Introducing Shop: The Most Convenient Way for Shoppers to Buy From Their Favorite Independent Brands

nowadays marks a meaning step fore in closing the distance between buyer and seller and, in turn, making commerce well for everyone .
Say hello to Shop, a digital patronize assistant that brings together the best features of Arrive and Shop Pay ( once Shopify Pay ) to make it easy for customers to speed through checkout, track their order and cargo details, and rediscover brands they love .
Shop helps businesses sell more by making it easier for customers to buy. From merchandise discovery to package manner of speaking, Shop takes care of the fiddling supernumerary, making on-line denounce more personal and commodious for your customers.

Convert more customers with the fastest checkout experience on Shopify

about a quarter of US shoppers have admitted to abandoning their carts because the check process was excessively farseeing or excessively complicated. A fast and intuitive checkout have saves a lot of sales you would have otherwise lost .
That ’ second why all purchases through Shop are powered by Shop Pay, our fastest accelerated checkout feel. We ’ ve seen conversion rates improve by up to 18 % for returning customers after a clientele enables Shop Pay for their on-line store .
Shop Pay is our fastest accelerated checkout experience.
denounce unlocks these step-change improvements to your store ’ south check without requiring any changes to your actual shopfront. Once you flip the trade to activate Shop Pay, the choice for accelerated checkout will be available to all of your customers .
As customers complete their initial purchase with your storehouse, or any Shopify storehouse with Shop Pay enabled, they ’ ll see an choice to save payment details to Shop Pay. During future purchases, the option to check out with Shop Pay is shown immediately to every customer who has already saved their information. And once they download Shop, customers will receive personalize product recommendations based on their history with your business .

Bring customers back sooner with in-app product recommendations

The average cost to acquire a customer has risen substantially in late years. As a result, reprise purchases are often where businesses make a net income. Shop gives independent businesses a new channel that mechanically recommends products to their existing customers, all from a locate they already shop—on their call .
Shop drives rediscovery of your stigmatize through in-app recommendations that circle customers back to your store. A exploiter ’ second Shops tab key acts as a personalized shopping feed that populates with product picks, special deals, and newfangled arrivals based on their purchase history and the brands they follow on Shop .

Customers get immediate access to their darling brands, browsable in one app, while businesses can stay peak of mind without having to lift a finger. And your most firm customers can effortlessly reorder from your store thanks to Shop ’ s lightning-fast checkout, powered by Shop Pay .
Shop acts as a companion to your customers to ensure their end-to-end purchase experience is delightful. Better so far, Shop can help build confidence with future customers before they ’ ve placed their foremost arrange .

Make it easy for shoppers to find and support your local business

The current crisis has forced adversity on small businesses, many of which serve as cornerstones for the economy and their local communities. Another inauspicious side consequence is that customers are uncertain about whether businesses are open, and if orders will arrive when they need them to .
One way Shop helps small businesses is by showing customers if your business is nearby and if you offer in-store or curbside pickup. now, customers can find businesses in their sphere and choose for local pickup in lawsuit they ’ d preferably not wait for rescue .
Shop helps customers find and support local businesses.

Shop besides helps boost buyer confidence with Shop Facts, a feature that highlights relevant signals of trust wherever a occupation appears in the Shop app. Without having to ask, customers will know that your occupation is still active and shipping orders promptly .
There are no settings to adjust here, either : workshop Facts mechanically displays details that strengthen customer trust. And once an order is out of your hands and on its way to a customer, Shop helps maintain that trust by providing transparent holy order and dispatch information .

Guarantee peace of mind and reduce incoming support tickets

Customers want to make certain they get the product they paid for, but tracking orders can be frustrating. Email inboxes are crowded and businesses use a across-the-board variety show of carriers. This combination has made it slippery for customers to get a clear view of the delivery condition for all of their current orders .
Shop gives customers accurate and timely updates on everything they order, across all on-line stores, from a unmarried location. Shop syncs with a customer ’ sulfur electronic mail to track their orders so they don ’ t need to fumble around in their inbox looking for rate numbers or tracking information .
Shop lets customers track and manage their online orders—all in one place.
Customers besides get a in full transparent look at when their cargo will arrive through Shop ’ s live map watch and rich notifications. Shop helps set the right expectations and provides customers with peace of mind every pace of the direction .
Most authoritative for businesses, a customer ’ second curiosity is less probable to result in a back ticket if they can answer “ Where ’ s my orderliness ? ” right from their Shop app. And should they need to contact you for avail, they can quickly pull up their receipt and order details in Shop, which helps reduce back-and-forth questions and makes accompaniment conversations more fat ( and enjoyable ) .
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We’re building a fundamentally new way to shop

Shop is a first-of-its-kind shop company that helps level the play field for independent businesses—all for no extra cost for you or your customers .
That ’ s the Shop you ’ ll come to know and love, but we ’ ra fair getting started. Shop lays a solid foundation for the cart-to-home and merchandise discovery experiences that are already beginning to redefine mod commerce. As customer expectations continue to climb, Shop will help you keep pace by handling the short details that turn first-time buyers into patriotic customers .
Shopify ’ s department of commerce platform makes it elementary for anyone, anywhere to sell their products, and Shop is the most commodious way to buy from independent businesses. together, they ’ ll continue to make buy from Shopify stores the best shopping know on the internet. We can ’ metric ton wait to show you what ’ second following .

Want to learn more? Let’s talk Shop.

How do I enable Shop Pay for my customers?

You can turn on Shop Pay in your payment settings along with other accelerated check options. Note that Shop Pay is entirely available if you are using or are eligible for Shopify Payments. Learn more about Shopify Payments and the eligibility requirements here.

How can I encourage my customers to use Shop?

once a customer has completed checkout, they can well track their orderliness by downloading the Shop app straight from your order Status Page. Add the ‘Track with Shop ‘ choice at check by activating it in your admin .

How can I make sure my brand shows up in Shop?

once you have Shop Pay enabled, individualized intersection recommendations from your storehouse will show up in your customers ’ Shop feeds—automatically and for free. There ’ s nothing else you need to do !

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