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Heating and AC units are big-ticket items. Replacing them can be expensive, which is one of the main reasons people like to take out a home guarantee ! If you don ’ t have one of those, we recommend having a rainy-day fund set aside. Just like roof, floors and appliances, even the best system will finally require rectify or substitute .

Factors That Affect HVAC System Costs

The average monetary value of replacing your HVAC system depends on the type of system, the size of your home, and whether you ’ re upgrade as part of the substitute. Let ’ s take a look at what you can expect if you need to replace yours .

Residential HVAC Costs by the Type of System

Before you can start figuring out potential substitution costs, you ’ ll need to know what kind of system you ’ re working with. There are three main types of HVAC systems used in residential environments :

  1. Split systems: The most common of the system types, split systems consist of two units – one for heating and one for cooling. Replacing the units is usually relatively inexpensive, but installing ductwork adds to the cost. Expect to pay around $7,500-10,000 for a full system replacement – and more for the ductwork.
  2. Ductless (mini-split) systems: These systems feature a series of wall-mounted units that are hooked up to an outdoor compressor. You won’t have to worry about the cost of ductwork, but replacing each individual unit can add up. Expect to pay $8,000-15,000 for a full system replacement.
  3. Packaged systems: These systems feature a single unit that is installed outdoors. Expect to pay $10,000-14,000 to replace one of these.

Commercial HVAC Costs

commercial systems tend to be more expensive, largely due to size and partition. For reference, a system serving a 1,000 feather foot quad costs around $ 6,000- $ 12,000, with costs scaling depending on the build ’ s size and layout .

The Costs of Replacing HVAC Ductwork

The costs are above are ranges for replacing the HVAC units themselves. however, if you ’ ra substitute or adding ductwork or other essentials, things can get more expensive. The investment is worth it, though – damaged ductwork can create huge inefficiencies that affect the choice of your inflame and cool and add to your bills.

Why Do HVAC Replacement Costs Vary So Much?

If you ’ ra wondering why some of those ranges are therefore boastfully, it ’ second because HVAC systems vary reasonably dramatically in their size and set-up. Every base is different, indeed HVAC systems have to flex to suit !
Here are some of the factors that will influence the replacement cost. These include:

  • The bigger the home, the more powerful the system you’ll need.
    Higher SEER units are more efficient – but also more expensive.
  • Add-ons. Adding thermostats, zoning systems, humidifiers and so on will add to your costs.
  • Industry standard brands tend to be more expensive than lesser-known ones.

The early major agent influencing price is whether you ’ re replacing the solid system, installing a new one, or just replacing a part. obviously, the less you need done, the lower the cost !

While a full system successor will finally need to be done, HVAC systems have a drawn-out life of between 10-25 years. Staying on clear of your hindrance sustenance will push yours closer to that upper figure, helping you get more value from your organization in the long-run, and ensuring increase efficiency equally well .
For a quotation mark on replacing or installing an HVAC system, or to arrange an date for preventive sustenance, get in touch using the form below ! The team at Shaw is always here to help .
**Disclaimer : These prices are fair industry averages and will vary**

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