How to Buy a House While Selling Your Own: Avoiding Two Mortgages

time is everything when it comes to buying and selling homes at the lapp clock time. Get it perfect, and you ’ ll be moving into your modern home merely as your buyers are ready to move into your old place .
Except this about never happens .
possibly you can ’ t find a buyer. possibly you ’ ve found a buyer who ’ s having credit disturb. Or possibly your home inspections reveal some flaws that threaten to kill an existing distribute. Whatever the argue, it ’ s not unusual for home buyers to be on the hook shot for a new dwelling while besides paying an existing mortgage .
Any of these four strategies — listed in decree of predilection — can help you with buying a sign of the zodiac while selling your current home.

1. Draft a rent-back agreement

You may be able to earn money to cover your soon-to-be mortgage payment by offering the existing occupants extra time to stay while you sell your property. “ Rent-back ” agreements generally run 30 days and are paid in a lout kernel. They work well for sellers who either want or need to take their time moving .
For Drew Coggin, a quality assurance analyst at American Financing, a rent-back agreement was the ideal solution. It allowed the couple selling the home he and his wife were buying to arrange for 30 days ’ extra time while waiting to complete their newfangled home ’ second deal. “ Turns out they were out in 27 days, ” Coggin says .

2. Write a contingency into your contract

While “ rent-back ” agreements require a measure of beneficial faith between the buyer and seller, a eventuality can be written straightaway into the purchase contract. Banks tend to like them because they ensure buyers aren ’ metric ton taking on an excess mortgage they can ’ thymine handle .
Coggin insisted on a eventuality after making an offer on “ the house my wife loved. ” He was given 45 days to complete the sale of their existent home. They made the deadline and to this day he ’ sulfur still a fan of contingencies, presuming you can get one. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect a seller getting multiple offers above asking price to accept a eventuality, and don ’ thyroxine be afraid to ask for one if the house you ’ re looking at has been on the market for a few months .

3. Take out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Planning to sell a dwelling with a prize higher than your mortgage counterweight ? A Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC, can give you cash access to a dowry of your home equity .
Say you ’ ra buy a $ 350,000 home and want to put down $ 70,000 to cover the 20 % minimum down payment to avoid paying Private Mortgage Insurance. A $ 100,000 HELOC would give you access to that cash and potentially a little more to handle monthly payments on your newly family while you wait to sell. merely be warned : a HELOC is like a home-secured accredit batting order. Hit the limit and you ’ ll be tapped out, no matter how much home equity you have .
besides, you may be unable to open a HELOC while your home is on the market. These loans are by and large for existing homeowners looking to make improvements or consolidate higher interest debt .

What is the utmost home equity amount ? Let us help you understand how much equity is available to you .

4. Get a bridge loan

Like a HELOC, in that it ’ s based on available home fairness but made to give buyers the capital to carry two mortgages, bridge loans are for those who have beneficial reason to believe they ’ ll have no trouble selling their existing property at a bounty. Buying a new home international relations and security network ’ t a big risk for them. They ’ re generally shopping in a hot adequate market. Meaning, acting fast with a good offer is the key to getting into the right house .
trouble is, you ’ ll pay a price for that grade of tractability. Bridge loans aren ’ triiodothyronine wide offered and tend to include brawny fees and higher interest rates. You could be stuck paying more than you can afford if you ’ ve overestimated your ability to sell in a timely manner. Unless you ’ re actively investing in residential real estate of the realm — and using bridge loans to build a portfolio — you ’ ll probable do better with a HELOC or a dim-witted contingency hand .

concern in real estate investment ? Let us coach you on options to secure finance for a lease place .

Pros & cons of buying first


– You ’ ll have time to find the perfective fit for your syndicate

– You have an easier time competing because you do n’t have to wait for your house to sell
– You merely have to move once


– It may require your offer have a eventuality that your current base must sell first gear
– You can feel race about selling your home and may accept a low offer
– You may incorrectly estimate your budget and end up buying a home you can not afford
– You could pay two mortgages at once

Pros & cons of selling first


– You ’ ll have the cash you need to afford the fresh base
– You can make a ample down payment
– You ‘ll know how much you can afford when buying a new home
– It ‘s easier to qualify for a mortgage because you have less debt


– You ’ ll need somewhere to temporarily live after your theater sells ( crashing with kin or finding a short-run rental )
– You may miss out on buying your dream home if your inaugural home does n’t sell fast

– You may feel coerce to buy cursorily

Buying a home in another state ? Check out our six tips for farseeing distance house hunt .

Which approach is right for you when buying and selling a dwelling ? It all depends. We recommend speaking with your realtor and working with a mortgage lender to ensure your finances are secured. You ’ ll have a clear theme of how a lot home you can afford, and you may have an easier fourth dimension making a decisiveness when it comes to buying or selling first .

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