How to Buy and Sell Stocks on Interactive Brokers

In the last few articles, we have covered how to open your account with Interactive Brokers, funding your explanation, and converting to different currencies. immediately, you are fix to buy and sell or trade stocks on synergistic Brokers .
This includes stocks and options on different stock exchanges .
Let us try to get down to it.

How Stock Exchanges Work

Before you trade on these stock exchanges, you would need to know the mechanics behind how they work .
By understanding the mechanics, you will not find what you have to do weird .
Intreactive Brokers is a agent that allows you to trade on a stock exchange .
The illustration above approximately the character they play in this system. They allow you to

  1. Buy and sell
  2. Get information about the stocks, including prices, volume and more information
  3. Holds the records of what you own (official term is they are the one that custodize your stocks and option holdings)

At the background, Interactive Brokers help you place your order and handle the backend process .
Some years ago, I wrote a comprehensive article explaining heat content ow to Buy and Sell Stocks, Bonds, REITs, and ETFs in Singapore .
It is very comprehensive examination and I urge you to read it before you get started with this .

Be Clear What You Wish to Buy and sell

After you understand the general trade serve, it is time to start trading .
You need to have a certain understand about what you are trying to do. Are you buying a ship’s company with a 3 sidereal day or 2 years time frame. Or are you selling a company whose fundamentals have broken down .
synergistic Brokers is the broke and the lineage exchange is just a place that lists the prevailing marketplace price of the companies you wish to buy and sell .
For some of my readers out there, you are passive, exponent investors who prefer to do-it-yourself .
You wish to periodically buy exchange-traded funds ( ETF ) listed on the London Stock Exchange. These ETFs allow you to own a basket of stocks at a low price. Owning an ETF is a very simpleton way to be diversified, capture the returns and prevent a handful of stocks from permanently impairing your capital .
Some popular ETFs are :

  1. iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF – Ticker: IWDA
  2. Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF – Ticker: VWRA

I wrote an article not long ago exploring whether there are differences in the historical performances of these two ETFs. It provides more information about these two ETFs .
For others, you are concerned in owning great businesses around the populace such as Tencent listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Adyen listed in the Netherlands, or PayPal listed in the United States .
Whichever, you need to know the ticker/quote of the stock/ETF that you are buying/selling .
You will besides need to know the price that you wish to buy/sell .
For the presentation, I will use the iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF or IWDA as an example .

Finding the security IWDA on Interactive Brokers

Suppose I wish to add IWDA to my existing holdings .
I wish to purchase 10 shares of IWDA .
For most of us, we would trade through the Interactive Brokers mobile lotion ( which is available on Apple App Store or Google Play ). however, if you wish to use Interactive Brokers on the desktop, you could do it the same way as well .
If you have an ETF or sprout that you wish to buy, foremost you got to search for the stock .
At most screens on the mobile app, there is a magnifying glass icon. If you click on it, it allows you to search for the securities .
In this case, we are interested in IWDA, so we search using the watch IWDA. We came up with two entries. The matchless that we wish to purchase is the IWDA that is listed in the London Stock Exchange or LSE .
synergistic Brokers will show you some details about the securities that you wish to purchase. You can scroll through to take a look .

Understanding the BID and ASK Queue system

If the market is loose, you can see the BID and ASK prices and the sum of stocks in the BID line up and ASK queue .
The BID queue are the people queuing to buy IWDA. The ASK queue are the people queuing to sell IWDA .
The best way to think about the Bid and Ask queue is to use the Ascendas REIT example in my previous article. Currently, Ascendas REIT trades at $ 2.41. You can choose to buy at $ 2.41, but there are a set of people who are only will to buy at $ 2.39, $ 2.38, $ 2.35 .
So they will queue and wait .
Similarily, there are people who wish to sell at $ 2.41, $ 2.43, $ 2.46, $ 2.50 .
So they will queue and wait .
At some point, person will grow impatient and decide to sell at $ 2.40 rather of where they are presently queuing .
So the transact price became $ 2.40 rather of $ 2.41 .
This is how the breed exchange work .
What this means is that if you wish to purchase IWDA, you could choose to buy at $ 61.00 or $ 61.29 or any price .
But if no one wishes to sell to you, at that very consequence, you will not get the 10 shares of IWDA .
If you are impatient, you will good BID at $ 61.29 and you will get it .

BID and ASK Prices May Not Be Real Time

One thing to note is that the prevailing price $ 61, 21, BID and ASK price of $ 61.00 and $ 61.29 is not the real time prices .
By nonpayment Interactive Brokers shows the delay prices .
In club to get the real-time price, you have to pay a monthly subscription to get the real-time prices for certain exchanges .
This may sound like a softwood circuit breaker but this is rarely a problem for a fortune of us .
The cause is that :

  1. There are other website that you can reference the real-time prices. For example gives real-time Hong Kong prices. has real time prices for US stock prices
  2. You can purchase the latest price when you wish to purchase at a very small fee (more on this later)

Filling in the Buy Order

There is a Buy and Sell button at the bed of the IWDA information screen door .
Click on the Buy button .
You would need to fill in # 1 the quantity, # 2 the order type, # 3 the price, # 4 time-in-force .
And then you will slide # 5 to buy .
interactional Brokers by default set your order to order type Limit, and Time-in-force Day. At the grey sphere in the measure, it shows you roughly how much this regulate will cost ( 6,130 USD )

A. Filling in the Price

In order to know what price to queue your BID at, you need to know approximately what is the price IWDA is traded at .
For that, you could check the price at another chopine like

