Best Brokers for International Trading

International exposure is an necessity part of good portfolio diversification. While you can gain some photograph through ETFs and American Depositary Receipts ( ADRs ), our evaluation of the best brokers for external trade looks at the brokerage house firms that give you lead access to external assets .

To qualify as an international agent for our review, a brokerage firm must be U.S.-based, U.S.-regulated, and offer international customers the ability to buy and sell stocks. We besides look for the access a agent provides to external exchanges beyond the U.S. and how it supports traders moving between currencies. For the international trading category, we examined the brokers with the largest choice of assets across external markets. We besides considered overall platform functionality and order types since these features are crucial to successful trade in markets that span the earth .

Our research revealed a clear winner for both the overall best platform for international trade and the best on-line broker for non-U.S. investors. interactional Brokers has, by far, the largest ball-shaped pass of all the brokers we reviewed. If you are looking to access international markets in a more meaningful way beyond ETFs, Interactive Brokers gives you the largest survival of markets on a robust chopine with excellent trade tools. As the broker states, customers from over 200 countries can use interactional Brokers to access 150 markets in 23 unlike currencies. Given the pace at which Interactive Brokers has been adding markets, there is a gamble this count will continue to rise.

Best International Brokerage Accounts :

  • Best Online Broker for International Trading: Interactive Brokers
  • Best Online Broker for Non-U.S. Investors: Interactive Brokers

synergistic Brokers : Best broke for International trade


  • Account Minimum: $0
  • Fees: Maximum $0.005 per share for Pro platform or 1% of trade value, $0 for IBKR Lite

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Why We Chose It

interactional Brokers ( IBKR ) is in no danger of being unseated as our choice for the best U.S.-based on-line broke for external trade. Customers can trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, and reciprocal funds from a one desegregate account. The company accepts customers from more than 200 countries and territories and supports deal on 150 markets across 33 countries, using 23 currencies. On top of this, Interactive Brokers offers a sophisticate trade platform with excellent trade tools and superior order murder. These full-bodied features enable traders to set up positions across markets and asset classes in a means that ‘s hard to match .


  • interactional Brokers is unparalleled in its commercialize range and asset variety show
  • Trader Workstation ( TWS ) is a mighty tool with a high horizontal surface of customization
  • The steer entree to exchanges worldwide 24-hours a day


  • International deal on Interactive Brokers works best through TWS, which can be intimidating for new traders
  • synergistic Brokers ‘ fee-based price structure is tiered and can be confusing ( although the fees are modest )

interactional Brokers : Best agent for Non-U.S. Investors


  • Account Minimum: $0
  • Fees: Maximum $0.005 per share for Pro platform or 1% of trade value, $0 for IBKR Lite

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Why We Chose It

interactional Brokers besides takes the win in the best on-line agent for non-U.S. investors class. synergistic Brokers provides global access, allowing you to fund your account in your domestic currentness and then convert at market rates to trade outside your domestic commercialize. here again, it is hard to see any of the current brokers catching up with Interactive Brokers any clock time soon just because the break is so big. If you are outside the U.S. and looking to trade directly with assets around the earth, synergistic Brokers is the top choice by a wide margin.


  • You can fund your account in many different floor currencies
  • The conversion for non-native currency transactions is directly supported through the platform
  • Accepts customers from more than 200 countries and territories, with offices in the U.S., Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, U.K., Australia, Hungary, Russia, Japan, India, China, Luxembourg, Estonia, Singapore, and Ireland


  • TWS, IBKR ‘s trade chopine, has a steep learn curve, which can be intimidating to less experience traders
  • synergistic Brokers however uses a fee-based price structure for trades

Final verdict

When it comes to international trade, competitors to Interactive Brokers face an uphill conflict. not only does interactional Brokers have a wide global pass that enables traders to basically cycle through markets 24 hours a day, but it backs all this up with one of the most full-bodied trade platforms and lowest margin rates .

