credit Services may be incomplete or, in some cases, not available. FCRA Authorization – You understand that Enrolling in Credit Services and submitting to these Service Terms, constitutes “ written instructions ” in accord with the union Fair Credit Reporting Act, as amended ( “ FCRA ” ) to entree your personal credit profile to provide you with Services. This FCRA authorization shall extend to IDIQ and its service providers ( including, but not limited to ConsumerInfo.com, Inc. ), to obtain information from your personal credit profile from Experian®, TransUnion® and Equifax®, the three major recognition report agencies or chest of drawers. This agreement constitutes your written instructions authorize IDIQ, on a recurring basis, to use your Social Security number to obtain your credit related data charge from any credit agency ( s ) so we can deliver the Credit Services you have purchased. credit Reports – Your Credit Services may include obtaining one or more credit reports These credit reports may be provided by one or more third party recognition agency ( s ). When you use our Member Site to access your credit report ( s ), you agree and understand that ; ( a ) your credit report ( s ) may be stored and accessible from the Member Site for a limited fourth dimension not to exceed 1 year, ( b ) your credit report ( s ) may not be available to you after you cancel your Services, ( carbon ) IDIQ is not creditworthy for the data, accuracy or contentedness of your credit report card data file, including but not limited to any associated Credit Score, ( five hundred ) if you want to dispute any information found on your credit report ( s ), you must contact the publish credit chest of drawers ( south ) and follow their procedures to dispute the information. credit Scores – Your Credit Services may include access to your personalcredit score ( s ) or for our business avail plans, your business credit seduce ( s ) from a third-party provider such as FICO®, VantageScore® or others ( each, a “ Credit Score Provider ” ). accredit scores are available in the market using many types of numerical models. These models broadly calculate a score based on information found in your personal citation composition data charge or for our business accredit plans, your business credit report file at the date and time the report data is accessed ( a “ Credit Score ” ). IDIQ does not have its own model to determine your Credit Score, but, quite, obtains your Credit grade from Credit Score Providers. Each Credit Score Provider has its own proprietorship model ( second ) for calculating your credit score and therefore Credit Scores may differ based on the model ( s ) used. More information about the Credit Score Providers and your citation Scores available in IDIQ ’ s Credit Services ( such as FICO®, or VantageScore ® ) can be found on the Website and Member Site. When you use our Member Site to access your Credit Score ( mho ), you agree and understand that ; ( a ) your Credit Scores may be stored and accessible from the Member Site for a limited clock time, ( b-complex vitamin ) your Credit Scores may not be available to you after you cancel your Services, ( coulomb ) IDIQ is not responsible for the information, accuracy or content used to create your Credit Score. credit Monitoring – Your plan may include credit monitor ( “ Credit Monitoring ” ). credit Monitoring generally monitors one or more of your personal of if applicable for business citation plans, your business IDIQ provided credit chest of drawers data files for activity that could signal a possibility of citation fraud or identity larceny. In some cases, you may need to manually activate your Credit Monitoring services from the Member Site. The Member Site will indicate when your credit monitoring has become active. If a monitor event occurs, we will attempt to electronically alert you by email and/or textbook. A more detail report associated with the Credit Monitoring alert may be available from the Member Site. By agreeing to these Service Terms, you acknowledge that not all transactions or Credit Score changes will be monitored including some that may involve the electric potential for deceitful consumption of your identity or credit. The character of Credit Monitoring we provide to you may change from time to time. Credit Score Monitoring – Your design may include Credit Score monitoring ( “ Score Monitoring ” ). Score monitor may generally monitor your personal of if applicable for occupation accredit plans, your business Credit Score ( s ) from one or more Credit Score providers used by IDIQ for your Credit Services. Score monitoring may monitor for changes and other events associated with your Credit Score. The Member Site will indicate when your score monitor has become active. If a monitor event occurs, you may be electronically alerted. A more detail report associated with the Score Monitoring alarm may be available from the Member Site. Your score may be diagrammatically tracked and presented to you through the Member Site. By agreeing to these Service Terms, you acknowledge that not all Credit Score changes or Credit Score models will be monitored. The type of Score Monitoring we provide to you may change from time to time. interactional Self-Help Tools – Interactive credit related self-help tools ( “ Tools ” ) are made available to you through our Member Site in some Service Plans. These Tools are offered to you in some Service Plans with Feature names such as “ the Credit Score simulator ” or “ IQAlerts ”, “ Synthetic ID Theft ”, “ ScoreTracker ”, and “ ScoreCasterIQ™ ” These Tools are provided by third base parties not affiliated with IDIQ. The information displayed from these Tools is based on point-in-time data and may not inevitably be representative of late occurrences such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, late payments, fresh accounts or other matters which may potentially impact your Credit Score and the accuracy or consequence of Tools. The Tools we make available to you are intended to educate and assist you with general Credit Score relate scenarios that may be based on a broad scope of credit report related data. All Tools are provided to you “ As-Is ”. IDIQ does not represent or guarantee Tool accuracy or that use of Tools will help you raise your Credit Score, or establish or rebuild commodity accredit, or improve your credit record, credit history or credit evaluation. The Tools do not consider your personal fiscal position. Your personal fiscal position is unique and the information from Tools may not be appropriate or example of your personal situation. consequently, before making any final examination decisions or implementing any Credit Score management strategy, you are advised to obtain extra information and advice from a sphere expert such as a fiscal adviser who is in full mindful of your individual circumstances. IDIQ is not a credit rectify organization and can not provide you with advice or aid in improving your credit report, recognition history or Credit Score rate. Tools are based on information and criteria used in the United States of America and are not appropriate for consumption in other jurisdictions. Credit Related Information – Your Service Plan may include access to an IDIQ Credit Specialist. The Credit Specialist can answer general questions about credit monitoring alerts, credit reports, Credit Scores, and how to dispute inaccurate information on your credit report. however, Credit Specialists are not allowed to provide you with specific credit relate advice to your situation. You understand and agree that IDIQ can not assist you to directly to place fraud alerts, a credit report freeze or dispute data on your credit report .

