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Alaska Airlines has a solid loyalty broadcast and has been recognized for its customer gratification, so you may have already booked ( or are planning to book ) a flight on it. With COVID-19, travel flexibility is more significant than ever. here ’ s how to cancel Alaska flights. » Learn more : Why I might switch loyalty from United to Alaska

Can you cancel your Alaska Airlines flight?

not all Alaska Airlines flights can be canceled with refunds. Saver fares, which offer gloomy prices but come with a bunch of restrictions, can be canceled merely within the first 24 hours after booking and only if you bought your ticket at least 24 hours before departure. other do types let you change or cancel your flight with certain restrictions, but for nonrefundable tickets, you won ’ metric ton get your money back — just a credit toward future travel.

If you ‘re wondering how much it costs to cancel an Alaska Airlines flight, the answer varies. For a refundable flight, it costs nothing. For most other flights besides Saver fares, you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the cash price refunded starting 24 hours after booking, though you can get a credit for future travel. For changes made during the check-in windowpane ( from the meter check-in opens up until the fledge departs ), fees can run $ 25 to $ 50. » Learn more : Alaska wins best airlines rewards platform this year

Alaska Airlines’ flight cancellation policy

here are the independent things to know about canceling or changing your flight on Alaska Airlines .

  • For tickets purchased more than 24 hours before the schedule passing, all flights can be canceled within 24 hours of booking for a full refund .
  • For tickets purchased more than 24 hours before the scheduled passing, main cabin and first course fares can be changed within 24 hours of booking with no change fee ( although you ’ ll be creditworthy for any increases in fare monetary value or taxes ). rescuer fares at least 24 hours before passing can ’ triiodothyronine be changed, though they can be canceled and rebooked within 24 hours of reserve .
  • If you purchased a refundable ticket, you can request a refund to your original form of payment on-line or by speaking with a customer service example .
  • Except for Saver fares, you can cancel or change your reservation up until the flight ’ south deviation. If you booked a nonrefundable ticket and want to cancel, you ’ ll receive a citation for a future flight .
  • Same-day confirmed changes can be made during the check-in window for a fee that ranges from $ 25 to $ 50. But if you have MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75k condition with the airline, the variety fee is waived .
  • For prize tickets, angstrom long as you notify the airline ( either on-line or through a customer service representative ) before deviation, you can receive your mileage plan miles back in your report .

These rules are subject to change. Check the Alaska Airlines web site for the fare class you ’ rhenium book before purchasing a flight that you may want to change or cancel.

How to cancel your Alaska Airlines flight

To cancel your flight by earphone, call Alaska Airlines at 800-252-7522. Figuring out how to cancel an Alaska fledge on-line is straightforward. Find your trajectory using the Manage Reservation page and choice “ Cancel. ” You ’ ll receive an electronic mail confirmation and a refund or a future change of location citation.

Consider changing your Alaska Airlines flight instead

For all non-Saver fares purchased immediately through Alaska Airlines, you can change or rebook your flight on-line through the Manage Reservation page. Enter your confirmation numeral and last list, choose the flight you want to change then pick a new escape. If your newly flight costs more or less than your master, you ’ ll see the fare difference or credit due on that page. Are you an Alaska Airlines citation poster holder who booked a trip using your discounted companion fare profit ? Changing these tickets is besides pretty easy. To change a companion menu, begin at the Manage Reservation page and choose “ Make changes to this trip. ” Your companion dismiss will apply to your new flight.

If you used Alaska Mileage design miles to book a flight on a partner airline and you made the reservation on or after May 1, 2021, you can change your flight from the Manage Reservation page. If you booked the spouse prize before that date, call 800-252-7522 to make changes. If you purchased through a third party like Expedia, contact the web site directly to change or cancel.

How to get a refund on Alaska Airlines

Want a refund of the cash or mileage plan miles you paid for your tag ? here ’ s what you need to know.

For flights booked with cash

If you booked your flight with cash, you can get a refund entirely if :

  • You purchased the slate more than 24 hours before deviation and request a refund within 24 hours after booking .
  • You purchased a refundable ticket .

To request a refund, use Alaska Airlines ’ web site or call customer service.

For flights booked with miles

If you booked your flight with mileage plan miles, you can have them redeposited into your explanation provided you cancel the ticket before the flight ’ second departure. You can cancel many award tickets online, although some award tickets ( peculiarly spouse awards ) may need to be canceled via a call call with a customer servicing congressman. » Learn more : The accomplished usher to earning Alaska Airlines miles

If you need to cancel an Alaska Airlines flight

Alaska Airlines makes it relatively easy to cancel flights booked directly through the airline. For the safest full refund, cancel your Alaska escape within 24 hours of booking. If that window has passed, certain restrictions kick in — particularly for Saver fares. Before you book, check the type of menu you ’ re buying, as Saver fares have less-friendly cancellation policies.

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