How to Cancel Your Trip: A Comprehensive Guide

mollie Steckler You ’ ve scheduled your first base week-long solo slip to Thailand or are gearing up for a family vacation to the Bahamas. then something happens, and you have to cancel your plans .
No one books a stumble planning to cancel it, but it ’ second dear to know what to do when it does happen .
The mind of canceling and trying to get refunds can be consuming. This guide features a list of steps to help you stay organized in each of your cancellations. You ’ ll besides discover best practices for canceling reservations and pre-paid tickets.

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Trip Cancellation Checklist

Step 1: Communicate with Your Travel Companions

It ’ s most important to communicate with your change of location companions first. Unless you are traveling alone, you should be diaphanous with family, friends, or partners who are traveling with you .
Let them know equally soon as possible about any electric potential interferences with the trip, and don ’ thyroxine cancel anything without letting them know first. early communication can allow them to make their own adjustments if needed .

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Step 2: (Optional) Contact Your Travel Agent

If you hired a change of location agent to help you plan your tripper, they should be the adjacent call you make. Since your travel agent was in charge of making reservations and scheduling fare, they will need to be notified deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as potential so they can make adjustments .
The benefit of having a travel agent is that you have a change of location technical working to get you refunds or other forms of compensation for your cancellation. Before canceling anything, spill to your travel agent about your options .

Step 3: Create a List of Trip Reservations and Pre-Paid Tickets

start by looking at your travel path. Make a number of any pre-paid transportation tickets like airline or aim tickets .
then create a list of any accommodation reservations. finally, make a number of early reservations or pre-paid tickets for activities you planned to do during your stumble .
This complete list will help ensure you cancel each of your reservations or tickets and don ’ t forget any. Below, learn about typical practices for canceling different types of reservations, including flights, hotels, Airbnbs, rental cars, and enlistment entrance fee tickets .

Step 4: Read Your Travel Providers’ Cancellation Policies

now that you have a number of your reservations and pre-paid tickets, you need to read through each company ’ sulfur cancellation policy. ideally, you would have read these policies before engagement, but it ’ sulfur authoritative to refresh your mind on each company ’ s policy .

Keep in take care it is frequently more unmanageable ( or impossible ) to get a refund for tickets or reservations made through third-party vendors like Kayak or Expedia .

Take notes on how the cancellation serve works. Make sure you can answer these questions when reading cancellation policies :

  • Can I cancel through an online portal or do I need to call or email?
  • What is the customer service phone number / email address?
  • Does the company provide refunds, vouchers, or points?
  • Is there a specific time frame for when I can receive a refund? Are there particular circumstances?
  • When will I receive my refund?

Make certain you can answer each of these questions before moving on to the future step .

PRO TIP! If you are having trouble finding information about a company ’ mho cancellation policy, contact their customer support for answers to any questions .

Step 5: Review Your Travel Insurance Policy Documents

Travelers who purchase a trip cancellation policy plan should read through their policy ’ mho coverage description prior to canceling a trip. Make indisputable you understand the policy ’ mho covered reasons for trip cancellation. Your reason for cancellation must be listed as a cover reason in order to receive reimbursement under the policy ’ sulfur Trip Cancellation benefit .
note that some policies offer an optional Cancel for Any Reason ( CFAR ) profit. If you added this coverage to your design, you will be reimbursed a share of the unused, non-refundable, pre-paid payments or deposits you made for your trip—as long as you follow the correct cancellation procedures outlined in your policy documents .
For model, you may be required to cancel within a certain number of days prior to your trip to be eligible for CFAR coverage. You can upgrade your Atlas Journey plan from WorldTrips with a Trip Cancellation for Any Reason benefit and choose either 50 % or 75 % spinal column for cancelling due to a non-covered argue. Upgrade handiness varies by design and state residency .

Learn about what is covered and what isn ’ triiodothyronine covered by your travel indemnity plan to help you in your cancellation process .

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Step 6: Complete Cancellations

now that you have all the necessity information regarding your travel and how to cancel it, it ’ second time to follow through .
startle with reservations and pre-paid tickets that have time restraints on when you can cancel them. see that you cancel them within the necessity time frames. then move down your number of other reservations and ticket purchases .
If you get stuck trying to cancel a reservation, reach out to the party ’ s customer serve. Remember to be kind but tauten when speaking with customer service. You might have the opportunity to negotiate better compensation upon your cancellation .

What Are Late Cancellation Fees?

You may encounter late fees when attempting to cancel your tripper reservations. For exercise, some airlines charge a tip for canceling your fledge within 24 hours of the deviation .
Make indisputable you know whether your locomotion supplier charges belated fees and what you can do to avoid them .

How to Cancel a…


airline reservations are much slippery to cancel. Each airline has their own cancellation policy. See the list below of the biggest airline providers in the universe to learn about their specific cancellation and refund policies .