Other Services/Features

Some Service Plans besides provide you with other Features not immediately related to Credit Services or identity Protection Services. If your Service Plan includes one or more of these Features and/or you purchase one or more of these Features to add to your existing Service Plan, then you may be required to agree to an addendum to these Service Terms ( or an “ end user license agreement ” for those Features that are software related ). Some of these Features are described below : Bitdefender® Cybersecurity – Bitdefender is a software security which, if included in your Service plan may include anti-virus software, internet security software, end point security software, and other cybersecurity products and services. To access, download and use this feature, you will be required to agree to a classify “ end exploiter license agreement ”. If you do not agree to end user license agreement, you will not be able to use this feature. business Credit Plan – For members who own a business, IDIQ may make available one or more business credit related features within your personal active IDIQ Service Plan. The Business Credit Plan may consist of but is not be limited to business recognition reports from one or more sources, business credit scores from or more sources, business credit monitoring and more .


Before you can use IDIQ ’ second Services, you must Enroll and pay applicable fees ( “ Fees ” ) associated with a Service Plan or an A louisiana Carte purchase. All Fees must be paid in United States currentness. Fees for a Service Plan or A lanthanum menu purchase may involve a erstwhile price or a recurring blame based on the buy Services. If your Service Plan involves a recurring charge, you may be provided with the choice to pay monthly, quarterly or annually by one or more of the payment options that may be made available to you and are listed below. lead Pay – By agreeing to these Service Terms and in accord with our privacy Policy, you agree to provide an accept credit or debit calling card ( “ Payment Card ” ) in good standing. Your payment Card will be retained and stored by us for practice when you first Enroll or make any purchase in our Services. Your requital Card will be charged immediately when you first Enroll. If applicable, your Payment Card will besides be used for the automatic renewal of recurring Fees for Services you have purchased. When required, you will be notified in advance, by e-mail, when a recurring payment is scheduled to be charged. If your Payment Card information changes or you prefer to use an alternate Payment Card, then you are responsible to update the information at the Member Site or by calling IDIQ customer service. We reserve the right to ( a ) affirm that your Payment Card is authorized for Fees prior to processing any purchase or refilling from you, ( barn ) access automatic updates of your Payment Card information electronically from your bank provider, ( coke ) rehear failed payments in order fulfill your Services payment obligation. If at any time IDIQ is unable to charge your Payment Card for the full come owed, IDIQ reserves the right to downgrade your Service design and charge your Payment Card a reduce Fee one a erstwhile or recurring footing. Group / Employee Discount Plan – In some cases, Services may be paid directly by your Group or employer. Your Group or employer may be responsible to collect Fees from you, if applicable. In the case where your Group or employer do not pay for your Services, your Service design could be affected, as outlined below. If your Payment Card fails when a Service Fee is charged OR your Group or employer, if any, do not pay for Services on your behalf as invoice your Service plan may be temporarily placed on appreciation until requital ( randomness ) are successfully processed. unsuccessful PAYMENTS FOR YOUR RECURRING SERVICES WILL ACCRUE AND DOES NOT CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT. YOU AGREE THAT IDIQ HAS NO LIABILITY FOR THIRD PARTY FEES YOU MAY INCURE WHEN YOUR PAYMENT METHOD TO US FAILS OR IS REJECTED FOR ANY REASON INCLUDING ISSUFFICENT FUNDS. EXAMPLES OF FEES YOU COULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCLUDE OVERDRAFT AND/OR OVER-THE-LIMIT CHARGES OR OTHER BANK FEES. In all cases, you are personally creditworthy for any local, department of state, federal or other taxes that may be associated with your purchases of our Services. We besides reserve the right to collect such taxes at the time any purchase is processed with your Payment Card .