Or you can use the Snapshot function in interactional Brokers .
IBKR offers eligible clients the option of receiving a real-time price quotation for a single instrument on a request basis. This avail, referred to as “ Snapshot Quotes ” differs from the traditional quotation mark services which offer continuous cyclosis and updates of real-time prices. snapshot Quotes are offered as a low-cost alternative to clients who do not trade regularly and do not want to rely upon stay quotes1 when submitting an order. Additional details regarding this quotation mark service is provided below .
You can check out the snapshot monetary value for diverse exchanges here. For most central it is USD0.03 and for United States Exchange it is USD0.01 .
I think it is not excessively expensive .
If you click on the Snapshot son under ASK, IB will remind you that they charge a small tip for every Snapshot request .

sol alternatively of $ 61.00 and $ 61.29, the very time BID and ASK is $ 61.24 and $ 61.28. The current trade price is $ 61.21. This allows you to make better decision .
You can then fill in the price .

B. Order Type

There are a few order type .

  1. Limit – Your buy or sell order will only be executed if it hits your price. For example, if the current price is 61.21 and you queued at 61.11, your order will not execute unless the price gets down to 61.11. Limit Order is the default option and what I use most of the time.
  2. Market – Instead of specifying the price you want to buy or sell at, you take the latest price IWDA is traded at. For example, if currently, IWDA trades at 61.20, it will execute at this price. Market orders are pretty dangerous if there is a liquidity vacuum in the stock you are trading in or sudden price spike and fall. Generally, do be careful of market order
  3. There are other order types that I have not tried. Some are stop-loss orders or trailing stop-loss orders. (You can let me know if you find that some are significant enough for me to mention)

C. Time-in-force

Time-in-force determines the length of prison term over which an order will continue working before it is canceled .

There are three types :

  1. Day – Order will work throughout the trading day during regular trading hours until it is filled, is canceled by the user, or expires at the end of the trading day. Default option and what I used most of the time
  2. Good Till Cancel – Order will continue to work within the system and in the marketplace until it executes or is canceled. Good till Cancel orders will be canceled in some conditions
    1. If you do log into IB to more than 90 days
    2. At the next calendar quarter after the current
  3. At the Opening – The Order will try and execute at the opening. If it does not, then it will expire

For most of us, a Day arrange would be adequate .

D. Preview Order

There is a calculator-like button at the bottom. If you click on the button, it will show you a preview of the order. You can see the estimated commission range and how much the full transaction will come up to .
If you have a margin account, it will besides show you the margin impact .

E. Submitting Your Order

When you Slide to Submit Buy, you will encounter the following riddle .
It is a complaisance message letting you know that you are submitting an order without having market data on this instrument .
just be certain that you know that you have keyed in the monetary value you intend to buy at .

There is another complaisance message to inform you that IB have placed a ceiling and shock on orders due to regulative obligations. The explanation is below :

After you are aware, pawl Accept and Continue .

Your order is Submitted .

Checking on Your Outstanding Order

If you go to your Menu ( the Button on the acme forget with three lines ), then Order & Trades, you can check up on how your order is doing .

In this screen capture, you can see my limit order is still not executed. 0 out of 10 quantity are filled .
If you would like to modify your order, click on the IWDA .

You can amend the quantity, order type, price and time-in-force .
If you click over to the Trades tab key, you could review those trades that have been executed on different days .
Clicking on each trade log will allow you to see more details of the trade .

You can see roughly the committee and what price the deal was executed at .

Selling a Security

I will not go through the sell serve as it will be similar to the buy, except you click on the Sell release and put in the quantity and price you wish to sell .
then you submit the order and see whether it gets executed .


I do find the barter execution on the web lotion to be rather drug user friendly .
On their background application TWS, that is another matter all in all .
Let me know if you have far questions .

My Comprehensive Interactive Brokers How-to Guides

Interactive Brokers is a bang-up low-cost brokerage platform that can be the standard broke for you to hold your long-run investments. You have access to respective exchanges such as Singapore, the US, Hong Kong, London, European and Canada exchanges. in full digital-first .
To get started or get familiar, you might want to check out some of my by articles on wealth build with interactional Brokers. I hope it makes your life easier and undimmed .
An easy Step-By-Step Guide to Setup Interactive Brokers ( IBKR )
How to Fund & Withdraw Funds from Your interactional Brokers Account
How to Convert Currencies in Interactive Brokers
How to Buy and Sell Stocks and Securities on synergistic Brokers
How competitive are synergistic Brokers Commissions Pricing ?
synergistic Brokers have Eliminated the US $ 10 monthly inactivity fee. More details hera .
How to Transfer your shares from Standard Chartered Online trade to Interactive Brokers
How to trade after-hours and premarket
How to create customize reports and automatically send to your e-mail
Send money from TransferWise to Interactive Brokers
I invested in a diversify portfolio of exchange-traded funds ( ETF ) and stocks listed in the US, Hong Kong and London .
My favored agent to trade and custodize my investments is Interactive Brokers. synergistic Brokers allow you to trade in the US, UK, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other markets. Options as well. There are no minimum monthly charges, identical broken forex fees for currentness commute, very depleted commissions for versatile markets .
To find out more visit Interactive Brokers today .
Join the Investment Moats Telegram channel here. I will share the materials, research, investing data, deals that I come across that enable me to run Investment Moats .
Do Like Me on Facebook. I plowshare some tidbits that are not on the blog stake there frequently. You can besides choose to subscribe to my content via  the email below .
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