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sometimes navigating a big caller ’ sulfur customer service departments is nerve-racking – particularly if you are trying to sever ties with the party. We would like to help .

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hera ’ mho information on how to cancel both your own Aflac policy and the policy of a asleep love one. We have scoured the fine print of the Aflac web site to find this information for you.

Steps for Canceling Your own Aflac policy policy

Aflac sells auxiliary health indemnity in the follow categories : short-run disability, life ( both term and whole ), accident, cancer, critical illness, hospital intensive care, hospital damages, dental, and vision .
If you presently hold an Aflac policy, hera are the steps to canceling it .

1. Contact Aflac ’ s customer service department

There are several methods available for contacting Aflac ’ s customer service .

option 1 : Log into your account

Most websites allow you to make changes to your account on-line. You ’ ll need to begin this summons by logging into your Aflac account .
Do you have a unmanageable time remembering your passwords for all of your on-line accounts ? Consider using a password director, which is a plug way to save the log in information and passwords on your family computer .
once you have logged into your account, navigate to the page that allows you to manage your options. From there, click on “ Cancel My Account. ”

option 2 : Utilize the customer old world chat choice on the web site

Visit the customer serve page on the Aflac web site and pawl on the orange measure on the right-hand side of the screen that says “ Chat With Us. ” This feature of speech will help you navigate the Aflac web site easy .
The customer new world chat choice will probably force you to log into your explanation. The profit of using the old world chat function is that it will help you navigate to the discipline page to cancel your report .

option 3 : Call the customer service phone number

According to the Aflac web site, the customer overhaul earphone number is for those with complex situations or those who prefer to talk directly with a company representative. The Aflac customer avail hours are 9 ante meridiem to 7 p.m. ET .
There are several different numbers listed on the company web site .

  • Aflac Customer Solutions Center: 800-992-3522
  • Aflac Group Customer Solutions Center: 800-433-3036
  • Aflac New York Customer Solutions Center: 800-366-3436
  • Aflac Direct: 866-990-2668

( The Aflac Direct line is for customers who purchased a policy on-line or over the telephone after January 4th, 202. )
When you talk with the staff member, you ’ ll motivation to be prepared to provide them with your policy count and customer details. then, explain that you wish to cancel your policy and stop recurring payments .

option 4 : electronic mail the customer service department

Some customers prefer to work through e-mail when contacting customer service. Using e-mail surely has its advantages – as you can keep a written record of your parallelism and refer back to instructions that the customer serve department provided .
rather of providing the customer with a specific e-mail address, Aflac customers are encouraged to submit this form to describe the topic .

choice 5 : transport mail to the customer service department

If your emergence escalates, or if you just prefer to write to a company, you can write a letter to the Aflac customer service department using the postdate cover :
Consumer Response and Resolution Department
PO Box 5388
Columbus, GA 31906-0388

Please note that this international relations and security network ’ t the requital address .

choice 6 : Contact your company ’ sulfur HR department

If you have a group policy with Aflac, you might need to cancel it through your company ’ south HR department. Keep in mind that most companies won ’ triiodothyronine let you enroll in another policy until registration .

choice 7 : stop payments with your bank

A straightforward method for closing most accounts is to stop payments with your bank. however, if you are paying for a life indemnity policy through Aflac, talk with a customer service spokesperson and fiscal adviser before cancel .

step 2 : Make sure you receive ratification that the account is closed

It ’ mho always a good mind to keep the ratification statement that an account was closed. This document will enable you to manage any disputes that may belated arise with the company .

Steps for Canceling a Deceased Loved One ’ south Aflac insurance policy

If you recently lost a close kin member, you are probably overwhelmed with the list of things to do when person dies .
Most full-service funeral homes will notify the Social Security Administration about the death. This agency then notifies the major credit agencies in the company. The credit agencies will then flag your love one ’ s social security numeral so that criminals can ’ t open modern accounts in your loved one ’ randomness identify .
Remember that notifying companies about a death and close accounts are two separate acts. The executor of the estate of the realm typically pays the debts of the estate using the assets of the dead person and closes the accounts. once those steps have been completed, the assets are divided among the beneficiaries .
Canceling your loved one ’ s Aflac indemnity policy and collecting any funds from the policy will require you to provide a certified death security .
here are the steps for canceling your loved one ’ randomness Aflac insurance policy and for filing a claim .

step 1 : chew the fat Aflac ’ s web site

navigate to the “ File a Claim ” page where you can begin the serve .

step 2 : Select the appropriate Aflac intersection

If you aren ’ triiodothyronine sure what type of claim you wish to claim, the page lists products the caller sells .

footstep 3 : upload any ask forms to the Aflac web site

For example, you might need to submit the death certificate, give birth security, or the key signature of the beneficiaries .

step 4 : read and accept the terms and conditions

You ‘ll need to accept the terms before you can continue .

step 5 : Verify your identity

You ’ ll be required to verify your identity before you can process the claim. The Aflac web site will walk you through this process .

measure 6 : complete the claim form

A advance cock at the top of your blind will enable you to see how far you are in the process .

footfall 7 : upload any necessity forms

Depending on the type of claim you are processing, you might be required to submit checkup forms to the Aflac web site. In addition, you might besides be required to submit a HIPPA acquittance form .

step 8 : Upload your mastermind deposit information

This step is optional. You may be able to receive your claim by check, but having a direct deposit may speed up the process .

footstep 9 : Review your claim and present it

Making a error on your Aflac claims may prolong the march. Review your claim before submitting it, and then download a replicate of the call for your files .

step 10 : ask for confirmation that the bill is closed

Keep the confirmation with the estate of the realm documents .

frequently Asked Questions : Cancel an Aflac policy

You might have early questions about canceling your loved one ’ sulfur Aflac policy. here are two of the most park questions and our answers .

Can you cancel an Aflac policy at any time ?

In most cases, you can cancel an Aflac policy at any time. however, you may not be able to enroll in a new policy until the registration dates set by your caller .
Before canceling a life policy policy, talk with an Aflac customer service department spokesperson, your HR spokesperson, and a fiscal adviser.

What happens after you cancel an Aflac policy ?

typically, your coverage will continue until the end of the month .
Aflac doesn ’ metric ton give pro-rated refunds when you cancel your person indemnity plan. however, for terminations of Aflac life indemnity with a cash value, you may receive money back when the policy expires. You should contact a fiscal adviser to understand the fully ramifications of canceling a biography insurance policy .

Seek Professional Advice When Canceling Insurance Policies

When making any fiscal decision, it is best to consult with a hope fiscal adviser rather of an insurance salesperson. Regardless of whether you are canceling your loved one ’ s Aflac policy or your own, understand the potential ramifications of your actions .

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