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Ryanair
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • China Eastern Airlines

major airline companies typically require you to fill out a form on an on-line portal site to adjust your reservations .
Some companies do not provide a refund for purchases, while others provide credit for future flights or cash refunds to your payment character used at purchase .
other airlines may only provide refunds for situations deemed as “ extenuating circumstances ” like a customer ’ s death or death of a family extremity. You may consider calling your airline ’ mho customer military service if you think you have a compel shell for canceling your mental reservation .

What Are Passenger Rights?
Travelers flying from the U.S. or within the U.S. are allowed certain passenger rights. The U.S. Department of Transportation states airlines must give customers ( who purchase a tag at least seven days before a trajectory ) one of two options :

  1. They must allow passengers to cancel their mental reservation and receive a full refund without punishment for 24 hours, or

  2. They must allow passengers to reserve a ticket at the quote price without paying for the ticket for 24 hours .

See the U.S. Department of Transportation ’ s “ Refunds ” page for more information about your rights as a passenger .

Hotel / Resort

hotel or fall back reservations tend to be the easiest to cancel. Often a quick shout to your accommodation ’ south provider can mean canceling without any penalty .
however, the position can be more complicate if you purchased a room at a non-refundable rate or you cancel excessively late. These situations may mean you won ’ thyroxine get a refund, or you will be charged a recently tip. If this is the case, try to speak to a customer service spokesperson to see if you can negotiate a better deal .


many travelers bible an Airbnb lease for their accommodations while traveling. If your Airbnb stay is less than 28 nights, then your host chooses their prefer cancellation option .
Your reservation details will include your host ’ second cancellation policy. Options include :

  • Flexible – You can cancel for free until 24 hours before check-in. If you cancel less than 24 hours before, you will receive a full refund minus the cost of the first night and the service fee.
  • Moderate – You can cancel for free until five days before check-in. If you cancel less than five days before, you will receive a 50% refund minus the cost of the first night and the service fee.
  • Strict – You can cancel within 48 hours of booking as long as it is at least 14 days before check-in. After 48 hours, you can cancel up to seven days before check-in and get a 50% refund of the nightly rate and cleaning fee, but not the service fee.

Airbnb stays longer than 28 days are automatically assigned a particular cancellation policy. The cancellation policies are as follows :

  • Long Term (28 nights or more) – You can cancel within 48 hours of booking and receive a full refund as long as it is at least 28 days before check-in. Cancellations after 48 hours receive a full refund minus the first 30 days and the service fee.
  • Super Strict 30 Days (only select Airbnbs) – You can cancel at least 30 days before check-in for a 50% refund of the nightly rate and cleaning fee minus the service fee.
  • Super Strict 60 Days (only select Airbnbs) – You can cancel at least 60 days before check-in for a 50% refund of the nightly rate and cleaning fee minus the service fee.

You may receive a wide refund if you cancel because of an emergency. See Airbnb ’ s “ extenuating context policy ” page for more information .

Rental Car

Don ’ thymine forget to cancel your rental cable car when canceling a trip. Your lease representation ’ south web site is a great identify to find information about their cancellation policy. If you can not find the cancellation policy on their web site, give customer service a call .
Companies tend to be more lenient to those who cancel within 24 hours of booking the car. Later cancellations may mean extra fees or little compensation at all .

Tour & Admission Tickets

cancellation policies for tours or admission tickets can vary wide based on the company. Some tickets may be non-refundable, while others are more indulgent .

PRO TIP! Smaller companies tend be less willing to refund after a buy .

Call the party ’ sulfur customer serve to see if there is any potential lenience in their policy. You could try to negotiate for a giving batting order or voucher refund to use late. Make surely to cancel american samoa soon as possible to increase your chances of getting a better refund .

Step 7: File a Claim with Your Travel Insurance Provider

Those with a trip cancellation policy can now submit their claims once their trip is cancelled. Review your policy documents one more clock to ensure you understand what is and international relations and security network ’ thyroxine covered .
Gather your evidence ( i, receipts, confirmations, emails, etc. ) and your policy ID. You should be able to file a claim through an on-line portal vein, electronic mail, or mail-in mannequin. See your insurance supplier ’ s web site for details on filing a claim and call customer service if you have any far questions .
It normally takes clock for your claim to be reviewed, then be patient and make sure you provide as a lot documentation as potential to help speed up the procedure .

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Tips for Canceling a Trip (and How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Refund)

Cancel As Soon As Possible

Cancellations are normally easier to manage the preferably they are started. Canceling months or weeks before a trip is besides more courteous to travel companions who may schedule off sour, school, or early activities for the travel .
additionally, early cancellations could mean less hassle in getting refunds for your purchases. many trip services like hotels, Airbnbs, and airline companies don ’ thymine allow fully refunds for cancellations within 24 or 48 hours of the booking or may apply extra cancellation fees for the trouble .

Call, Don’t Email

You may need to contact a company ’ south customer service to complete your cancellation or get clearing on cancellation policies. Though electronic mail may be more commodious for you, calling the company ’ s customer serve number may be more effective for last-minute cancellations .
There are frequently delays in electronic mail responses when contacting a company, which can be nerve-racking when attempting to cancel a last-minute stumble. Additional clarify questions and concerns can frequently be resolved more cursorily over the call .
If you find yourself attempting to negotiate a better refund deal for your cancellation, it may be easier and more effective to have a one-on-one conversation with a representative over the telephone quite than emailing .
however, some companies may request that customers contact their customer military service through electronic mail or on-line chew the fat .

