Extrinsic Value Definition

What is extrinsic Value ?

extrinsic rate measures the dispute between the market price of an option, called the premium, and its intrinsic rate. extrinsic value is besides the assign of the worth that has been assigned to an choice by factors early than the implicit in asset ‘s price. The opposite of extrinsic prize is intrinsic rate, which is the built-in worth of an choice .

Key Takeaways

  • Extrinsic value is the difference between the market price of an option, also knowns as its premium, and its intrinsic price, which is the difference between an option’s strike price and the underlying asset’s price.
  • Extrinsic value rises with increase in volatility in the market.

Basics of Extrinsic Value

extrinsic respect, and intrinsic value, comprise the cost or premium of an option. intrinsic value is the dispute between the implicit in security ‘s price and the option ‘s affect price when the option is in the money .

For example, if a call option has a strike price of $ 20, and the fundamental stock is trading at $ 22, that option has $ 2 of intrinsic value. The actual option may trade at $ 2.50, so the extra $ 0.50 is extrinsic measure .

If a margin call option has value when the implicit in security ‘s price is trading below the assume price, the choice ‘s bounty only stems from extrinsic measure. conversely, if a frame choice has value when the implicit in security ‘s price is trading above the fall upon price, the option ‘s agio is only comprised of its extrinsic value .

Factors Affecting Extrinsic Value

extrinsic value is besides known as “ meter rate ” because the prison term left until the option contract expires is one of the elementary factors affecting the option agio. Under normal circumstances, a contract loses respect as it approaches its passing date because there is less time for the implicit in security to move favorably. For example, an option with one calendar month to exhalation that is out of the money will have more extrinsic value than that of an out of the money option with one week to exhalation .

Another factor that affects extrinsic measure is implied volatility. Implied excitability measures the come an fundamental asset may move over a intend period. If the imply volatility increases, the extrinsic prize will increase. For model, if an investor purchases a call option option with an annualized imply volatility of 20 % and the imply volatility increases to 30 % the follow day, the extrinsic value would increase .

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extrinsic Value Example

Assume a trader buys a place option on XYZ stock. The stock is trading at $ 50, and the trader buys a put option with a hit monetary value of $ 45 for $ 3. It expires in five months .

At the time of purchase, that choice has no intrinsic respect because the malcolm stock price is above the come to price of the put option. Assuming imply volatility and the price of the store stay the same, as the passing date approaches the choice premium will move toward $ 0 .

If the standard falls below the place hit price of $ 45, then the option will have intrinsic prize. For example, if the malcolm stock falls to $ 40, the option has $ 5 in intrinsic respect. If there is hush time until the choice expires, that choice may trade for $ 5.50, $ 6, or more, because there is distillery extrinsic rate a well .

intrinsic value does not mean profit. If the banal drops to $ 40 and the option expires, the option is worth $ 5 because of its intrinsic value. The trader paid $ 3 for the option, so the profit is $ 2 per contribution, not $ 5 .

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