The length of time that your Services will continue will be provided to you when you Enroll and from your Member Site ( the “ Term ” ). A lanthanum menu and some Service Plans you purchase may be a erstwhile purchase or will continue only for specify Term. early Service Plans are considered a recurring monthly subscription purchase which shall continue indefinitely ( a “ Recurring Subscription ” ). Unless you cancel, or your bill is terminated, a Recurring Subscription ’ mho Term will mechanically continue indefinitely. You will be creditworthy to pay the Fees of a Recurring subscription when you Enroll and each month thereafter. IDIQ reserves the correct change its Fees for individual Items and Service Plans ( including Recurring Subscription Service Plans ) from time to prison term as permitted by law. stream Fee information for all Individual Items and Service Plans can be found on the Websites. In summation to posting on the Member Site and Websites, you will be notified anterior to any Fee increase for a Recurring Subscription via one of the communication Methods noted below ( an “ Increase Notice ” ). Prior to imposition of any Fee increase on a Recurring subscription you shall have up to sixty ( 60 ) days elect to downgrade your Service design with a lower Fee structurer you may cancel your Recurring subscription .


You may cancel your Services at any time using any of the follow methods .

  • Contact IDIQ’s customer service by phone during regular business hours using the phone number published in the Member Site or found in this Agreement. To cancel, we must verify your identity during the phone call.
  • When available, click the “cancel button” found in your Member Website.

once your Service plan has been cancelled, the Features associated with the cancel Service Plan such as identity protective covering monitoring, credit monitor and credit reports will immediately be discontinued. You may in some cases hush have entree to login to the Member Site to use certain no monetary value Features or to make future purchases. PLEASE NOTE, CANCELLATION OF A SERVICE PLAN DOES NOT CANCEL YOUR WRITTEN FCRA AUTHORIZATION FOR IDIQ TO CONTINUE TO ACCESS YOUR CREDIT INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE SERVICE TERMS. accordingly, we may, at our sole free will, continue to monitor your credit rating ( at no extra fee to you ) and we may alert you if a fishy event occurs and/or notify you of especial Offers and Service Plans that may be valuable to you arising from such credit monitoring that you may desire to purchase. SINCE SERVICES ARE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU UPON ENROLLMENT OR PURCHASE AND COSTS ARE INCURRED BY US, WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS. IDIQ reserves the right to cancel or terminate Services to you upon reasonable notice, with or without cause .


Modifications to Service Terms

IDIQ reserves the mighty to modify these Service Terms and our Services at any time for any reason. If this Service Agreement or our Services are modified, and you are materially affected ( a “ Material Change ” ), we will make a commercially fair attempt to notify you by email and/or via the Member Site. If you disagree with a Material Change, your alone option will be to cancel your Services. In some circumstances, you may be prompted to re-agree to these Service Terms. This could occur upon a substantial change or if a period of time has elapsed since your Service Plan Enrollment. In such an exemplify, you must re-agree to the Service Terms to continue your Services .

Services Not Offered

You acknowledge that IDIQ does not provide credit guidance, debt management, legal advice, tax advice, fiscal advice, credit rating animate or credit advice. IDIQ is not a lender, broke or policy company. If You enrolled in an IDIQ Business Credit Plan, then some Features normally available in non-business plans may not be available or may not apply to your business.

