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COVID has left people dreaming and planning vacations to Hawaii for the 2022 summer. last summer, the Great lease Car deficit and a return of visitors finale to 2019 levels caused rental car and hotel prices to spike. You might be wondering what a trip to the hawaiian Islands will cost you in 2022 .
In 2019 we estimated that a comparable mid-range slip to Hawaii would cost $ 10,100 for a family of four. In 2021 the same slip cost $ 8,914 .
How does that measure up now ? If you book right now, a 10-day travel to Hawaii in June 2022 for a family of four will cost $ 12,239. That ’ s a huge increase over 2019 and 2021. Hotels and rental cable car companies are forecasting a busy 2022 summer temper .
The breakdown for expenses is the take after :

airfare hotel rental car food Activities Total
$ 2,192 $ 4,490 $ 1,622 $ 2,100 $ 1,835 $12,239

Read on for details on the quotes and ways to save on your Hawaii vacation .
hawaii cost estimate trip cost for hawaii

Planning Ahead: Will a Trip to Hawaii Be More Expensive in 2022?

As we are all hopeful the pandemic will change to an autochthonal in 2022, Hawaii ’ s tourism industry is still in a express of magnetic field .
As of now, the Hawaii Safe Travels course of study has a compulsory 5-day quarantine for visitors to Hawaii unless you show a damaging COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours if you are not vaccinated or show your vaccine card if you are vaccinated. A minus COVID-19 test is not required if you ’ rhenium vaccinated .
We expect Hawaii change of location restrictions to change in 2022, thus read our Hawaii Travel Restrictions for an update .
The summer of 2021 saw a dear increase in visitors to Hawaii compared to 2019 levels. A trip to Oahu was hush the Cheapest Hawaiian Island to Visit but the quote prices we received for June 2022 usher a large increase in costs for your syndicate .
Hotels and rental car companies are optimistic that 2022 will be another busy year, particularly since external locomotion to Hawaii is now available. The standard, non-ocean view rooms were already sold out at Disney ’ s Aulani Resort and Spa per our dates in June .
We expect locomotion restrictions to ease as the year progresses. even without a decrease in restrictions, we still expect to see visitors returning to Hawaii this class and cost increases for flights, lodge, and rental cars .
See our recommendations below on how to save money on your 2022 Hawaii Vacation. then sign up for our Hawaii Travel Newsletter to stay up to date on visiting Hawaii this year .
trip to hawaii cost estimate 2022

How Much Does a Trip to Hawaii Cost For a Family of Four in 2022?

To get to our estimate of $ 12,239, we used the following assumptions :

  • A 10-night trip to Oahu
  • Flights leaving from San Francisco
  • A family of four, including two adults and two children
  • Trip book for mid-june 2022
  • Staying in a hotel

As stated above, the average trip monetary value that we came up with is $ 12,239. That ’ randomness $ 3,060 per person .
Of course, there are ways to do this brassy ( think : glamping ) and there are ways to make this trip much more expensive. But this is a pretty reasonable calculate for a mid-priced vacation that you ’ ll love .
For comparison, a Hawaii Vacation Guide Newsletter subscriber stayed in Waikiki over January 2022 for five nights. They stayed at the Waikiki Beachcomber ( watch our video on the Beachcomber ), did three gainful tours, flew Southwest, and had a lease car. The total for their trip was $ 5,965 .
here ’ s how costs break down for our 10-day trip to Oahu in June .

Cost of Airfare to Hawaii

You can find some capital deals on airfare right now to Hawaii. The low-cost carriers to Hawaii are Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines. See our article How to Get a Cheap Ticket to Hawaii .
As many may not be departing from San Francisco so they can ’ thyroxine handily use a low-cost carrier, I averaged the low-cost carriers with the standard airlines of United Airlines and Delta Airlines .
A roundtrip flight on United Airlines from San Francisco to Oahu in June 2022 is $ 563 .
Because travel is even unsealed ( even in 2022 ), you ’ ll want to be sure that whatever flights you do bible come with a flexible cancellation policy. Most offer no change fees. At $ 533 per person on average, with taxes and fees, the sum is the follow .
Total cost of airfare: $2,192 for four people

Hotel on Oahu

The biggest lump of your budget is going to be spent on your housing. The majority of people who come to Hawaii stay in a hotel over a vacation rental. In June 2021, data from the Hawaii Tourism Authority showed that 54 % of Hawaii visitors stayed in a hotel .
thus for this, we used estimates for staying in a hotel .
fair like with most places, hotel prices can range. You have budget accommodations and deluxe resorts. For the estimate, we pulled prices from some of the most democratic family-friendly resorts on the island .
Related read: The 7 Best Family-Friendly Hotels on Oahu
We priced out a 10-night stay at these hotels in June 2022 :

  • Hilton Hawaiian Village $ 5,891
  • Royal hawaiian hotel : $ 9,331
  • Turtle Bay : $ 10,286
  • Sheraton Princess Kaiulani : $ 4,619
  • queen Kapiolani Hotel : $ 2,772
  • Disney Aulani : $ 9,248

These prices include taxes and a recourse fee. Taxes and repair fees can be 20 % to 50 % of the sum price of your stay. Because there is such a broad range of prices, we stuck with a middle estimate and went with the Hilton Hawaiian Village .
Total hotel costs for four people: $4,490

hawaii vacation cost hotel rates 2022 Hilton Hawaiian Village Note : June 2021 hotel nightly rates were about 30 % lower than our 2022 quoted rates. Hawaii tourism is in a state of matter of magnetic field ascribable to the pandemic, you may find better deals as the summer approaches. Our twice-monthly Hawaii Newsletter keeps you informed of the changing visitor locomotion restrictions, push, and costs. Our over 12,000 subscribers love it !
If you ’ ra looking for a luxury recourse or a value hotel, we have some ideas for you. Check out the videos below of Waikiki resorts and hotels from your front-runner YouTubers .

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