Installment Premium Without Tax: All You Need To Know

indemnity premiums are a necessary malefic. In order to protect your kin or business from the fiscal burden of an accident, you have to pay for the policy policy. Healthcare, cable car, dwelling, and life policy all require a premium requital before they can be offered as a service. They vary in price depending on where you live and what character of coverage you ’ rhenium getting. however, that ’ s not all. policy premiums besides contain a tax component. This blog will help you understand how insurance premium works and how to calculate your installment premium without tax.

What is an policy policy ?

The insurance premium is the monetary value of an insurance policy. This is much installment-based, which means that the customer will be billed overtime for their policy. When the premium is collected, it becomes a source of income for the indemnity tauten. It besides constitutes a liability because the insurance company is required to pay coverage for claims filed against the policy. If there are any installments left unpaid on your individual or business history then they may result in the cancellation of your policy all in all !

How indemnity Premiums Are Determined ?

One of the key decisions you ’ ll make when choosing an insurance policy is how to pay your premiums. This blog station will focus on installment premium payments without tax. There are many advantages to installment payments, including :

  1. Paying your monthly or semi-annual installments in advance can help spread out the cost of your premiums over time and reduce any sudden increases in costs due to inflation
  2. Your insurer may offer discounts for installment payments, which could save you money!

But what about taxes ? You ’ re not creditworthy for paying tax on installation premiums if they ’ re paid before coverage starts. But once it does start, you ’ ll be creditworthy for paying both installments and installment taxes.

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Factors that determine your insurance premium:

  • Coverage type
  • Your age
  • Your residential address
  • Claim history
  • Add-ons
  • Tax

tax as a Component of Instalment Premium

Buying insurance is a big decision and it ’ s significant to know all of the costs associated with it. You need to pay for deathrate price, which is the fiscal come that will be paid out in case you die during the term of your policy. But there can besides be GST applied on top of this, depending on what type of life insurance you buy. different rates of GST are applicable to different types equally well as how long your coverage is for. Make sure to check if GST applies before buying an policy policy !

For example, A GST of 18 percentage is imposed on term liveliness indemnity plans, which are the most low-cost kind of liveliness policy because they only cover the deathrate cost of a policyholder. You should be mindful of this when you pay your annually term design premium of 5,000 INR, as around 900 INR of it goes to GST. For exercise, if you have chosen an accidental end benefit, an extra 18 % GST to the passenger is charged on you.

How to calculate your Instalment premium without tax ?

There are three procedures to calculate an installment premium without tax:

  1. The first way to determine your installment premium without tax is through the premium receipt. For example, The information regarding the total premium amount and the cumulative GST amount (CGST + SGST) is printed at the very top of the receipt of LIC.
  2. The second way is through online premium calculators. For example, You can visit LIC official web portal to get information regarding your LIC premium.  Afterward, you’ll need to do the next actions:
    • Click on the premium calculator tab.
    • Enter your personal details and click on ‘Next’.
    • Click on ‘quick quote’ from the popup menu.
    • Choose your preferable policy from the new window that appears.
    • Click on ‘Coverage’ at the bottom of the window.
    • Enter your coverage details.
    • Click on ‘Quote’.
    • The amount of your premium will be displayed on the screen. It separates the basic premium from the tax.
  3. The third way to determine your installment premium without tax is to reach out to your insurance company via their online application or by visiting a nearby branch. It’s also possible to ask your agent to do it on your behalf.


The episode premium is a lump sum of money paid to an policy caller for coverage in the future. It covers medical expenses and other fiscal assets such as a mortgage or car loans. Premiums are not dependent on just the type of plan but besides on external factors like taxes. indemnity premiums are required to be paid in installment. The installment measure is not wholly dependent on the character of plan and coverage received. There are external factors involved such as tax. What does this mean for you ? It means that you need to understand how an installment premium without tax works thus that you can better understand your indemnity premium calculation action. The above procedures will guide you along the entire work of calculating your installation premium without tax.

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