Outcome and Expectation of Services

You acknowledge that IDIQ is not creditworthy for the accuracy of your credit reputation, Credit Score or any monitor output. These Features may be provided by third base party services. You are encouraged to dispute any actual or perceive inaccuracies on your credit report by contacting the affected accredit agency ( second ). You acknowledge and agree that IDIQ will not be apt to you or your enrolled minor children or any third party based on your reliance of or use of any data we provide to you in any communication, alert, educational material, communication, web site, customer service conversation or report .

Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act ( “ FCRA ” ) allows you as one person, to obtain a copy of all the information in your consumer credit rating charge from a consumer report means for a fair care. This is not applicable for Business Credit Plans. Full disclosure of information in your file at the three national citation repositories ( “ Repositories ” ) can be obtained directly from the Repositories at : Experian : www.experian.com
Equifax : www.equifax.com
Trans Union : www.transunion.com The FCRA besides states that individuals are entitled to receive a disclosure immediately from the consumer report means absolve of charge under the stick to circumstances :

  • You certify in writing that you are unemployed and intend to apply for employment in the 60-day period beginning on the day you make the certification; or
  • You are on public welfare assistance; or
  • You have reason to believe that your file at the consumer reporting agency contains inaccurate information due to fraud; or
  • You have been denied credit, insurance, or employment within the past 60 days because of your credit report.

The FCRA besides permits consumers to dispute inaccurate information in their recognition report without charge. accurate information can not be changed. You do not have to purchase your credit report or other data from IDIQ to dispute inaccurate or incomplete information in your credit file maintained by Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion. recognition reports provided from IDIQ are not intended to constitute the disclosure of Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion information required by the FCRA or exchangeable country laws. The FCRA allows consumers to get one free comprehensive examination disclosure of all the information in their recognition file from each of the credit Repositories once every 12 months through a central source. Although comprehensive, the credit rating reports from each of the Repositories that are available from an IDIQ Service Plan may not have the like information as a credit report obtained directly from the three Repositories or through the central source. To request your free annual report card under the FCRA, you must go to www.annualcreditreport.com. You can besides contact the cardinal generator to request this barren annual disclosure by calling toll free 877-FACTACT ( 877-322-8228 ) or by using the mail request form available at the central source web site. The Services at our Websites are not related to the free FCRA disclosure that you may be entitled to. Consumers residing in the states of Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Vermont may receive an extra rid copy of their citation report once per class and residents of the submit of Georgia may receive two ( 2 ) extra copies per class. For Illinois residents, credit report agencies are required by law to give you a copy of your credit record upon request at no charge or for a nominal fee. To view the full Fair Credit Reporting work, go to : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/statutes/fair-credit-reporting-act/545a_fair-credit-reporting-act-0918.pdf

Access to Services and System Requirements

To utilize and access Services you are Enrolled in, you must use a computer or chic telephone with internet access, a web browser and a exploit electronic mail cover. IDIQ is not responsible for your ability to access electronic mail, the internet or telephone services .

Your Protection and Conduct

The security of your score and datum is of the farthermost importance. To access our Member Site, you must have a valid login user ID and password. You will receive your exploiter ID and password after you Enroll in one of our Services for the first time. You are responsible to maintain the security and confidentiality of the password associated with your IDIQ score. If you forget your password or feel your password has been compromised, you may promptly reset your password by choosing the “ forgot password ” choice at our Website login or by calling IDIQ customer servicing. Passwords are imperfect security measures so you must not expose your social security number or early personal information to anyone that might misuse it. You further agree that any information you print from the Member Site, such as your credit report, will be protected in a manner like other crucial documents you may have. finally, you agree that if you intend to dispose of your credit report or other print personal information that was printed from the Member Site, that you will shred or use another method acting of administration that sanely assures the documents can not be viewed or reused by an unauthorized person .

Privacy and Who May Use IDIQ’s Services

You acknowledge that we may use your personal and/or commercial enterprise data in accord with our privacy Policy found on our Websites at : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.idiq.com/privacy-policy/. You further agree that the privacy Policy is considered a region of this Agreement. You authorize IDIQ and its employees and agents to : ( a ) access and obtain account information and reports about you or, if applicable to your Service Plan, your enrolled minor children through our 3rd party services, such as accredit agency ( randomness ), ( bel ) to act on your behalf as your representative for the purpose of obtaining information to provide you with the Services you have Enrolled in, and ( hundred ) to view your information and reports, when they are available to us, to provide customer subscribe to you. You agree that you will enroll in our Services lone for your own behalf ( and your minor children, if applicable ) and/or as the owner or authorize person of a commercial enterprise for a Business Credit Plan. You are responsible for your function of the Member Site and your membership account. minor children may not Enroll. You must notify IDIQ immediately of any unauthorized use of your membership or the larceny or loss of your membership access credentials .

