Trade Bonds & Other Fixed Income

– We ‘re going to go over three things that all investors should know about bonds .
Colin, what might investors see as a surprise when alliance invest ?
– well, there is n’t just one attachment grocery store, and there is n’t equitable one interest rate .
The shackle marketplace is very large and building complex, and there ‘s a lot of different types of bonds out there.

Certain types of bonds, like U.S. Treasuries or certificates of deposition or investment-grade municipal
bonds, have very moo hazard .
But other types of bonds, like high-yield bodied bonds or emerging market bonds, do come with extra risks and are more prone to bouts of price volatility .
thus if you ‘re considering bonds, it ‘s not a simple as just owning bonds in general .
It ‘s important to identify the types of bonds that fit your risk tolerance and invest time horizon .
But there besides is n’t equitable one pastime rate .
Different types of bonds can offer different yields, and even within a given type of bind investment,
the yields may vary based on the time to maturity .
And there are a lot of factors that can affect the move over that a adhere offers .
– You told us about the difference between coupon and yield .
Can you tell us a little bit more about that relationship ?
– The coupon rate is the pastime rate that a bond pays based on its par value .
broadly speaking, most coupon rates are fixed .
The concede, or give to maturity, is the sum annualized give way an investor can expect to earn
if a bond is held to maturity, but it besides takes into report the price paid .
bond prices can move in the secondary grocery store, and prices can be above or below its par measure.

So the yield to maturity takes into report not equitable the coupon payments received, but whether the price will rise or fall to its par measure by its adulthood date .
sol if you ‘re considering investing in bonds, you do n’t want to look just at the coupon rate,
but what the return to maturity is to have a better estimate of what your potential full return will be
if held to maturity .
– bond prices fluctuate .
Can you tell us a little bit more about the bond ‘s kinship between its monetary value and its yield ?
– bind prices and yields broadly move in opposite directions .
Let ‘s assume a bond has a 3 % coupon pace — it ‘s priced at par, so it offers a yield to maturity of 3 % .
immediately let ‘s assume in a few months, the prevail interest rate has risen to 4 % .
nowadays this existing bond is entirely paying a coupon rate of 3 %, so its price would probable fall
to compensate investors and offer a yield that ‘s slightly higher than what its coupon rate is .
immediately, this is crucial because when you own bonds, you want to have a better mind of how they might perform
given the interest rate environment .
then if yields are rising, bonds prices could fall — but the opposite is besides true .
If bond yields are falling, they could actually experience price taste .
immediately this wo n’t inevitably matter if bonds are held to maturity.

– These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions .
You can find more information about bond investing on .
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