How to Speak with Customer Service Agents

Talkdesk created a tilt of tips to help people get well customer service while interacting with customer service agents. Use the tips below when you speak to customer corroborate .

  1. Be Prepared. Come to the table with notes on your site and any steps you have taken to complete your cancellation. Have receipts, flight numbers, and any early attest that might be relevant during your conversation ready to go.

  2. Talk to a Real Person. If you are not mechanically directed to a real person, take the proper steps through the call corner to reach a real person.

  3. Use Empathy to Your Advantage. Speak honestly. Try to connect with the customer service agent and help them understand your situation. Relating to the person and making a connection could lead to a better result on your part.

  4. Be Courteous. Customer service agents speak with many stressed or thwart customers each sidereal day. Do not approach the conversation yelling or blame. alternatively, be civil and composure through your conversation. The agent is more probably to go out of their way to help you if you are civil to them.

  5. When Calling Back, Ask for the Same Agent. Some issues may require you to call back in order to resolve the problem. Ask to speak with the like agent you did before for continuity .

Keep Documentation of Everything

A best practice for all purchases and reservations is to document everything in subject you must cancel your trip .
Save all emails, receipts, conversations, and printed documents from locomotion companies and their representatives. Keep these documents at easy access until you have completed your trip .
Documenting your integral booking and purchase process can help speed up your cancellation procedure. besides, you may need to provide documentation when filing a claim to your travel insurance supplier .
additionally, documenting your cancellation serve allows you to provide evidence if you run into issues receiving your refund or vouchers .

PRO TIP! Ask for a cancellation number when completing your cancellation process if you are not given one. This number can be a helpful mention if you experience issues receiving refunds or vouchers .

Consider Alternative Refunds

Some travel companies may not provide a full refund of costs upon your cancellation, specially if you cancel final moment. however, they may provide alternate forms of refund like vouchers or credits .

What are Travel Vouchers?

travel vouchers and credits typically work like endowment cards. The voucher can be used toward future purchases with the company. This could mean a rung trip ticket or one night at a hotel, with the monetary value paid for by the company .
Though sometimes not ideal, these types of refunds could allow for more low-cost travel in the future .

PRO TIP! You may be required to use your change of location voucher or points within a certain fourth dimension skeleton. Look for an termination go steady or contact the company ’ mho customer serve to ask whether vouchers expire if you are diffident .

Alternatives to Canceling a Trip

sometimes wholly canceling a stumble international relations and security network ’ t the only option when you find yourself unable to travel. You may have early options that allow you to experience change of location at a different time or in a different way .
It is sometimes easier to adjust your trip than to cancel it wholly .

Adjust Trip Activities

possibly you find out the music festival or art display you want to attend has been canceled. rather of canceling your flight and hotel, consider option activities you could do in the city .
Is this the foremost time you ’ re visiting the city or country ? Your destination could be home to many unique features you hadn ’ thyroxine considered differently. possibly you decide to visit a couple of the national museums or historic sites, hike through beautiful and impressive mountains, or relax by the beach .
just because your aforethought activities have been canceled, it doesn ’ t mean the finish doesn ’ thymine have more possibilities for exploration and playfulness .

Move Travel Dates

What if you become sick and are unable to travel or badly weather at your finish makes you reconsider your trip ? You could consider moving your trip to a unlike date. This could be a capital option for those who hush want to travel to a destination, but other circumstances cause them to reconsider the time .
It can be much easier and more low-cost to adjust your travel dates as opposed to canceling your trip altogether. Some locomotion companies may allow you to adjust your reservations well without extra fees .
Read your avail providers ’ cancellation and allowance policies before making any adjustments to your trip .

Change Trip Locations

A placement alteration is another way to alter your trip to fit your needs. If you find out it ’ south going to rain every day while in the Bahamas, you could consider a different Caribbean location with better weather .
You may be working with school breaks or early rigorous fourth dimension frames, thus adjusting the location could inactive allow for an enjoyable vacation. Like moving travel dates, adjusting travel locations could be easier than canceling an entire stumble .

Some Losses May Not be Covered

Keep in take care some of your losses when canceling a trip may not be recovered. In emergency situations, you may not have a option whether to cancel your stumble or not. Be realistic about what losses you will be able to recover before canceling your trip.

You may consider purchasing a trip cancellation indemnity plan like Atlas Journey for your adjacent travel. You could then be covered for pre-paid, non-refundable travel purchases when you cancel for a cover reason like being besides disgusted to travel, the death of a family member, a natural calamity in your destination, or the bankruptcy or default of your airline .
You may flush want to upgrade and purchase a Trip Cancellation for Any Reason benefit so you have coverage if you end up canceling for a cause not otherwise covered by your policy .
Learn more about tripper cancellation insurance to help you decide whether it is the right choice for you .

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