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As contest among stock brokers has heated up, on-line players have rushed to provide newly features to their clients, including being able to invest in fractions of a share. This have allows investors to purchase a stock or exchange traded fund with about any amount of money rather than needing to have enough cash to buy a fully share. It ’ second perfect for costly bellwether stocks such as Alphabet and Amazon. The ability to buy fractional shares is very attractive, specially for investors fair starting out. You can invest with a much more modest sum of money, and with some stocks selling for thousands of dollars per contribution, you can buy what you can afford. With this feature it ’ south a lot easier to use dollar-cost average, specially now that major on-line brokers have slashed their transaction fees to zero. But while some brokers have just begun allowing investors to buy fractional shares, others have allowed them to do then indirectly as part of dividend reinvestment plans for many years. That ’ s the case even if the brokers didn ’ triiodothyronine put up trading of fractional shares. This divide even exists today, with some brokers offering fractional shares via dividend reinvestment but not otherwise.

With dividend reinvestment plans you ’ re able to purchase alone the stock that made the payout, and no other. Of course, now with no trade commissions at all the major on-line brokerages you can reinvest the cash yourself with no extra cost, except a little bit of your time. Below Bankrate highlights on-line stock brokers that allow fractional shares to be traded and describe key details of each broke ’ mho program and offering .

The best brokers for fractional share investing:

Overview: Top online brokers for fractional share investing in June 2022

Charles Schwab has long been an investor-focused outfit, and starting in 2020 offered another benefit to investors, allowing them to buy a fractional plowshare of any stock in the Standard & Poor ’ s 500 Index. Called Stock Slices, Schwab ’ mho program allows you to buy a piece of these stocks with deoxyadenosine monophosphate little as $ 5 and you can buy up to 30 slices at a time. And like trades for regular shares, you ’ ll be able to place your trades without a trading mission. You ’ ll continue to be able to reinvest any dividends from your stocks into fractional shares of the same stock. Fractional purchases: yes Fractional dividend reinvestment: yes Securities in the program: ~500, including all stocks in the S & P 500 Fidelity is routinely a lead rival among brokerages, and not surprisingly features a way to buy fractional shares, which it calls Stocks by the Slice. You can start with just $ 1 and buy shares of more than 7,000 stocks and ETFs listed on U.S. exchanges. You ’ ll silent be able to purchase stocks with zero trade commissions, and you ’ ll besides be able to reinvest your dividends in more shares, even fractional shares, whether they ’ ra stocks or ETFs. Fractional purchases: yes Fractional dividend reinvestment: yes Securities in the program: More than 7,000 stocks and ETFs long known as a high-powered alternate for professional and active traders, Interactive Brokers besides offers fractional shares, which is a boon to investors without those deeply pockets. You can purchase fractional shares on the broker ’ s Pro platform ( price : $ 1 or at the broker ’ second tiered rate ) or on its Lite platform, where trade is free. however, only stocks with average daily book of $ 10 million or a market cap greater than $ 400 million are eligible for the course of study. besides eligible : exchange traded fund angstrom well as extraneous stocks trading as american depository receipts ( ADRs ). Fractional purchases: yes Fractional dividend reinvestment: No Securities in the program: Around 11,000 stocks, ETFs and ADRs Robinhood has long been known for its commission-free trade ( which extends to options, besides ) but it besides allows you to buy the tiniest fraction of a parcel. Yes, you can buy ampere little as one-millionth of a share of your favorite stocks, and you can buy a huge assortment of stocks as good. Stocks trading over $ 1 per partake and with a market capitalization greater than $ 25 million are eligible for the program and ETFs are available for fractional shares, besides. You can besides reinvest dividends into fractional shares, but must enable the fractional feature first.

Fractional purchases: yes Fractional dividend reinvestment: yes Securities in the program: ETFs and stocks above the volume and size thresholds TD Ameritrade doesn ’ triiodothyronine offer fractional parcel purchases, but that won ’ triiodothyronine matter for much longer, since the broker has nowadays been officially acquired by Charles Schwab. however, the broker will still be opening fresh accounts until it ’ mho formally rolled into Schwab late adjacent year or the class following. TD allows you to reinvest any dividends you receive into new shares of that company ’ south stock. so you ’ re inactive able to reinvest your wholly dividend and grow your payout. Fractional purchases: No Fractional dividend reinvestment: yes Securities in the program: More than 5,000 stocks ampere well as ETFs and common funds E-Trade is another agent that ’ randomness been acquired ( by Morgan Stanley ), but the agent figures to continue on under its own banner. The broke doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate offer fractional purchases of stock, but it does allow investors to reinvest their dividends into fractional shares. E-Trade will reinvest dividends alone in a banal or ETF that is trading above $ 5 per parcel. Fractional purchases: No Fractional dividend reinvestment: yes Securities in the program: Thousands of stocks and ETFs Merrill Edge is another broker that allows dividend reinvestment in fractional shares but does not allow clients to purchase fractional shares immediately. Merrill lets investors reinvest dividends from stocks and ETFs arsenic well as reciprocal funds. You can promptly set up whether you want each security in your portfolio to reinvest with an on-line excerpt, and if you change your mind, you can flip your choice later on just as easily. Fractional purchases: No Fractional dividend reinvestment: yes Securities in the program: Thousands of stocks, ETFs and common funds Vanguard is well known for its reciprocal funds and ETFs, and while you can buy fractional shares when you ’ re placing an holy order of these types of securities, that ’ s the only kind of fractional buy that you ’ ll be able to do. Vanguard does not offer fractional-share invest in stocks or ETFs, though the agent does allow you to reinvest dividends in stocks, ETFs and reciprocal funds. however, the broker will not reinvest in certain low-volume stocks, some U.S. stocks and all foreign stocks.

Fractional purchases: only in reciprocal funds Fractional dividend reinvestment: yes Securities in the program: Stocks, ETFs and reciprocal funds

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