Central Air Conditioning Cost in 2022 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

The cost of central air conditioning equipment will hit record highs this year. While not surprising given the cost of “ everything ” these days, it is daunting when we look at 2022 central air conditioning prices for accomplished systems in full installed .

Central AC Installation Costs

Before you think, “ these prices can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be mighty ! ” please understand that we draw from a stove of credible sources including manufacturer price, local HVAC contractile organ estimates, and actual receipts shared by homeowners .
$4,800 to $14,000 – AC Equipment Only – Use the Old Furnace or Air Handler: Keep in mind that replacing the entire system is the best strategy for efficiency, lastingness, and indoor climate command because install components are matched to work together .
$7,700 to $22,000+ – Complete System: These systems include either a cardinal AC plus a accelerator furnace or a inflame heart plus an publicize animal trainer.

$14,200 – Most Popular System: If we had to pick a single cost estimate for the average-size, 2-stage divide central air out discipline system, this would be it .

Costs from Goodman to Trane

Goodman is systematically the most low-cost choice. The smallest and least efficient complete Goodman central air systems begin at around $ 7,700 to give us the depleted end of the total scope. Goodman ’ s most effective and largest systems top out around $ 20,000 installed .
Trane is refreshingly open about cost, a rarity among manufacturers. Using numbers from its Pricing Guide, the price of a complete central air conditioning system is $9,200 to $22,300 – and those prices don’t include varying capacity ACs and heat pumps. You could easily spend $ 24K on a Trane, Lennox, or Carrier central HVAC system .
Why so high?
All major manufacturers have announced price increases of 12 % to more than 20 % combined in the last two years. wholesale costs for materials, parturiency, and department of transportation have all gone up for the manufacturers .
component in similar price increases for local HVAC companies, and all of us consumers are getting socked with a dagger traumatize .

Quick Answer – What is Central Air Conditioning?

We should make certain we are on the same page as this discussion continues .
All system types are described below. But they have one thing in common : They include components to cool the publicize in your home and to distribute it through ductwork or through indoor units installed in respective rooms or zones .
The most common central air conditioning systems include a condense whole ( AC or heat pump ) outside and a furnace or tune coach with a blower fan at heart. refrigerant cycles through coils housed in each component, so that heat is absorbed from the at heart breeze and released outdoors to lower indoor temperature .

2022 Central Air Conditioning Cost Snapshot

cost factors discussed down the page should help you zero in on a central air conditioning price appraisal for your home. equipment sizes are 2-5 tons, which is 24,000 to 60,000 BTU. These are complete systems installed by certified HVAC technicians .

Complete System Entry Level Most Popular Premium
Installed Cost $7,700 – $13,500 $10,800 – $17,500 $13,300 – $22,000+
AC & Indoor Coil Only
Installed Cost $4,400 – $9,000 $7,300 – $12,400 $10,500 – $14,000

The size range accounts for the lap in the monetary value boxes. The largest entry charge arrangement costs more than the smallest Most popular system, for example .
OK, unless you have given up on new central vent for 2022 and are shopping Amazon for window ACs or swamp coolers, let ’ s venture on in our exploration of the price of cardinal air conditioning .

Equipment Options and Costs

Central air is far from a one-size-fits-all. You have a roll of equipment options, sizes, performance levels, efficiencies and other considerations that affect cost .

Standard Split Systems

This page focuses on these systems because they remain the most normally installed. Sizes are 18,000 to 60,000 BTU, or 1.5 to 5.0 tons .
efficiency crop is 13 to 28 SEER .
Four configurations are used:

  1. AC and furnace – Tried and true, the most common systems today.
  2. Heat pump and air handler – Efficient and ideal for all but the coldest climates.
  3. AC and air handler – Installed in very warm regions where no heat is needed or in homes with an alternate heat source like a boiler system.
  4. Heat pump and furnace – Mostly used in the coldest regions where standard heat pumps lose effectiveness in sub-freezing temperatures. They are called dual fuel systems since heat can be provided by an electric heat pump heat or fossil fuel heat.

