Shipt Shopper Review 2022: How Much Can You Earn?

disclosure : This military post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase or signal up through my links, at no price to you. Please read my disclaimer for more information. Is Shipt the best for shoppers to earn extra ? What are the pros and cons, if any ? Learn everything about it in this in-depth Shipt shopper review .

You ’ ve probably landed on this foliate because your current wage international relations and security network ’ t enough for the life style you want. Let ’ s face it ; no one ever created a epicurean life sentence for themselves by working a 9-5 job.

An easy way to contribute towards your dream life style is by trying out on-line gig economy side hustles .
There ’ s a retentive list of spear economy jobs you can choose from on the internet. here, we ’ rhenium talking about becoming a hire shopper and getting paid by the hour .
Shipt is one of the most popular on-line gig networks for shoppers, but is it worth your clock ?
Read along our Shipt shopper review to find out for yourself .

What is Shipt?

Shipt is a well-known grocery store pitch service app founded binding in 2014. Based in Birmingham, the platform has nowadays extended its reach towards more than 260 cities across the state .
Shipt Logo
The chopine partners with a across-the-board roll of democratic grocery store brands, so customers can choose where they want to make their purchases. Some celebrated Shipt spouse brands include Target, CVS, HEB, Petco, Meijer, and Costco .
Unlike early grocery shopping sites, Shipt requires its users to become pay members before placing orders through the site. This direction, their patriotic customers get good benefits, and there ’ s promptly available workplace for their shoppers .

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps  
$10-$14/hour 100% Fair GET STARTED Read Full Review

To find out more about Shipt from a shopper ’ south opinion, let ’ s look at how the site works .

How Does Shipt Work

Shipt is a site with a reasonably square business mannequin where shoppers and members can benefit at the same time .
The platform provides members with a tilt of spouse stores to choose what they want to buy and where. They can besides specify their location details, and the time they want their stuff to reach them .
Shipt logo
similarly, a Shipt shopper can find out which shopping jobs are available nearby by visiting their site .
After that, they merely select a gig and head over to the store to start shop. In case the items mentioned by the member and unavailable, shoppers can contact them through the app and wonder about substitutes .
The best part is, you don ’ t have to carry any cash as a shopper. You ’ ll be wearing a Shipt shirt and carrying a Shipt debit batting order to let the memory employees know you ’ re there as a shopper .
The platform transfers the money into your card so you can use it to pay for the groceries .
once you ’ re done shop, you can deliver the goods and score the job done. This will allow you to look for far deliveries and earn more money .
Simply, the partner brands pay Shipt for bringing business to their stores, and they get paid from their members american samoa well .
As a shopper, you ’ ll have paid for spending your clock time shop and delivering the goods. Everyone wins .

How Much Does Shipt Pay?

Our review of being a Shipt shopper is incomplete without mentioning their payment structure. particularly if you ’ re considering Shipt as a slope hustle, you ’ ll want to know how much you can earn per hour to use your clock productively .
Shipt website
On median, you can earn about $ 15- $ 30 for each rescue. however, there ’ sulfur a gamble you might not make deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as you expect, or you can end up exceeding your expectations. hera ’ s how their payment structure works .


chiefly, all Shipt shoppers get a fix deputation for their shopping gigs. On the locate, the starting commission for every order is $ 5. additionally, shoppers will get 7.5 % of the total patronize circular as well .
The best separate is that you can see how much the order is worth deciding whether you want to make the delivery .
After you ’ ve gained some have, you can even take more than one regulate at a time to earn twice a a lot at the lapp time .


Shipt members don ’ t need to give out tips to their shoppers. however, if some of your clients are kind enough to offer big tips, shoppers can keep them according to Shipt policy. You ’ re more likely to get tips for larger orders or around the vacation season .

Gas Money

Shipt does not pay you for your car fuel. You might besides need to spend on the care of your vehicle if you spend a bunch of fourth dimension delivering groceries. unfortunately, you ’ ll have to bear all those expenses yourself .


