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Buying a cleaning franchise may not seem like the most glamorous business venture ever, but the best franchise opportunities provide aspiring entrepreneurs introduction into a bright diligence. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of janitors and construction cleaners is projected to increase by 7 % until 2028, which is faster than the national average. And if you buy a scavenge franchise, you ’ ll hedge a lot of the rustle and hazard involved in starting a clean business from start, among the many early advantages of franchising. Cleaning franchises in particular tend to have lower initial franchise fees and investment requirements than franchises in early industries, which makes the barrier to entry relatively gloomy. ( For comparison, it can cost anywhere from $ 1 million to $ 2.2 million to open a McDonald ’ s franchise. ) then whether you ’ re seeking a residential, commercial, or forte scavenge franchise opportunity, the following 10 clean franchises are deserving looking into for their dependability, trustworthiness, brand recognition, and strong franchise support system.

The top 10 cleaning franchise opportunities

Ahead, we ’ re listing 10 of the best clean franchise opportunities to look into this class, listed in no particular order. We ’ re besides including each franchise ’ s initial franchise fee, investment requirements, and significant eligibility requirements, as found either on their company web site or on Franchise Direct ’ sulfur database.

1. Chem-Dry

  • initial franchise fee : $ 23,500
  • Estimated entire initial investment : $ 67,645 to $ 178,907

Along with being one of the best low-cost franchises out there, Chem-Dry is the largest carpet cleaning franchise in the populace. carpet clean is one of the more bright subsets of the clean diligence, as well : According to Chem-Dry ’ second stats, carpet clean grew by 5 % in 2018 and was expected to gross $ 5 billion that class. Chem-Dry provides more than fair carpet cleaning services : Among early services, they besides provide both commercial and residential upholstery, tile, stone, grout, publicize duct, wood floor, and pet urine and smell clean services. If you want to own a Chem-Dry franchise, you must have at least $ 40,000 in liquid capital and $ 60,000 total net worth in order for your franchisee application to be considered. Chem-Dry can finance portions of the initial license fee over a menstruation of 56 months, and veterans and inaugural responders will receive a 10 % discount off the initial license fee.


  • initial franchise tip : $ 1,000 to $ 20,000, depending on the type of franchise you ’ ra buy
  • Estimated total initial investing : $ 1,000 to $ 768,000, depending on franchise type

JAN-PRO is one of the world ’ s foremost commercial janitorial cleaning service providers, and their proprietary clean systems ( including EnviroShield, a powerful non-toxic commercial disinfectant system, and MedMetrix, their medical facility clean organization ) have helped launch them into diligence leaders over the past 25 years. JAN-PRO offers three types of franchises : international master franchise opportunities, executive commercial enterprise opportunities, and home-based franchise opportunities. The latter is the most accessible JAN-PRO franchise opportunity, as it requires the lowest fees and eligibility requirements—in fact, you don ’ t need to have any prior clientele or cleaning have to be eligible. You can besides run your franchise remotely, which provides draw a bead on entrepreneurs the singular opportunity to strike that elusive work-life counterweight.

3. Merry Maids

  • initial franchise fee : $ 37,500 to $ 51,500, depending on market size
  • Estimated entire initial investment : $ 89,616 to $ 125,023

Since their beginnings in 1947, Merry Maids has provided comprehensive examination house clean services for homeowners in and around their 480+ franchise locations across the state. early than being a separate of the nation ’ south leading residential cleaning serve company, franchisees stand to make a significant amount of money—some of Merry Maids ’ top franchisees have made up to $ 2 million. This is an particularly bright franchise opportunity for veterans, minorities, women, or cash buyers, since Merry Maids can provide discounts for these groups. however, Merry Maids can besides offer qualified owners up to 80 % financing for the initial franchise tip through SMAC. likely raw franchisees will need to have access to about $ 50,000 in fluid capital at a minimal. besides note that you ’ ll want to be able to travel to Memphis, Tennessee, for their two-week prepare course.

4. Vanguard Cleaning Systems

  • initial franchise fee : franchise fees vary depending on your area of mathematical process, and whether you ’ ra buy a Master Franchise or a Janitorial Business Franchise. But expect to pay around $ 5,000 for a Janitorial Business Franchise or $ 100,000 to $ 350,000 for a Master Franchise .
  • Estimated sum initial investment : Investments depend on your area of operation and the type of franchise you buy .

Vanguard Cleaning Systems provides both basic and peculiarity clean services for commercial facilities, a well as janitorial supplies and newspaper products. What very sets Vanguard franchises aside is their specialization in green scavenge services that use certified eco-friendly clean products. Vanguard can service a huge range of facilities, excessively, from places of worship to gyms to schools to aesculapian facilities. Vanguard offers both a janitorial franchise opportunity and a master franchise opportunity. Janitorial franchise owners own cleaning businesses proper, while master franchises are independently owned, regional businesses that procure new sales accounts for their janitorial franchisees, angstrom well as supporting and recruiting raw janitorial franchisees. Master franchise owners will need to have prior executive-level management experience under their belts, but prior have international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate required to be eligible for a janitorial franchise opportunity ( though it can only help ! ).