Package Units

These are an all-in-one type of standard split system in that the same basic components are used, but they are housed together in a large cabinet outdoors .
Package units come in two types – heat heart & breeze animal trainer or AC and natural gas furnace. efficiency levels are not ampere high as other separate arrangement types .
efficiency range is 13 to 16 SEER .

Mini Split Systems

These systems are the # 1 choice in Asia and Europe, and miniskirt splits are the fastest-growing section of the north american english HVAC market. Most are heat pumps, but AC-only systems are available .
Sizes are 6,000 to 72,000 BTU, or .5 to 6.0 tons. A condensing unit external serves 1 to 9 indoor units, each placed in a divide zone or room. Each indoor unit is controlled by its own thermostat, normally in a distant accountant .
efficiency roll is 16 to 42 SEER .

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal was once the “ next best thing, ” but the costliest systems remain identical expensive. Plus, the efficiency levels of standard and miniskirt split systems have risen importantly in the last 15 years. They still do not match geothermal, but they have closed the gap adequate that the much higher price of geothermal systems international relations and security network ’ t a cost-efficient option for every site .
That is why they continue to lag army for the liberation of rwanda behind in the number of systems installed .
Efficiency range is 26 to 64 SEER (converting EER to SEER)
here are costs for a 36,000 BTU system, aka 3 tons, which is the average size installed .

Type Cost (1)
Standard Split Systems $10,000 – $18,500
AC & Air Handler $10,000 – $16,000
AC & Furnace $11,500 – $17,000
Heat Pump & Air Handler $11,800 – $17,600
Heat Pump & Furnace $13,200 – $18,500
Packaged Systems $9,800 – $15,500
Mini Split Systems $4,500 – $17,500
Single Zone $4,500 – $8,000
Multizone (2-8 zones) $6,200 – $17,500
Geothermal $8,400 – $25,000
(1) 36,000 BTU System for a 2,000 square foot home

Central Air Conditioning Costs by Brand

This table compares AC brands, efficiency ranges and prices. See the notes below on Identical Brands – it might surprise you to know how few manufacturers there truly are .

Complete System Entry Level Most Popular Premium Highest SEER
Installed Cost
Lennox $8,600 – $12,600 $12,500 – $17,500 $16,800 – $25,000 28
Trane $9,100 – $13,500 $12,900 – $16,800 $16,000 – $24,000 21
Carrier $9,300 – $13,300 $12,300 – $17,300 $15,700 – $24,500 26
York $8,300 – $12,700 $11,800 – $16,000 $15,000 – $22,400 21
Heil $8,200 – $12,900 $12,000 – $16,200 $14,900 – $21,800 19
Armstrong Air $8,400 – $12,000 $11,700 – $16,100 $13,900 – $22,500 20
Rheem $8,300 – $12,200 $11,900 – $15,800 $14,600 – $22,000 20.5
Goodman $7,700 – $10,900 $10,800 – $14,700 $13,300 – $20,000 24.5
Payne $8,600 – 13,000 $11,700 – $15,900 N/A 17
Ducane $8,200 – $11,800 $11,600 – $15,700 N/A 18
Aire-Flo $8,000 – $11,400 N/A N/A 14

OK, who is not on the list?
American Standard is identical to Trane
Bryant is identical to Carrier
Luxaire, Coleman and Champion are identical to York
Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Day & Night, Keeprite and Tempstar are identical to Heil
Air-Ease is identical to Armstrong Air
Ruud is identical to Rheem
Daikin and Amana are identical to Goodman
There might be a few variations within merchandise lineups, but brands listed as identical are precisely or very about the lapp – build on the same fabrication lines with the same parts. sometimes the parent companies slap differing warranties and price tags on them to appeal to a wide scope of consumers .
Payne ( a Carrier post ), Ducane ( a Lennox sword ) and Aire-Flo ( Lennox ) are like to some units made by the rear mark, but they are offered in a limited compass of basic and midrange models .