As a Shipt Shopper, you ’ ll be working as an independent contractor. This means the company will not deduct any taxes from your wages .
rather, you ’ ll have to pay your taxes yourself, which is approximately 30 % of your paycheck .

Shipt Shopper Job Review

nowadays that you know how Shipt works, let ’ s become to the main part of our Shipt shopper review. here, you ’ ll find out everything you need to know about becoming a Shipt shopper to decide for yourself .

Shipt Shopper Requirements

Before starting your travel as a Shipt Shopper, you ’ ll have to see if you fulfill their requirements. First of all, you should be at least 18 years old and own your vehicle no older than a 1997 model .
Shipt Shopper Review
Besides that, you should have an up-to-date driver ’ mho license and car indemnity policy. besides, you should have your cross-file bank history for payment transactions .
One reverse is that Shipt requires you to have your own insulate cool bag. Unlike other rescue platforms, Shipt does not provide this for their shoppers .
Most importantly, you should have a working smartphone and the ability to lift improving to 40 pounds of groceries at a time .

Signing Up as a Shipt Shopper

If you think you tick all the boxes from their requirement list, it ’ mho time to apply for the caper .
When it comes to online rescue sites, Shipt has one of the most inclusive and diaphanous rent methods. They value the trust of their customers ; that ’ mho why they conduct thorough examination for every applicant .
Signing up as a Shipt shopper is relatively slowly. You can start by filling out an on-line application form. Besides your diagnose, contact, and age, you ’ ll have to give out some essential information in the mannequin, including your driving experience and policy information .
once you ’ ve submitted your form, the platform will reach out to you for a virtual interview. here, you can take your luck to tell the platform why you would be a capital shopper for their clients. similarly, you ’ ll be asked a few questions regarding hypothetical situations where the site will gauge your problem-solving skills .
And that ’ s it. If you ’ re accepted, Shipt will inform you within 2-3 days after your interview. When you ’ re hired, you ’ ll get access to their Shipt Shopper Hub .
hera, you can navigate how to take orders and earn money on Shipt .
BECOME A shopper

How Much Can You Earn as a Shipt Shopper?

As we mentioned, Shipt pays you a commission and a percentage of the shop bill. According to that, you can make around $ 15- $ 30 per hour .
honestly, that ’ s not much for spending your time denounce and tug across the town. however, to increase your earnings, you can track your mileage and get tax deductions. besides, try to drive a fuel efficient car to minimize your expenses .
Besides that, you can take up multiple denounce gigs at once and deliver them in one trip to earn about double in an hour .

Shipt Payouts

Shipt offers easy payouts for its shoppers. With each shop gig you complete, the amount you earn will appear on your shopper ’ sulfur dashboard .
however, you can not cash your money out every sidereal day. Shipt pays shoppers every Friday for their former working week. The platform directly deposits your earnings to your personal report. You can easily track your orders and requital details on the shopper ’ s app .

Shipt Shopper Pros

If you ’ ve gone through some Shipt shopper reviews before, you credibly know that most employees are reasonably happy working with the chopine. The best part is that the ship’s company responds well to shopper issues and has an on-line shopper ’ s community .
here are a few benefits of becoming a Shipt shopper that ’ ll make you want to sign-up right aside .

Shopper’s Perks

As a Shipt Shopper, you ’ ll get access to a wide array of perks and advantages. aside from discounts at their partner stores, they offer discounts on policy and aesculapian prescriptions for their shoppers.

Special Rewards

Shipt has lots of programs on its locate that allows employees to win amazing rewards like give cards and flush travel discounts. You can earn these rewards by meeting particular shopper milestones mentioned on their site .

Flexible Working Hours

As a shopper at Shipt, you can choose your hours and decide when you want to work. besides, you can choose a placement depending on your preference and ease of permute .

Order Transparency

Before you choose a spear on Shipt, the platform will provide all the necessity data about the caper. This direction, you can decide whether the gig is worth your clock or not .

