How much internet speed do I need?

How much internet speed do I need?

The speed you need depends on your on-line activities and how many people will be using the network. What do you do online most often ? If you do a lot of ocular stuff that requires more bandwidth or have multiple internet users living in your family, you ’ ll probably need a faster connection. Video streaming and big downloads eat up most of the bandwidth, while on-line gaming requires less of it. casual web browse, electronic mail communication, and social media require the least accelerate. But what is a good internet focal ratio ? Around 25-30 Mbps is considered a good home internet accelerate for most users. This is enough for basic on-line activities, such as network browse, video and sound recording pour, file download, and on-line gambling. Of course, if you wish to do all this on more than a couple of devices simultaneously, you ’ ll need a higher travel rapidly. In the table below you can see the approximate bandwidth you need for respective on-line activities .

The speed you need Activities
1-5 Mbps Email, browsing, Google search, streaming music, standard definition video streaming on a single device
5-8 Mbps High-definition video streaming on a single device
8-40 Mbps Online gaming on a single device, video calling
40-100 Mbps Watching high-definition video on a few devices, online gaming on a few devices, downloading large files, 4K streaming
100 Mbps-500 Mbps Streaming ultra high-definition video on a few devices

The average internet amphetamine varies from area to country. While such countries as Taiwan or Singapore reaches up to 70-80 Mbps of median speed, most of North America ‘s and Europe ‘s median is 20-35 Mbps. In countries with less developed internet technologies the rush can be ampere low as 1-2 Mbps. then, you can see that internet penetration is calm pretty uneven across the globe.

Internet bandwidth vs. internet speed

People much use the terms “ internet bandwidth ” and “ internet focal ratio ” interchangeably, but they are not the like even though we use megabits per second ( Mbps ) to measure them both. Bandwidth indicates how many megabits of data can be transferred over a connection in one second. In early words, bandwidth illustrates the capabilities of your net connection, the maximum total of data it can transfer in perfective conditions. Internet accelerate measures how fast data is traveling at a given moment. It might not necessarily be the same as your bandwidth. versatile factors can affect internet focal ratio, such as :

  • Type of connection. For example, you will have much higher speed with a fiber connection rather than an old-school dial-up. If you plug an internet cable into your device, your speed will likely be faster than over a Wi-Fi connection;
  • The number of users. Internet speed usually slows down during peak hours (e.g., in the evenings), when many users are online;
  • Outdated equipment. Old routers, wires, and other equipment can slow down your speed;
  • Wrong configurations. You must always check whether your bandwidth is not limited due to configuration issues. This may include enabled firewall, filtering, wrongly configured router settings, etc.;
  • Proximity from the router. In case of Wi-Fi connections, the further you are from the source, the slower the speed;
  • Bandwidth throttling. Some ISPs limit users’ internet speed deliberately.

We can compare internet bandwidth and accelerate to cars and lanes on a highway. The bandwidth indicates how many lanes there are, while speed shows how fast the vehicles can travel. even if the focal ratio is lower, a large number of lanes would allow more cars to travel simultaneously. This lets a larger sum of data travel in a certain period. Don ’ t forget that the Mbps indicated by your internet avail provider is credibly only the theoretical maximum bandwidth a connection can achieve, or its capability. This is why they typically use the “ up to ” phrasing in their ads. The actual travel rapidly can vary due to the circumstances mentioned above, and you do n’t constantly get the claim numbers from the ad. however, in this article, we will use bandwidth and rush definitions interchangeably, because this is how users use them most frequently. See the tips in the last section of this article to make the best of your on-line bandwidth. Secure yourself with a high-speed VPN that can protect you from ISP throttling.

Download speed vs. upload speed

The download accelerate indicates how fast information travels from a server to your device, while upload shows the reverse — how fast your data reaches a waiter. While download accelerate is normally a more authoritative standard, you should pay attention to the upload focal ratio besides. It is specially essential if you stream a batch, upload big files, do video-conferencing, and other things requiring higher upload rush. up to 25 Mbps of download rush and 3 Mbps of upload is enough for family with one or two devices. however, if you wish to stream a very high-quality television or connect more devices you need 100-150 or flush higher download rush and 10 Mbps or more of upload travel rapidly.

How to calculate the bandwidth you need

To approximate your bandwidth needs, you should consider the following :

  1. How many users will be using your Wi-Fi network;
  2. What will they most likely use it for;
  3. Are there any obstacles that can limit your possibilities to use the full available bandwidth.

You can besides multiply the number of users by the amount of Kbps. Depending on the activities, you can multiply the number by 400-500 Kbps in the casing of alight custom, by 800 Kbps if the use is medium, and by 1500-2000 Kbps if it ‘s heavy. There are besides versatile bandwidth calculators available on-line. If you decide to use one of those, make sure it ’ s not tied to a overhaul supplier and will give you objective results.

Internet speed for gaming

If you ‘re a game, you need a quicker internet. We recommend going for 15-25 Mbps bandwidth for the best have. You should besides choose fiber-optic or cable internet to have humble reaction time and ping rates, which is very important for gaming. latency is the come of clock required for a signal to travel from your device to an ISP server and back. The ping rate is the measurement of reaction time. The higher the pink rate, the slower your game might be, as it takes more time for the data to travel.

Internet speed for streaming

When it comes to streaming, the accelerate depends on the quality of the content you wish to stream. Most streaming services, including Netflix, require around 3 Mbps for standard definition video recording. however, for HD video, you will need around 7-8 Mbps, while for 4K, at least 40 Mbps is recommended. Keep in take care that these numbers increase if multiple users stream television simultaneously.

How to improve your internet speed

Consider these pieces of advice to get the best of your bandwidth :

  • Disable all the bandwidth-consuming background processes and apps if you don’t need them at that moment;
  • Use a VPN. A VPN hides and encrypts data, so will help prevent your ISP trying to throttle your bandwidth based on your online activity. Also, premium VPN services do not slow down your online speed significantly. NordVPN has high speeds and easy-to-use interface;
  • Regularly check your internet speed by using online measurement tools to be sure you get the bandwidth you pay for. Just make sure you choose safe websites;
  • Always select a reliable service provider;
  • Always make sure your internet equipment is up-to-date;
  • Constantly update your internet connection software and configure it along with the hardware properly;
  • Try getting closer to the router or use your internet cable;
  • Use NordVPN’s Threat Protection, which can block malicious stuff and identify threats before they damage your device. Malicious apps and viruses sometimes eat up a significant amount of your bandwidth;
  • Try resetting or moving your router;
  • If you continuously experience speed problems, contact your provider.

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