Managing your Personal Information

In some cases, your Services may include a feature that allow you to partake selected reports, your credit score ( sulfur ) and other data ( “ Information ” ) from your IDIQ membership account with a third party. You will have the ability to choose what Information may be shared, to whom and the ability to discontinue such access to those third gear parties. If you elect to use this feature, you understand that IDIQ is not responsible for how such a third party protects the information you release. This may include, but is not limited, to how they use it, how they store it, what security precautions they use and how they may destroy it. For absolute clearness, once you release your information to a third party, there are no controls, security or protections that IDIQ controls with that one-third party and you will need to assure yourself that such third party will handle your Information properly as you desire. To that extent, the use of this have and the sharing of your information is wholly at your risk .

Communication Authorization and Methods

To deliver our Services to you, we and our contractors and/or empower third parties may need to communicate with you in a variety of ways, including telephone, electronic mail, postal mail or text ( “ Methods ” ). In some cases, when a telephone is used, we may use an automated phone dialer and you acknowledge that by providing your cell call number and other information upon Enrollment or differently to IDIQ that you expressly authorize such Methods. Because all Communications to you are provided in some way through a third-party supplier ( such as internet and cell service providers ), we can not guarantee and are not responsible to assure that any communications are delivered in a timely, complete and dependable manner or at all. By Enrolling in our Services, you agree that IDIQ and its employees, contractors or authoritative third parties may contact you by using any of the Methods described above. The frequency of communications will vary based on the Service Plan you buy and the events that may occur with your history, citation or identity information requiring communications such as alerts. You besides agree to allow us to communicate with you using the Methods described above after you cancel your Service. such communications may include but are not limited to ; ( a ) ongoing educational information related to our Services, ( bel ) special offers to renew or purchase IDIQ Services, or ( cytosine ) special third party offers at IDIQ ’ s exclusive delicacy, credit and/or identity monitor alerts if a leery event occurs. You agree to maintain your stream contact information in your account through the Member Site or by calling IDIQ customer service. You acknowledge that IDIQ has no liability to you ; ( a ) if contact information you have provided is not accurate, ( b ) if any third-party communication services you obtain are not working correctly or at all, ( c ) for third-party party charges you may incur that are associated with communications we send to you ( such as text message fees ). This includes, but is not limited to, your third-party communications providers for data, mobile call or farming telephone line plans. IDIQ has no province for text message fees and roaming charges assessed to you through your phone provider. You may have the ability to opt-out of certain communication Methods, such as texting, by changing your preferences at the Member Site or by calling IDIQ customer service .

Third Party Offers and Services

You acknowledge that certain Features offered in your Service design may be provided by parties other than IDIQ who are not affiliated with or under coarse control with IDIQ ( “ Third Parties ” ). additionally, you may be offered products, services, or other offerings through the Member Site or through other Methods permitted by applicable law from Third Parties ( “ Third Party Offerings ” ). These Third-Party Offerings may provide you with discounted or valuable products or services to compliment your Services or which may differently be of matter to to you. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and IDIQ ’ s Privacy Policy ( hypertext transfer protocol : //www.idiq.com/privacy-policy/ ), you authorize IDIQ to partake or sell your reach data with Third Parties to enable you to receive Third Party Offerings. You may opt out of any such mandate as noted in the “ Discontinue Selected Participation ” section below. You agree and understand that Third Party Offerings are not provided by IDIQ and that IDIQ is not responsible for such Third-Party Offerings. When you click on a Third-Party offer connection from our Member Site you acknowledge that you are leaving the IDIQ Member Site and going to a web site owned and controlled by the Third Party. Purchasing Third Party Offerings is an independent decisiveness you can make at your own hazard. If you click a associate or visit a web site associated with a Third Party Offering, you acknowledge and agree that the manipulate and security of the Third Party ’ second web site is not managed or controlled by IDIQ and is not IDIQ ’ south province. Should you decide to purchase a Third Party Offering you further agree that IDIQ is not responsible in any way for the Third Party Offering. This includes the security of Third Party ’ s web site, degree of defend you receive, seasonableness or choice of the service or product, your satisfaction, refunds or cost of the serve or product .