Itemized Equipment Costs

Where does your money go when you purchase a central vent condition system and have it professionally installed ?
This table breaks down itemize costs .

Item Cost Average Factors
Condensing Unit $2,200 – $9,500 $6,500 Size, Efficiency, Performance
Air Handler/Furnace $1,700 – $7,800 $4,900 Size, Quality, Blower
Line Set $250 – $800 $475 Length, Diameter
Indoor Coil $375 – $1,400 $850 Size, Quality
Outside Disconnect $50 – $200 $90 Amps, Quality
Thermostat $50 – $700 $300 Features
Pad or Bracket $100 – $400 $225 Size, Quality
Electrical Whip $35 – $200 $80 Length, Gauge
Electrical Circuit $0 – $1,200 $750 Location, Amps
Permit $150 – $400 $250 Where you Live
Installation Labor $2,550 – $6,500 $4,600 Contractor, Complexity

AC Only Systems – Save on Equipment and Labor

We mentioned that replacing precisely the away unit and indoor coil is a possibility without replacing the furnace or atmosphere coach .
If that fits your situation, subtract these costs from the Itemized Cost Table:

  • Furnace or air handler
  • Roughly 40% of the installation charges
  • You might also get by without a new thermostat.

You can consider only replacing the AC equipment if the furnace or air handler:

  1. Is in good condition (less than 10 years old with no major repair issues)
  2. Is compatible with the new condensing unit – Is the right capacity, has the right blower size and performance (single, multi or variable speed)

This site often occurs when one component fails earlier than it should. For model, if the furnace of a accomplished, new HVAC system must be replaced after 10 years ascribable to a cracked hotness exchanger, the AC might not be replaced at the like time. then, 5-10 years belated, the atmosphere conditioner does need replacing, but the furnace is relatively new .
And therefore, it goes back and away, replacing either the AC equipment or the furnace or publicize coach, until the homeowner decides to replace the unharmed system for purposes of energy efficiency, system operation or having a fresh guarantee on all the equipment .

Ductwork Not Included

The prices covered here do not include ductwork for two reasons. Most homes already have it, and old ductwork can broadly be used, possibly with child repairs and light modifications, for a modern system .
second, miniskirt rent systems do not require ductwork .
however, for pricing purposes, here are ductwork costs for new construction and substitute .
successor ductwork costs more ascribable to the labor to remove erstwhile ducts and work within already-constructed spaces .
A distinctive 2,000 square foot home has 150-200 feet of ductwork total based on base design. It includes affectionate publicize supply ducts and cold air recurrence ducts .
New construction ductwork: $ 12 to $ 18 per linear foot, or $ 1,800 to $ 3,600 total .
Replacement ductwork: $ 15 to $ 24 per analogue foot, or $ 2,250 to $ 4,800 entire .

Cost Factors

How much does cardinal vent price in 2022 ?
You will get central vent conditioning estimates from local anesthetic pros from about $ 4,500 for precisely the external AC, aka condensing unit, to more than $ 20,000 for a complete tune condition and heating system system .
monetary value is based on equipment factors listed inaugural followed by installation factors .
System Efficiency – The 2022 efficiency range for atmosphere conditioners is 13 SEER ( which are being phased out ) to 28 SEER for the current champion, the Lennox Signature Series SL28XCV. Heat pumps offer slenderly less effective cool. For case, the most efficient Carrier Infinity AC is 26 SEER while the corresponding Carrier Infinity heat heart is 24 SEER .
Cooling Stages – Your options are individual stage, two stage and variable capacitance, which modulate from a broken of 25 % or 40 % based on the sword to 100 %. efficiency is related to cooling stages. Single stage air out conditioners are 13 to 17 SEER. 2-stage ACs are 16 to 21 SEER. variable capacity air conditioners range from 19 to 28 SEER .
Quality – Brands like Goodman and Ducane price less than others because they are built with cheaper parts. And major brands like Lennox and Rheem make tiers of products in basic, better, and best versions .
For exercise, the Lennox bounty Signature Series and midrange Elite Series are backed by 10-year parts warranties. The entry-level Merit Series has a 5-year parts guarantee and is inferior in quality.

