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There are tons of ways that you can make money with your car, and we ’ ve covered many of them here on Money Pantry. One to consider is driving for Lyft. Lyft is a exile app that customers can use to get rides from their mobile phones. It ’ second basically like Uber.

And, of course, the caller requires drivers to provide these lifts. If you ’ re considering driving for the party, then the first base question you probably have is ; “ how much can you make with Lyft ? “ With obscure statements about give and little in the way of concrete figures for hourly earnings on the caller ’ s official web site, it can be street fighter to get an mind of how a lot you can actually earn driving for the ship’s company .
To help you out, today ’ s post goes in-depth into how much you can actually make from Lyft .
We use actual examples from people who have previously driven for, or presently drive for the company .
Let ’ s get started !

How much do Lyft Drivers Make?

Lyft ’ s ride fare is broken down into :

  • Base fare: This is what the app charges the passenger to start the ride.
  • Cost per minute: This is how much you earn per minute in the area where your ride starts. Pay starts after you tap to arrive.
  • Cost per mile: This is the rate you earn per mile in the region where your ride starts.

And, sometimes your Ride Fare includes Prime Time .
Prime Time is basically an extra charge for customers during busy times, when there aren ’ t adequate drivers for all of the ride requests .
For exemplar, when it ’ mho 5 post meridiem and people are leaving work, it might be 25 % Prime Time .
And, drivers get to keep their tips as good .
The ship’s company states that all costs per sea mile or per minute are determined based on the city and region in which a ride was requested. Advertisements

The company takes 20 % to 25 % perpetration. This perpetration includes the establish do, price per minute, monetary value per mile and any Prime Time bonuses .
You can take a look at the Ride Fares in your city by visiting this foliate .
equitable select your city and you ’ ll be able to see a list of fees that the customer is charged .
For example, in St. Louis, Missouri, here’s how the ride fare would break down:

  • Cost Per Minute: $0.20
  • Base Fare: $1.50
  • Cost Per Mile: $1.26

And then, of course, you have to take 20 % to 25 % off of that amount .
According to the company, some drivers earn more than $ 800 precisely driving Friday nights and weekends .

Hourly income figures from Lyft

much like Uber, Lyft doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate specifically submit how much drivers, overall can earn per hour on its web site .
then, if you ’ ve merely started looking into driving with the company, you might be struggling to figure out how much you could make from this opportunity .
handily enough, Lyft features a give calculator on its web site – unlike Uber. You can use it to find out how much you can earn in your specific area .
Let ’ s take a look at a few examples of how much you could earn, driving in unlike areas .
Below, we ’ ve given examples of what you could earn driving in eleven different states .
Each calculate below is based on driving 7 hours per week .

  • Boston, MA: Up to $168 per week – this works out at $24 an hour.
  • Chicago, IL: Up to $168 per week – this works out at $24 an hour.
  • New York City, NY: Up to $196 per week – this works out at $28 an hour.
  • San Francisco, CA: Up to $189 per week – this works out at $27 an hour.
  • Nashville, TN: Up to $140 per week – this works out at $20 an hour.
  • Dallas, TX: Up to $140 per week – this works out at $20 an hour.
  • Minnesota, MN: Up to $161 per week – this works out at $23 an hour.
  • Seattle, WA: Up to $161 per week – this works out at $23 an hour.
  • Portland, ME: Up to $140 per week – this works out at $20 an hour.
  • Louis, MO: Up to $140 per week – this works out at $20 an hour.
  • Denver, CO: Up to $140 per week – this works out at $20 an hour.

As you can see, the total you can earn varies a set of from city to city and submit to state .
According to the figures above from the Lyft yield calculator, drivers earn anywhere from $ 20 to $ 28 an hour .

Figures from real drivers

While using their pay calculator is a good way to figure out how much you could earn driving for the company, we ’ ve besides included figures reported by actual drivers .
sometimes, this can give you a better estimate of what you ’ ll actually walk away with .
On Glassdoor, a number of people who drive or have previously driven for Lyft have reported how a lot they earn .
According to the web site, the average driver earns $ 16 an hour .
But, drivers can earn anywhere from as little as $3 to as much as $27 an hour .
here ’ s what drivers on Glassdoor say about their earnings :

  • Driver in Tampa, FL: “The average income for a full time driver is $9.90 per hour including his gas and car mileage.”
  • river in Hawthorne, CA: “Tips can be great at times, on Saturday night you’re making at least 200 bucks if working eight hours.”
  • Driver in Atlanta, GA: “Flexible hours, easy to do, decent pay, usually 6-13 dollars per ride during normal hours, tips allowed, less stress than Uber. To earn a lot of money, you have to work many hours. I can work 4 hours and earn about $45 usually.”
  • Driver (Location Unspecified) “Average income is $8-$12/ hour”
  • Driver in Las Vegas, NV: “They guarantee you a 20$ an hour rate if you meet certain requirements.”
  • Driver in Austin, TX: “I usually make about $20-25 an hour driving for lyft, and sometimes up to $40 on the weekends.”