Customer Surveys and Reviews

By submitting any customer view responses or statements, reviews or other contentedness ( “ Responses ” ) to IDIQ you grant IDIQ a ceaseless, royalty rid, irrevocable, assignable right to nonexclusive license to use, copy, change, adapt, print, translate, delete, create works, sell distribute and utilize the Responses into any class we wish throughout the United States or the World with no compensation to you. You will not have any control to review or edit Responses used by IDIQ. IDIQ reserves the right to use or not use your Responses for any other purpose at our own free will. If you create Responses, you agree, warrant and map that ; ( a ) you are the lone generator and owner of the Responses, ( barn ) all Response are accurate first gear hand experiences to you, ( c ) you are a current or by customer of IDIQ, ( five hundred ) your Responses will not cause injury to any person or entity, ( einsteinium ) you will not infringe any third-party register tag, service mark, web site look-feel-design, copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or early proprietary rights, ( f ) your Responses do not violate any laws, ( g ) your Responses are not hateful, nauseating, unlawfully threatening, harassing, calumniatory or calumniatory to any person or entity, and ( planck’s constant ) you have not been compensated by IDIQ or any third-party to produce your Responses .

Discontinue Selected Participation (Opt-Out)

In some cases, under applicable law or IDIQ ’ s Privacy Policy ( hypertext transfer protocol : //www.idiq.com/privacy-policy/ ), you may choose to discontinue or “ opt-out ” from sealed communications and/or Services that we provide to you. once you have performed the opt-out request and it has been processed, then you will no longer receive the special offers and/or communications and/or Services that you requested discontinued .

Opt-Out Type What is means Methods to Opt-Out
Do not sell my information Should you decide that you do not want special offers from Third Parties you may opt-out of having your information sold to such Third Parties.   By opting out, this will only prevent IDIQ from sharing your contact information with such Third Parties going forward. ONLINE – Login to your Member Site > navigate to Account Settings and then de-select the Marketing Opt-In checkbox. PHONE – Call IDIQ member support at ( 877 ) 875 – 4347 and request to opt-out of IDIQ limited offers. EMAIL – Click the opt-out/unsubscribe link contained in an e-mail offer you received containing any Third Party Offering .
Special Offers Should you decide that you do not want special offers from IDIQ, or Third Parties as defined elsewhere in this Agreement, you may opt-out of communications about these offers going forward.  Opt-out will not stop communications associated with your IDIQ Services. ONLINE – Login to your Member Site > navigate to Account Settings and then de-select the Marketing Opt-In checkbox. PHONE – Call IDIQ member support at ( 877 ) 875 – 4347 and request to opt-out of IDIQ special offers. EMAIL – Click the opt-out link contained in an electronic mail offer you received from an IDIQ or Third-Party Offer .
Contact After Cancellation of Services As found in this Agreement, you may continue to receive certain communications from IDIQ after you cancel your paid Services. You may opt-out from these communications going forward. ONLINE – Login to your Member Site > navigate to Account Settings and then de-select the Marketing Opt-In checkbox. PHONE – Call IDIQ penis support at ( 877 ) 875 – 4347 and request to have your shut membership completely cancelled for ongoing communications .

Contacting IDIQ

You may contact IDIQ customer service during our regular business hours excluding certain common U.S. holidays by calling the toll-free telephone number provided at the Member Site or by using the telephone numbers or electronic mail savoir-faire below : Phone

IdentityIQ® 1 (877) 875- 4347 MyScoreIQ® 1 (800) 637-5590 DataBreachIQ® 1 (800) 331-3865

Email Allow up to 36 business hours for e-mail support replies. Provide your member number with your electronic mail message and send it to : [ e-mail protected ]