New vs Replacement – Replacement facility normally costs less than a first-time facility because wire and, for a natural gas furnace, the gas line and vent are already in place. This is called a mastermind refilling or swap-out initiation .
Access – Installation cost is higher for attic and crawlspace locations than when access to the equipment is easier .
Who Installs It – Some installers charge more because they are more have, have more certifications or are Authorized Dealers ( Carrier ’ mho term ), Premier Dealers ( Lennox ), Comfort Specialist ( Trane ) or have a similar title used by the brand they sell that means they ’ ve been factory trained and have a test lead record of quality facility ?
Where You Live – Cost of living is higher in boastfully metro regions, specially on the Coasts, as you likely know .
Time of Year – If you get monetary value quotes during non-peak times, estimates might be lower than during the summer and winter “ brainsick seasons ” for HVAC contractors .

How to Choose the Right Central Air System

Your considerations include your climate, organization efficiency, performance preferences and making certain it is the right size for your home. Let ’ s dig into these .

Your Climate

The hot your climate is, the more you will appreciate a high-efficiency tune conditioner that will keep electricity costs under control .
Payback period is a term used to describe how long it takes to recover higher upfront equipment costs by saving money every calendar month on your electric beak. You ’ ll have to do the mathematics based on your energy costs and a comparison of prices for units of different efficiency levels .
Payback period factors include your climate, local anesthetic electricity rates, home ’ s blueprint and energy efficiency, AC habits – how cool you like your home – in addition to the initial monetary value of the air conditioning systems you are comparing .
This is a Climate Zone Map developed by ASHRAE, the american english Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. It will assist you in understanding the cost to value of buying a more efficient AC – whether it is worth the extra cost .

Find where you live on the Map and the column that covers your zone .
If you are on the edge of two zones, choose the warm zone .
Here’s how the table works.
column 1 is the Comparison. The first course, Raise SEER by 2, for exercise, could be comparing a 14 to a 16 SEER AC or a 19 to a 21 SEER model .
Columns 2 through 4 refer to the map .
then, use the postpone to determine how farseeing it takes to recoup higher equipment costs for more effective air travel condition .

Comparison Zones 1 through 3 Zones 4 & 5 Zones 6 & 7
Raise SEER by 2 2 to 4 years 4 to 8 years 5 to 8 years
Raise SEER by 4 3 to 5 years 5 to 9 years 7 to 10 years
Raise SEER by 6 4 to 7 years 7 to 10 years 10 to 14 years
Raise SEER by 8 6 to 9 years 9 to 12 years 13 to 17 years
Raise SEER by 10+ 8 to 14 11 to 18 years 16 years to 25 years

Note: The last quarrel, Raise SEER by 10+, has the widest crop because it includes variable star capacity vent conditioners, which are disproportionately expensive compared to individual stagecoach and two stagecoach central air out conditioners .

Performance Preferences with Pros and Cons

once you determine the right field SEER rat range for your climate, you might have options for staged tune stipulate :
Single stage: 13 to 17 SEER
Two-stage: 16 to 21 SEER
Variable capacity: 19 to 28 SEER
Single stage air conditioning is low-cost and dependable – The equipment is dim-witted, so less tend to mechanical bankruptcy if you choose a quality brand .
On the downside, single stage AC doesn ’ metric ton remove as much humidity, and they might cause rebuff fluctuations in temperature. Since they run at full moon capacity whenever on, you get the full make noise grade excessively .
Two stage air conditioning is the democratic middle ground. They cost a little more than single stage units, but the increase is less than the jump from two stage to variable capacity. And these units run on low most of the time. The advantages are better dehumidification, more evening temperatures and less noise .
Variable capacity air conditioning delivers the highest efficiency ratings and premium indoor climate see. But it is the most expensive, and the vengeance period to recover the higher cost is reasonably long. repair costs are higher besides .
Keep in mind that inexperienced technicians frequently don ’ thyroxine get the installation occupation done correctly the first time – it ’ s more complex – and that can result in repair costs and hassles. If you decide to buy a varying capability cardinal air system, choose your installer cautiously .
In fact, you should take your clock to find an know contractor whatever equipment you decide to buy. installation is a critical partially of getting good long-run dependability from your air condition and heat system .