And, Glassdoor isn ’ t the only invest where drivers report how much they earn – there are besides figures on Quora and Reddit :

  • One driver from San Diego on Quora states: “I can make between $700 & 1200 net a week if I’m willing to put in about 50–60 hours a week.”
  • Again on Quora, a driver for Lyft in San Francisco states: “You can net $1000 weekly in San Francisco area without difficulty.”
  • Another driver from Washington D.C. states: “I don’t work too hard and average over $20 an hour. But that’s gross, not net, I still have to pay for gas, iced tea, front tires, extra insurance, little bottles of cold water, etc.”
  • A driver on Reddit says: “We’re guaranteed at least $15/hour, $25/hour during peak times (“power hours”). Average/hour hovers between $20-$25.”
  • Another driver on Reddit says: “I drive full-time hours, with a paid-off car, and after taxes (before deductions), I net about $350-400 per week. That’s 40 hours.”

To Sum Up: Lyft Driver Salary

so, that ’ s a lot of different figures !
To put it merely, how much you make as a driver will depend on a huge range of factors, such as how many hours you drive, how many Prime Time offers you get, and a multitude of other things .
But, obviously, one of the biggest factors is where you live. For example, you ’ ll earn much more drive in San Francisco or New York City than you would in Dallas, Texas or Portland, Maine .
From the figures above, you can see that some people make a reasonably good income as a Lyft driver .
And, some drivers state that they only earn minimum wage or less.

From the examples given above, pay can range from vitamin a little as $ 5 an hour to vitamin a much as $ 40 per hour .

When does Lyft deposit money?

The caller pays drivers weekly .
The money is deposited into your account automatically. But, there ’ second besides an choice for instantaneous payment, which is handy .
If you want to cash out instantaneously, then you can do it with Express Pay .

Is there a way to earn more?

Okay, sol now you ’ re probably wondering, is there any way I can earn more ?
well, merely like driving for Uber, there are things you can do to increase your drive income .
Below, we ’ ve outlined a few tips you can use, including tips from people who drive for the party, to earn more with Lyft .

1. Be Polite and Friendly

many drivers report that by being nice and friendly, and flush making conversation, they tend to earn more tips .
Since you get to keep 100 % of the tips you earn driving for Lyft, this is a good way to earn more .
One driver on Reddit suggests doing this :
“ Be civilized and friendly. 90 % of my tips, I can predict that I got a tip for that ride. nowadays I got a $ 5 peak on a $ 7 fare from a squirrely kid who wanted to talk my ear off the unharmed ride, we talked about my cable car, his RC cable car avocation, his date woes, and he told me “ most drivers won ’ t have a conversation with riders .
A $ 2 point came from the guy who complimented my baby Groot bobblehead and we chatted about Guardians and other Marvel movies. A $ 5 gratuity was for making restaurant recommendations and advice on what to see in town to a couple of tourists. ”
The like person besides says “ If you create a personal connection, they ’ re more probably to treat you like a person rather than good a “ driver. Having said that, sometimes you equitable have to shut up and drive. Know when to talk and when to keep quiet. ”
indeed, try talking to people you give rides to, and if they seem receptive to conversation, then keep it going .

2. Best time to drive for Lyft

Since they sometimes have Prime Time offers on, driving at times when there ’ s a high requirement for lifts is a great theme .
You could earn 25 % to 100 % more than your convention rate .
One topple a driver gives for making more money is : “ Driving during induce hours, or after 9pm, particularly on weekends. ”
Commuting times, Friday and Saturday nights, and particular days where there ’ s a plot or consequence going on in your city are frequently the best times to drive for Lyft money-wise .

3. Take advantage of Driver Bonuses

Lyft offers bonuses to new drivers .
At the time of write, you could get a bonus of between $ 50 and $ 200 .
In order to get the bonus, you have to complete a certain act of rides, within a particular time frame .
For example, to earn the $ 50 bonus that ’ sulfur presently available, you need to give 20 rides in your first 30 days. To get the $ 200 bonus, you ’ d need to give 100 rides in your first gear 30 days .
Although this won ’ metric ton earn you more cash systematically, it ’ randomness still a thoroughly means to boost your earnings with the company when you ’ re first starting out .
You can check out the bless up bonus offers from Lyft here .

4. Learn which areas have a High Demand for Rides

Another tiptoe that comes up systematically in reports from drivers is to get to know areas where there ’ s a high demand for rides .
so for example, use websites like Trip Advisor and Yelp to learn what are the top rated restaurants in your area .
Or, make an effort to keep up to date with events in your area .
One driver on Quora says : “ Pay care to where major events are going on like concerts or sporting events. Know what fourth dimension they will end and be there around that fourth dimension. This way you can likely get long rides with surging rates, which can lead to very eminent fares. $ 100+ is a definite possibility. ”

Closing thoughts

overall, if you ’ re looking to make a supplementary income, or want a part-time spear, then Lyft is a good choice .
It ’ s an easy way to get paid for driving your car .
When you have some spare time after exercise or on the weekends, you can easily use the app to pick up rides .
however, full-time, it ’ s not truly that bang-up an opportunity, as many drivers online state .
obviously, it truly depends on where you live .
person in a identify like New York City or San Francisco could potentially make a good full-time income from Lyft, as this person on Reddit says :
“ How much you ’ re going to make depends on you and on what city you live in. You could be making less than minimum engage after expenses or you could be clearing $ 20+/hr. ”

But, you besides have to factor in the cost of flatulence, which you have to cover .
If you want to make some extra cash, driving for Lyft is decidedly something to look into, even if alone half-time .
Have personal experience drive for Lyft ? We ’ vitamin d sexual love to hear about it in the comments !

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