Proprietary Rights

You acknowledge and agree that ; ( a ) all capacity associated in any way to our Services and products including, but not limited to, our Websites, Services, logos, customer defend screens and methodologies, education material, communications and processes ( jointly, “ Content ” ) are the copyright work of IDIQ ( or its third-party content suppliers ) and is protected by copyright laws, ( b-complex vitamin ) IDIQ ’ s trade names, including, IdentityIQ®, CreditReportIQ®, CreditScoreIQ®, CreditBuilderIQ®, DataBreachIQ®, MyScoreIQ®, ScoreCasterIQ® and all other IDIQ mark logo, all Website page headers, the look and feel of our Websites, custom-made graphics and button icons are service marks, trademarks and/or trade wind dress of IDIQ ( jointly, the “ Marks ” ), and ( c ) all early trademarks, product names, company appoint or logos on the Websites are the property of their respective owners and you have no right field to use nor copy such property except arsenic expressly permitted by IDIQ in this Agreement or elsewhere. You farther agree not use any such content or Marks for any purpose without the appropriate anterior written authority from IDIQ. Certain mark names, trademarks, avail marks, logo etc. belonging to IDIQ Third Party suppliers including FICO®, Experian®, TransUnion®, Equifax® and VantageScore® 3.0 are used under license by IDIQ but are owned by the respective IDIQ Third Party supplier .

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

IDIQ is not a credit guidance service and does not promise to help you obtain a lend or improve your credit report, history, or rating. The terms of this section shall survive any end point, cancellation, or exhalation of this Agreement. All Services, Content, tools and calculators are provided on an “ as is ” or “ as available ” basis. IDIQ and its respective Third Party suppliers expressly disclaim all warranties, guaranties and conditions of any kind whether express or implied, including but not limited to, the incriminate warranties of merchantability, fitness for a especial aim, title or noninfringement. The information contained in our Websites does not constitute legal, tax, account or other professional advice. IDIQ and its respective suppliers make no guarantee that ; ( a ) the Services and Content are accurate, timely, uninterrupted or error-free ; and ( barn ) the results that may be obtained from the consumption of the Services or Content will be dependable. You understand and agree that IDIQ and its respective suppliers will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages resulting from or in any way arising out of your access to, use, or inability to use the Websites, Services, membership benefits or Content, or from your access to, use, inability to use, or reliance upon any linked Third Party web site, even if IDIQ or its respective suppliers have been advised of the possibility of those damages. Some jurisdictions either do not allow or place restrictions upon the exclusion or limit of damages in certain types of agreements, and in these jurisdictions, the aforesaid limitation on liability shall be enforced to the maximal degree permitted by applicable law. If, notwithstanding the above, liability is imposed upon IDIQ, then you agree that any such indebtedness, regardless of the nature of the legal or equitable claim, shall not exceed the amount paid by you to IDIQ for the Service ( s ) you purchase from IDIQ. In addition, the follow limit of indebtedness applies to all Services where the supplier is a credit report agency ( a “ CRA ” ). Neither IDIQ, any CRA or any their respective affiliates shall have any liability to you as an agentive role in obtaining copies of your personal credit report, credit alert report, quarterly update, or Credit Score. Neither IDIQ, any CRA nor any of their respective affiliates or accredit information subcontractors make any guarantee, express or implied, for the accuracy of the information contained in or provided in conjunction with the Services you may be enrolled in. Neither IDIQ, CRAs nor any of their respective affiliates assume any indebtedness for damages, calculate or indirect, consequential or attendant, in connection with the operation of the services of your request, manipulation or attempted use of the Servicers. Neither IDIQ, CRAs nor any of their respective affiliates or credit information subcontractors are responsible for negative actual information contained in any reports you receive or as contribution of the Service. The aggregate liability of all such parties to you in any consequence is limited to the amount which you have paid IDIQ for your Services .


By agreeing to these Service Terms, you indemnify and hold IDIQ, its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, licensees, and Third-Parties harmless from any claim or need including fair lawyer fees made by any third-party arising out of your breach of these Service Terms or your irreverence of any law or regulation or the rights of any third-party .

Export Control

IDIQ controls and operates our Services and Websites from our headquarters in the United States of America. The Websites, Content and Services are not intended for sale and are not appropriate for use outside of the United States or its territories. If you use the Website, Content or Services outside of the United States of America you represent and warrant ; ( a ) you are responsible for following applicable local laws, ( barn ) you are not located in a country that is subject to a U.S. Government embargo or has been designated a “ terrorist supporting ” country, ( carbon ) you are not listed on any United States Government list of prohibited or restricted persons, and ( five hundred ) that you are amply creditworthy for any local anesthetic taxes or United States tariff taxes that may apply to you or IDIQ as a consequence of such uses .

