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There ’ s nothing like modern tiling to refresh a floor, or even an entire room. But, as with any home improvement project, it ’ south crucial to consider the monetary value before you get started. The cost to install fresh tiles can vary a fortune, since they come with a lot of customizable options : The overall monetary value tag for a tile project can swing from $ 300 to about $ 5,000, according to HomeGuide ( most jobs fall within the $ 800 to $ 2,500 scope ). Let ’ s look at the most common points that impact the entire cost of a tile facility, some smart ways to save on the project, and an overview of your financing options.

Tile installation cost breakdown

Like many home improvement projects, the price tag for installing new tiling breaks down into two basic parts : the materials and the labor. In general, the tiles themselves typically cost between $ 2 to $ 10 per feather foot, while the actual initiation costs range from $ 5 to $ 14 per square foot. Four chief factors are going to influence how your tile initiation will cost :

  • Room size: Tile installation is priced per square foot. The larger the area you want to tile, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Room layout: Tile needs to be cut to fit around corners and curves. If the room has a simple floor plan, the installation will be cheaper. If the layout is unusual and requires a lot of cutting, you should expect higher labor costs.
  • Type of tile: Tile comes in a wide variety of materials and designs. Simpler tiles will cost less than tiles with intricate patterns, and smaller tiles usually cost less than larger ones. Ceramic tiles are often the most durable and affordable choice, starting at $0.50 per square foot. Porcelain, glass and marble tiles offer more variety, but will typically cost more than ceramic, starting at $3 per square foot.
  • Custom work: Any individualizing of the tile layout, such as the creation of borders, medallions or mosaics, will increase the final tab significantly over installing “straight tile.”

Tips to save on tile installation

If your goal is to keep costs down, here are some tips to keep your tile facility low-cost .

  • Get multiple estimates: Asking for quotes won’t just give you a clearer picture of the final bill, it’ll also help you choose the most affordable contractor. Make sure to give each contractor the same information, so you can feel confident you’re making apples-to-apples comparisons.
  • Choose smaller, more basic tiles: In general, smaller tiles are more affordable than larger ones; they tend to require less cutting, which saves time and decreases the labor costs.
  • Limit your coverage area: Since the price to install tile is calculated per square foot, the smaller the area you cover, the less you pay. If you’re being budget-conscious, you may want to consider tiling only a small area.
  • Avoid customization: Any customization work is bound to be labor-intensive and significantly increase the overall cost of your tile installation. If the budget is your main concern, skip a fancy or unique design and opt for a more straightforward pattern instead.
  • Go DIY: Most of the installation cost for tile comes from labor. If you’re handy and think you can achieve a professional-looking result, this may be one project worth doing on your own. Just be careful and do your homework to avoid making costly mistakes.

How does tile installation impact your home value?

As with any home improvement project, installing tile makes the most feel when it positively impacts your home ’ s value. According to, installing tile in your home offers a 50 to 70 percentage return on investment. The samara is the type of tile you choose to install. In particular, ceramic tile has the best return on invested capital, specially when you do it yourself.. Tile doesn ’ triiodothyronine constantly have a convinced affect on home value, though. brainsick colors or violent patterns can go out of vogue promptly. Stick to neutral colors and steer away from tiling trends if you are trying to add lasting value to a home. Bear in mind : tile is not the most valuable floor material. wood floors offer a bigger slam for the investment sawhorse, recouping 70 to 80 percentage of their cost.

Tile installation financing options

While installing tiling international relations and security network ’ t the most expensive of home remodel projects, you even might want to finance it, specially if it ’ s a four-figure job. here are some options .

Personal loan

If you don ’ t have a lot equity in your home, getting a personal loan may be your best option for financing the cost to lay tile. personal loans are installment loans, which means you ’ ll receive the money in one hunk sum and then make fixed, regular payments until it ’ s paid off. personal loans are besides unguaranteed, meaning that alternatively of being tied to an asset like your home, approval is based largely on your credit score. That said, be mindful that some personal loans come with high sake rates, because they ’ ra not backed by any collateral. If you choose to go this route for your financing, be sure to get estimates inaugural and only borrow american samoa much as you need .

Home equity loan

If you ’ ve been paying down your mortgage for a while, a home equity loanword may be a better option. Like a personal loanword, you ’ ll receive the money in one swelling sum and make fixed payments. however, there ’ s a good find you ’ ll get a better interest rate with a home equity loan. But since a dwelling equity loanword is secured by the value of your home, you could be putting your home at risk if you fail to make payments on time. A home fairness loan is a chic choice for tile initiation because you ’ ll be leveraging your possession in the house to do something that positively impacts its value, and the sake could be tax-deductible ( if you itemize deductions ).

Home equity line of credit

Unlike the other two options, a home fairness line of citation ( HELOC ) works more like a credit card than an installment lend. In this case, you ’ ll be granted a sealed amount of time — normally 10 years — where you can borrow against the value of your home as needed. During that time, you ’ ll likely alone have to make payments on the interest on what you ’ ve borrowed. then, after that borrowing period is over, you ’ ll start making payments on both the principal lend symmetry and the interest. HELOCs traditionally have variable star interest rates, but more lenders are starting to offer specify concern rate options, priced about the lapp as base equity loans. Using a home equity pipeline of credit is a ache choice if installing tile is alone one of a few dwelling improvement projects you plan to complete ; the flexibility in borrowing makes a HELOC ideal for balancing multiple projects .

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