Sizing a Central Air Conditioning System

This is another capital reason to do your ascribable application in finding an installer. Sizing the system is all-important to climate manipulate and lastingness. A good installer will use a cock like a Manual J load calculator to determine the properly size equipment for your needs .
many factors including a house size, roof shape, floor of insulation, etc. are considered in sizing. The cargo calculation considers dwelling insulating material, window type and number, roofing material, your climate, and many extra inputs to determine AC organization sizing .


This section covers assorted questions and topics not discussed above .
What is the best time to buy a central air conditioning system?
early fall and give .
Why ? Manufacturers much offer discounts on equipment at the end of the temper. And this is when installers tend to be less busy than during the hottest and cold months of the year .
What is a mini split price compared to central AC?
It is wider than the roll for rip system central air discipline because of equipment and installation factors .
The image is $ 4,500 to $ 17,500, and the cost might go higher for large systems with 6 or more indoor units. Every indoor unit comes with significant equipment and initiation labor charges .
What are central air efficiency standards, and are they changing?
The US Department of Energy sets minimal efficiency requirements for cardinal air stipulate .
here is the current SEER Requirements Map :

On January 1st, 2023, the new energy efficiency requirements will take effect .
The SEER military rank in all regions will be raised by 1 SEER, so it will be 14 SEER in the North and 15 SEER everywhere else .
What are the Best AC brands?
Trane, American Standard, and Payne are the best brands according to consumer research data related to dependability and homeowner satisfaction with them .
here ’ s how we group the main brands. Brands that are identical or closely so are in parentheses .
Top Tier: Trane ( American Standard ), Carrier ( Bryant, Payne ), Lennox Signature Series and Elite Series
Mid-Grade Tier: In terms of cost, these brands much bring the best value for the quality you receive. Rheem ( Ruud ), Armstrong Air ( AirEase ), Heil ( Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Day & Night, Keeprite, Tempstar ), Daikin ( Amana ), Lennox Merit Series
Budget Tier: Goodman, Aire-Flo, Ducane, plus brands normally sold on-line like AirQuest, BlueRidge, RunTru, MrCool and Oxbox. Revolv is a manufactured home sword in this tier .
What are the worst brands?
We ’ five hundred avoid most on-line brands .
early brands we have concerns about are made by Nortek Global – Maytag, Broan, Frigidaire. In fact, it appears that these brands are not being produced in early 2022, possibly while Nortek Global tries to solve mechanical issues these units have been plagued with .
What return on investment does a new central air conditioning system have?
It isn ’ thyroxine great – about 35 % to 50 % .
How do I get the best ROI?
Buy a system that is right for your climate. Looking at the Climate Zone Map above, here are our recommendations .
Zones 1 to 3: 18 to 21 SEER, 2-stage
Zones 4 & 5: 16 to 21 SEER, 2-stage
Zones 6 & 7: 14 to 17 SEER, single-stage, or 2-stage
Avoid extremes .
If the organization is a low-SEER AC in a hot climate, your operating cost will be higher than average.

On the other end, if you buy a system that is much more efficient than your climate demands, you won ’ triiodothyronine get your money out of it. You ’ ll “ never ” recoup the higher cost, and a potential buyer doesn ’ t want to pay more for a 24 SEER central air travel conditioner in Minnesota .
ultimately, you plainly won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get dependable ROI on a variable capacity central air conditioner careless of where you live. They are costly, and homeowners buy them for their premium indoor climate control and for the best efficiency available, not for their resale value .

informant : https://www.peterswar.net
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