The types of multi-market, multi-asset trades that used to require a Soros-style hedge fund ‘s resources can be run from a single brokerage account with synergistic Brokers. synergistic Brokers has besides shown that it is improbable to get complacent in improving the breadth and depth of its offer. interactional Brokers added cryptocurrency trade to its platform, removing what some investors saw as a dangerous limit .

It must be noted that the huge offer and complex tools are intimidating if you are raw to investing. As a newer investor, you may besides be able to find all the external exposure you want through ETFs on a dim-witted platform. however, if you are good about international trade, there is no better agent than synergistic Brokers.

What Is an International Broker?

An external broke is a brokerage house tauten that offers external investors the ability to buy and sell stocks. To qualify as an international broke for our review, a brokerage firm must be U.S.-based, and U.S.-regulated. Two of the key reasons person investors would want to invest in international investments ( or investments that offer external exposure ) are diversification and the likely for growth, peculiarly in emerging markets .

How To Buy Stocks Internationally

There are a few ways person investors can gain exposure to international markets. For model, investors can invest in american depository receipts ( ADRs ), U.S.-registered common funds, or U.S.-registered ETFs that invest in alien securities. however, to buy individual stocks on a foreign grocery store, you need to open an account with an external broker—one that supports the buy and sell of external stocks. once you have opened and funded an score with an external broke, buying external stocks is exchangeable to buying stocks on U.S. exchanges. You may need to request access ( including monetary value data ) for the specific exchange ( s ) you want to trade. besides, you may need to research the exchange and ticker symbol to ensure you are trading the intend stock. In general, external stocks must be bought and sold on the lapp exchange ( e.g., if you buy stock in France you must sell it there, excessively ). Certain exchanges may have extra requirements. For example, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange set daily price limits for all securities to manage volatility. Depending on your broker, the commissions and fees for external trades may differ from those for U.S. stocks, and currentness change fees may apply, as well .

What To Consider When Choosing an International Broker?

When choosing an international broker, expression for the lapp features you would want out of any agent : a firm industry repute, up-to-date security standards, solid customer service, fair costs, robust trade tools, helpful educational content, and access to the markets you want to trade .

Can a Non-U.S. Citizen Open a Brokerage Account?

In most cases, legal U.S. residents who are not U.S. citizens can open U.S.-based brokerage accounts, provided they complete the compulsory paperwork and certify their tax condition. Non-U.S. citizens who live outside of the U.S. can open an history if the broker accepts applications from their state of residence .

early International trade Considerations

A small group of on-line brokers allows you to place trades on foreign markets. You ’ ll find stocks, bonds, futures, and currencies to trade, but be mindful of extra risks like limited liquid and currency substitution rate fluctuations .

If you ’ ra concerned in one or two international markets, you might consider opening an account with a local agent in that area. The major risk here is that regulative agencies outside the U.S. may not be not as proactive, and extraneous brokerages have been known to shut down nightlong, absconding with their customers ‘ assets .


Investopedia is dedicated to providing investors with indifferent, comprehensive examination reviews and ratings of on-line brokers. Our reviews are the leave of months of evaluating all aspects of an on-line agent ’ south platform, including the exploiter experience, the quality of trade executions, the products available on its platforms, costs and fees, security, the mobile experience and customer service. We established a rating scale based on our criteria, collecting thousands of data points that we weighed into our star-scoring organization. For investors who want to trade immediately in instruments traded in markets outside the U.S., a small subset of on-line brokers allows you to place trades on foreign markets. You ’ ll find stocks, bonds, futures, and currencies to trade, but be mindful of extra risks like specify liquidity and currency exchange pace fluctuations. To determine the best brokers for international trade, we focused on which firms offered the largest survival of assets across international markets. After that, overall platform functionality and variety of order types were besides measured as these are important to successful trading when undertaking military position management in markets that span the earth. Read our broad methodology .

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