User-Friendly Interface

The official locate and app for Shipt have an amazingly easy-to-use interface, so you won ’ metric ton have difficulty finding your manner around .
Believe it or not, Shipt besides provides a begin naturally for new shoppers to learn the ropes about managing orders and deliveries through the site .

Shipt Shopper Cons

Although Shipt offers many benefits for its shoppers, there are a few downsides to the job. here are the challenges most Shipt shoppers face sol you can get an honest representation of the platform .
Shipt Shoppers

No Mileage Reimbursement

Considering that you ’ ll be traveling a bunch delivering orders, it would be capital if Shipt covered your fuel money. But it doesn ’ t. besides, you ’ ll have to pay for the wear and tear on your vehicle arsenic well .

Work Availability

Most of the time, Shipt has many shopping gigs available for you to choose from. But, depending on your localization and time, sometimes you may not have any orders available .

No List Details

Shipt does show the price and probationary earnings for each order but does not let you see the items on the node ’ randomness list. That ’ randomness why you can end up shopping for hard-to-find items that might take longer than you expected .

Lack of Immediate Payouts

evening though Shipt offers timely, regular payouts, you ’ ll alone get paid on Fridays. This means, after working Monday-Sunday, you ’ ll experience paid on the Friday in the coming week .

Tips for Beginner Shipt Shoppers

After going through the information in our Ship Shopper review, if you ’ re ready to become a shopper yourself, we ’ ve got some advice for you .
here are a few tips to maximize your earnings on Shipt, tried, and tested by chap shoppers .

Use Your People Skills

If you ’ ve gone through our Shipt Shopper reappraisal, you know that the only money you ’ re getting apart from your commission is the tip. The only direction to get beneficial tips from your clients is by offering excellent customer military service from your slope .
pros of working for shipt
For model, you can start by keeping them updated about their grocery condition and introducing yourself. besides, ask if they forgot to mention something on the list. This might be an attractive overture for unmindful customers .
similarly, make certain you ask before substituting any items and send pictures of the products if possible. This way, you can be certain you don ’ thyroxine bring anything they don ’ triiodothyronine like .
Most importantly, a bare smile and a well day wish work wonders. just be nice and stay connected .

Bag Orders On Specific Days

According to even shoppers, Sundays and Mondays are the busiest days on Shipt. Make sure you mark yourself available on the platform on these days to claim as many orders as you can .

Keep Checking the App

You should check the Shipt app for ‘ bounties ’ even when you ’ re not scheduled for work. sometimes, the app has orders that go unclaimed, so they provide singular rewards for shoppers who complete those orders .

Track Your Miles

evening if Shipt isn ’ t reimbursing your fuel money, you should track your miles however .
This way, you can claim a deduction on your taxes for the measure you spent on fuel .

Prioritize Small Orders

little orders will normally get you entirely $ 6- $ 7 in commissions, but you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine overlook them at any cost. Waiting for big orders, you might miss out on the opportunities you have at bridge player .
besides, little orders allow you to drill taking multiple orders at a meter .
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Final Words

Concluding our Shipt Shopper review, it all brews gloomy to a straightforward question. Is being a Shipt Shopper worth it ?
According to us, Shipt is a legit gig economy chopine that can help you generate a steady passive voice income delivery groceries .
On average, you can earn about $ 15- $ 30 per hour, which isn ’ triiodothyronine much at first glance. however, if you plan your orders according to your change and profit experience shop multiple orders at one time, you can maximize your earnings on the chopine .
Every side bunco will require you to invest your prison term and sometimes even some money to create a reliable income stream for yourself .
It ’ s up to you to choose a subcontract that fits your life style and needs. For now, if you ’ rhenium looking for a profitable side hustle, Shipt is a safe option to try out .

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  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Bonuses and Rewards


  • Availability
  • No Mileage Reimbursement
  • Delayed Payouts


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