Moving Up: Selling Your Home and Buying Another

Avoid getting stuck paying two mortgages when buying your next house.

If you plan to sell your home and buy another, which should you do first ? If you sell first, you ‘ll be under time pressure to find another house quickly—and could end up settling for less than you wanted, overpaying, or stuffing yourself and all your possessions into a hotel board until you can buy a new plaza. But, if you buy beginning, you ‘ll have to scramble to sell your old house—a detail problem if you need to get lead dollar on your erstwhile firm in order to make the down requital on the new one.

And owning two houses at once is no process, even if it ‘s for a short time. You ‘ll have to worry about two mortgages—in the improbable event that a lender is flush volition to offer you a mortgage for a second family before you ‘ve sold the first—as well as doubly the care, and the security issues that come with leaving one house empty .
here are ways to minimize the fiscal and psychological downsides of selling one house while trying to buy another .

Take the Housing Market’s Temperature

Before putting your house on the commercialize or committing to buying a newfangled one, investigate the prices of houses in the areas where you ‘ll be both sell and buy. In decree to figure out how to sell high gear and buy low, you ‘ll need a naturalistic mind of how much comparable houses are going for.

besides focus on whether the local anesthetic substantial estate grocery store is “ hot ” ( favors sellers ) or “ cold ” ( favors buyers ). Since you ‘re both a buyer and a seller, you ‘ll need to protect yourself in your weaker function while making the most of your stronger character .

Strategies in a Buyer’s Real Estate Market

When the market is cold, you ‘re in a stronger position as a buyer than as a seller. You ‘ve got your clean of lots of houses for sale, at reasonable prices. But you might have trouble sell yours. To protect yourself, you might start by buying a second base sign of the zodiac, but then asking the seller to make your purchase contract contingent upon your selling your current home. A seller having a hard time finding a buyer is likely to accept this contingency, even though it means waiting for you to find a buyer. Be quick to give the seller plausible reasons why your home will likely sell cursorily .
In case no seller is uncoerced to accept this contingency, however, at least make indisputable you can arrange finance. Talk to a mortgage agent about what you ‘ll qualify for. then be ready to act quickly to put your first home on the market after going ahead with buying a second base one. There ‘s a draw you can do ahead of clock time — taking worry of maintenance issues, going through files for the appliance manuals and other documents you ‘ll give the buyer, choosing a real estate agent and possibly a home stage manager, and so forth .

Strategies in a Seller’s Real Estate Market

In a hot grocery store, selling your house will likely be easier than buying a new one. To make indisputable you do n’t end up house-less, you might want to start by looking for a house to buy, then channel up adequate cash—using the strategies described below—to tide you over during the presumably short period where you own two houses at once.

If you ca n’t swing such an arrangement, however, you can negotiate with your sign of the zodiac ‘s buyer to have the sale sign include a provision making the close contingent on your determine and close on a raw house. Although few buyers will agree to an open-ended menstruation, some will be so tidal bore to buy your house that they ‘ll agree to delay the close until you close on a raw theater or until a certain number of days pass, whichever comes first.

besides be sure to fully research the marketplace before you sell, so that you ‘ll be an efficient buyer, who is able to offer the correctly price on attractive terms .

Bridge Financing: How to Own Two Houses Briefly

What if you ‘re unable to perfectly dovetail the sale of one sign of the zodiac with the purchase of another ? You could own no houses for a clock time, in which case you ‘ll have money in the bank and will need a temp place to live. Or you could own two houses at once. The be suggestions should help you deal with such juggle acts :

Borrow down payment money for the second house from family or friends

point out that you need help for entirely a unretentive menstruation, and offer a competitive pastime rate. Give the person making the lend a promissory note, secured by a second mortgage ( deed of faith ) on your new house. Try to arrange it indeed that no monthly payments are due until your first family sells. Be warned, however, that depending on your fiscal situation, institutional mortgage lenders may refuse to approve a loanword where the down payment does n’t come from your own resources.

Get a bridge loan from a financial institution

If you have no other choice, it may be possible to borrow money from a trust or other lender to bridge the period between when you close on your new house and when you get your money from the sale of your old one. This idea is that you take out a short-run loan on your existing sign of the zodiac, using it toward the down payment and close costs on your new house, and repaying it when your first sign of the zodiac sells .
Bridge loans can, however, be army for the liberation of rwanda more expensive than regular mortgage or dwelling equity loans ( higher upfront payments ampere well as interest rates ), and they ‘re not easy to qualify for. You ‘ll need batch of equity in your current home and enough income to pay both mortgage payments indefinitely. The requirements all but negate the benefits of the loanword .
For an all-in-one guide to selling your home for the best price in any grocery store, get Selling Your House : Nolo ‘s Essential Guide, by Ilona Bray .

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