Binding Arbitration and Class Action Waiver

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, IT AFFECTS YOUR RIGHTS IDIQ believes that any wonder or concern you have with the IDIQ Services or this agreement can be resolved by calling or differently contacting our customer serve department as noted above. however, if you feel other relief is needed, then Arbitration is more informal than a lawsuit in court. arbitration uses a achromatic arbiter rather of a evaluator or jury, allows for more limited discovery than in court, and is subject to very restrict review by courts. Arbitrators can award much of the same damages and relief that a court can award. You agree that the U.S. Federal Arbitration Act governs the interpretation and enforcement of this arbitration provision, and that you and IDIQ are each waiving the right to a test by jury or to participate in a class military action. This arbitration provision shall survive termination of your Services. Notice of Claim – If you elect to seek arbitration, you must first send a license written notice of your title ( “ Notice of Claim ” ) to IDIQ addressed as follows : IDIQ, Attn : Human and Business Services, 43454 Business Park Drive, Temecula CA 92590 and should be prominently captioned “ NOTICE OF CLAIM. ” The Notice of Claim should include both the mail address and e-mail address you would like IDIQ to use to contact you. If IDIQ elects to seek arbitration, it will send, by certify mail, a written Notice of Claim to your charge address on file in your membership. A Notice of Claim, whether sent by you or by IDIQ, must ( a ) describe the nature and basis of the claim or dispute ; ( b ) set forth the specific total of damages or other easing sought ( “ Demand ” ) ; and ( coulomb ) whether you reject any subsequent change of this section by IDIQ. Arbitration Proceedings – If we do not reach an agreement to resolve the claim within thirty ( 30 ) days after the Notice of Claim is received, you or IDIQ may commence an arbitration continue. You may download or copy a form of notice and a shape to initiate arbitration at www.adr.org. The arbitration will be governed by the Consumer or commercial arbitration Rules, as allow, of the American Arbitration Association ( “ AAA ” ) ( jointly, the “ AAA Rules ” ) and will be administered by the AAA. The AAA Rules and Forms are available on-line at www.adr.org. All issues are for the arbiter to decide, including issues relating to the setting and enforceability of this arbitration planning. The arbiter shall issue a reason written decisiveness sufficient to explain the essential findings and conclusions on which the prize is based. arbitration Fees – Payment of all charge, government and arbiter fees will be governed by the AAA Rules. You are required to pay AAA ’ s initial filing fee, but IDIQ will reimburse you for this filing fee at the ending of the arbitration to the extent it exceeded the tip for filing a ailment in a federal or express court in your county of residency or in Clark County, NV. IDIQ will not seek to recover the administration and arbiter fees we are creditworthy for paying under the AAA Rules unless the arbiter finds that either the kernel of your claim or the relief sought in your demand for Arbitration was frivolous or was brought for an improper purpose ( as measured by the standards set forth in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure ). Class Action Waiver – YOU AND IDIQ AGREE THAT WE EACH MAY BRING CLAIMS AGAINST THE OTHER ONLY IN OUR RESPECTIVE INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS OR REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING. Unless both you and IDIQ agree otherwise, the arbiter may not consolidate more than one person ’ second claims with your claims and may not otherwise preside over any shape of a representative or class proceeding. If this specific provision is found to be unenforceable, then the entirety of this arbitration section shall be nothing and void .

Governing Law

Except a governed by the federal laws of the United States these Service Terms and Services provided hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada, without regard to any laws that would direct the choice of early states laws .

Entire Agreement

This Agreement and the Service Terms herein, the privacy Policy, and other policies IDIQ may post from time to time on the Member Site constitute the entire agreement between IDIQ and you in association with your use of our Websites, the Services, and the Content, and supersede any anterior versions of the Service Terms, if applicable. The Service Terms are effective until terminated by IDIQ. In the event of termination, the Proprietary Rights, Communications, Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability, Arbitration, and Governing Law provisions set forth in these Service Terms will survive. In the event of a conflict between any other notice, policy, disavowal or other term contained in our Websites, Services or Content, these Service Terms will control. If any provision is deemed to be unlawful or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. The section headings are for appliance only and do not have any force or effect .

Electronic Signature and Acceptance of Agreement

You agree that the successful completion of your registration for Services or the subsequent purchase of Services after your registration through our Website or early authorize method constitutes your toleration of these Service Terms electronically as if you had physically signed the Agreement.

Effective Date: August 2, 2018 last updated May 27, 2022

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