Tutorial: How do I buy an ETF or stock? | Vanguard Support

Follow this bit-by-bit tutorial to learn how to buy an exchange traded fund or stock using your brokerage account

Step 1

Access trade form

Within the My Accounts check, voyage to Buy & Sell. On the Buy & Sell down page, choosing the choice to Trade ETFs or stocks sends you to the trade arrange shape. All buy orders will execute using your selected report ‘s funds available to trade .

Step 2

Account selection

If you have more than one account, you ’ ll motivation to select an account. The account selector opens to show a list of your accounts. Selecting an score will display your Funds available to Trade in the Balances section in the upper right of the page. Selecting Show Details within the Balances section reveals extra account balance information .
At any time you can view your current Holdings and Open Orders by selecting the respective tab within the grey navigation legal profession. By selecting either yellow journalism you won ’ t lose any in-progress data on your current order. To return to your current decree merely select the Trade ETFs or Stocks check within the grey navigation bar .

Step 3

Select security

Select Buy .
Enter the ticker symbol of the stock or ETF you ’ re interest in. If you aren ’ thymine sure of the ticker symbol, you can select Search by Keyword to find what you ’ ra looking for. After selecting a livestock or ETF, the page will display a real-time quote with the latest price information along with any plowshare sum you presently hold .

Step 4

Enter share amount

future, enter the Number of Shares you ’ d like to purchase. If you ’ d like to determine how many shares you can buy based on the sum you have to spend, select Calculate Dollars to Shares located under the count of shares field .

Step 5

Additional order details

Select an Order Type for your deal. While marketplace orders don ’ triiodothyronine require extra selections, you ’ ll need to set both price and trade duration for non-market orders. You can get steering about the different holy order types available along with early parts of the form by selecting the ? icon next to each respective field .

Step 6

Review trade details

Review the barter details in lower right part of the sieve. All ETF and stock trades are commission-free. * If you ’ re quenched with the trade you ’ ve built, choice Preview Order ( 2 ) to view a summary of your ordering. eminence : Selecting Preview Order will initiate a review to make indisputable your arrange is accurate and there are no issues that you need to resolve. Selecting preview does not mean you ’ re submitting the order. You ’ ll calm have a opportunity to review the order and make any changes .

Step 7

Preview order

Review the order drumhead on the Preview and Submit page. You ’ ll notice the real-time quote has refreshed with the latest price information. Be sure to read the terminology above the Submit Order button as this information offers some key details about your order .
To make changes to your order, blue-ribbon Edit. When you ’ re ready to proceed with your buy, choice Submit Order .

Step 8

Confirmation & next steps

You ’ ll be taken to a Confirmation screen that will show a detail summary of your ordering. You ’ ll comment an order confirmation number at the top of the compendious, update balances data, including the value of any open bribe restrict orders. besides, the What happens next ( 3 ) section has significant information about the execution of your orderliness .
now that your order is dispatch, you ’ ll see your recently completed trade in the list of loose orders. To check the status of any pending orders, select the Order status connection on the right side of the sieve at the top of the open orders section .
There ’ s a link to initiate a new rate or see early investment products under the “Make another trade” headline in the bottom leave of the screen door. ultimately, the trade feel offers the like features careless of the device you ’ re using to place the order .

This example is for illustrative purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell a particular security.
*Initial investing and trade minimums, management fees and expenses, and other fees may apply. See the Vanguard Brokerage Services mission and tip schedules for full details .
Brokerage assets are held by Vanguard Brokerage Services, a division of Vanguard Marketing Corporation, member FINRA and SIPC .

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