5. ServiceMaster Clean

  • initial franchise tip : $ 31,500 without finance, or $ 25,200 with financing
  • Estimated total initial investing : $ 86,500 without finance, or $ 41,300 with finance

ServiceMaster Clean has been providing commercial clean services for over 65 years, making it one of the most established clean franchises on this list. today, ServiceMaster Clean operates over 800 franchises in 12 countries global. Thanks to their decades of experience supporting franchisees and prove business model, ServiceMaster Clean franchise owners can expect to make an average of $ 835,000 in arrant annual sales, though their franchisees ’ highest crying sales capped at $ 15 million. ServiceMaster Clean can provide generous fiscal incentives for prospective franchisees, excessively, including a 20 % dismiss off the initial franchise fee for veterans, a 10 % rebate off for minorities and women, and 80 % finance for the initial investment for modify groups.

6. 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

  • initial franchise tip : $ 160,000
  • Estimated sum initial investing : $ 241,800 to $ 289,680

As the name suggests, 1-800-GOT-JUNK ? provides comprehensive junk removal services for homes and businesses and handles its creditworthy disposal, recycling, or contribution. In accession to standard clean-out services and junk removal, 1-800-GOT-JUNK ? is an fabulously useful service for moving, renovation, repositing, and managing debris from disasters. The caller doesn ’ t provide much data about their franchisee eligibility requirements on their web site, but you can easily request more information by filling out a form on-line. You can besides refer to their web site for a number of current north american franchise opportunities.

7. PuroClean

  • initial franchise fee : $ 50,000
  • Estimated total initial investment : $ 71,190 to $ 99,305

PuroClean actually doubles as a houseclean franchise opportunity and an emergency services provider, as this company provides cleanup, restoration, and reconstruction services for homes and businesses that have experienced place wrong ascribable to urine, fire, cast, and other natural disasters. PuroClean is pre-approved by the SBA, which means PuroClean franchisees can be eligible for fiscal aid through the SBA—and, as you may know, SBA loans are among the highest-quality loans available for business owners. beyond that, PuroClean offers especial discounts for honorably discharged veterans. potential franchisees must have a minimum net worth of $ 200,000, a minimal of $ 70,000 in liquid capital, and be able to access at least $ 150,000 to be eligible for this franchise opportunity.

8. Redbox+

  • initial franchise fee : $ 49,500
  • Estimated total initial investment : $ 379,500 to $ 452,750

Redbox+ provides construction projects with a one-of-a-kind, two-in-one, roll-off dumpster and portable gutter, which makes them unique in the worldly concern of scavenge and trash removal franchises. As a Redbox+ franchise owner, you ’ ll receive the company ’ s arrant patent organization, in addition to comprehensive sales, marketing, and operational support. The franchise ’ s support system besides helps franchisees navigate the process of acquiring the particular permits required to operate their patented product.

9. College Hunks Hauling Junk

  • initial franchise fee : $ 40,000 to $ 50,000
  • Estimated entire initial investment : $ 89,300 to $ 208,200

even if they weren ’ t among the highest-rated moving and junk-hauling services in the nation, we ’ five hundred feel obligated to include College Hunks Hauling Junk for the name entirely. ( HUNKS actually stands for “ honest, uniformed, decent, knowing, serve ” —not entirely for their movers ’ attraction ). To own your own HUNKS, you must have at least $ 50,000 in fluid capital and a net deserving of at least $ 200,000. Veterans can receive a discount of $ 7,500 off the initial franchise tip.

10. Junkluggers

  • initial franchise tip : $ 50,000
  • Estimated total initial investment : $ 105,435

Junkluggers differs from early junk-removal businesses because of their commitment to providing environmentally conscious trash removal, estate cleanouts, appliance and furniture removal, moving services, and special cleanout services for hoarders. Because they ’ ra dedicated to maintaining a positive caller acculturation, Junkluggers stresses qualitative traits vitamin a much as they do quantitative in an ideal franchisee campaigner, including a dedication to protecting the environment, a desire to get involved in their communities, and fun and compromising management styles. For that argue, this franchise opportunity is equally feasible for know entrepreneurs, young professionals, semi-retired folks, late graduates, and veterans. That said, potential franchisees do need to meet Junkluggers ’ fiscal requirements, including a minimum $ 400,000 net worth and $ 200,000 in liquid capital.

The bottom line

once you ’ ve identified the franchises that seem specially appealing to you, and for which you ’ re financially dependent, contact the franchise directly. This is specially authoritative for understanding the total franchise fees, as many franchises vary their fiscal information depending on your geographic sphere, market bulk, and the type of franchise you ’ re looking to buy. By contacting a franchisor, you ’ ll besides have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the process of buy and managing a franchise, and the kind of accompaniment your franchisor can offer—both fiscal and otherwise. That way, you can make a amply informed decision about which cleaning franchise opportunity is not only accessible and potentially profitable for you, but which you ’ ll rightfully love managing. This article primitively appeared on JustBusiness, a subsidiary company of NerdWallet .

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